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💜Nicole💜•2k🔐 🌹Camila Cabello🌹


Nickname is NICKI! But my name ain't Nicole👑 •Barb, Harmonizer and Camilizer here🔐 •Nicki liked 2× ❤Fifth Harmony❤ 🌞🌙️ 💜82❤93❤96❤97💜

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Smile today bc tmrrw u don't know if u could do it again 🌸💓🎀
Today my boo make 35 years old, God, 35 years ago a queen born, my inspiration in life, my world, my everything, one of the most amazing, beautiful woman in the earth, one of the most important person in my life, I have just one thing to say, thank u momma Carol Maraj for make this woman born, and thank u to my queen for making part of my life, I'm gonna support and love u forever, till my death, I wish u all the best, enjoy ur day till the end of it, with love. Happy 35th birthday Boo, love u forever and ever ❤👑🌹 @nickiminaj  Nicole
OH. My. God. @nickiminaj  it's what I have to say ❤👑
7th of December : Favorite pic 👆  Well this one is not the only one, I have more but this for sure is one of them @nickiminaj #8daysofonika 👑❤
6th of December : Favorite album (The PinkPrint) My favorite album since I became a barbie @nickiminaj #8daysofonika ❤👑
Beauty Queen @nickiminaj 😍❤👑
I missed Nicki's curly hair , btw I looooved the music video of '' The way life goes '' @nickiminaj ❤👑
5th of December : Favorite outfit/look (this one was really my favorite outfit ever) @nickiminaj #8daysofonika ❤👑
4th of December : Favorite performance (With Beyonce '' Flawless '') that is one of my favorites @nickiminaj #8daysofonika ❤👑
3rd of December : Favorite song/feature (Feeling myself ft. Beyonce)  @nickiminaj #8daysofonika ❤👑
2nd of December : Favorite Nicki's Quote #8daysofonika @nickiminaj ❤👑
Well today is 1st of December so, my favorite music video of Nicki is '' Make Love - Gucci ft. Nicki '' @nickiminaj #8daysofonika ❤👑
I love do this! #8daysofonika @nickiminaj ❤👑
Who are you? I don't know you! Just kidding I love you 😂❤👀🌹 #favoritecousin @marianadias002
OMG look at her hair @nickiminaj ❤👑👀
Cuteness @nickiminaj ❤👑
This is my favorite filter ever! 🌹❤ #snapchatfilter #bored #nothingtodo #hungry
I'm shook with this photoshoot 👀👑 @papermagazine @nickiminaj
Nicki the Harajuku Barbie 👑❤ Kimono by #issasecret ,shoes by #gucci ,bag by #chanel and inches by ONIKA TANYA MARAJ @nickiminaj
Why she is so me when i'm home alone 😂😂 @nickiminaj