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Paden Horsley


• Reaching within • soul art • DM me for commission pieces!

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The journey this pine cone must have taken part in, to end up in this vacant parking lot. Had to have been epic. #novelideas
• C O N N E C T I O N • for my lovely lady @justlilythings
Doodled up a face made from trippy lines
• driftwood friends • I love drawing these little wooden humanoids! The driftwood people are created when pieces of wood out at sea drift to a magical island. That's where they come to life. And have epic trippy adventures.
• driftwood friends • featuring giant squiggly face.
Neverland, Hogwarts, and Wonderland!
• Grunge Lady Bug • (sold)
When Indianapolis traffic is fierce and you see a small patch of grass.
W.I.P • Grunge Lady Bug •
🦅 S P A R R O W 🦅(SOLD)
• R E D C A T • I started a new gig this week as a fine-furniture designers' assistant! Really excited to start learning a new art form!!
Shipping this cool caricature out to Idaho tomorrow! @wallis18 was a blast to draw! If ya want me to draw a funky cartoon version of you, dm me.They're $15 for one person, or $25 for a couple. ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿
• LOOSING MY FAVORITE BOOTS, a short story • it all began when I purchased these boots in Bloomington, IN (b-town) I instantly fell in luv with them. Ya know when you and a pair of shoes just "click" like they look good in all the shit you like to wear. These were those boots. So I wore them EVERYWHERE!! And when I started traveling the western US a bunch, I always had them on. So a lot of memories were had in these boots. I grew attached... anywaysss so I was car camping in my Subaru (SUBI) at legendary Beaver Creek Campsite (BEAV) right outside of West Yellowstone, Montana. And my feet smell bad man, like sooo bad. I would always shove my boots under the car while I slept, so I wouldn't have to smell toe jam all night. Fast forward to the mornin time, I'm walking around bare foot and half naked. Cause mountains. And I have a tendency to not wear shoes while I drive lol because I already feel trapped while I'm in a vehicle for a long time. Anyways, so when it's time to get on the road again I just pack everything up and hop in and drive off. It's not until I'd been driving for like an hour that I realized... "oh fuck" so I drive all the way back to the campsite, in a panic. Andddd they're gone.. GONE!! Nowhere to be found. So I'm forced to live the next month boot-less. In the mountains, just wearing my skate shoes. Good news is that I did end up stumbling upon another pair of boots, made my Teva. Like the sandal brand. Anyways these Tevas are like a dream come true!! They zip up on the sides so I never have to untie them. It's amazing. Literally the perfect boot for me. So I guess when you loose something you think you can't live without.. just stay strong, go on with life. And out of nowhere the absolute perfect boot will blindside you and make you a much happier person. And you might even live happily ever after. THE END!
• B a R N • (SOLD)
Broken leg or hallway swagger #?
Another cartoon in the books. @alysssaaaao wanted a cartoon of her and @modsun to celebrate seeing him in concert again this weekend! Alsooo my groovy cool girlfriend @justlilythings just opened up her online shop. So if repurposed vintage clothing is your thing, go check out her site! (Link in her bio)
Another cartoon of a friend! This one is of @hayden_corenflos . He was adamant about having his guitar by his side in his caricature. Many more of these to come! $15 and you too could have a funky little cartoon version of yourself. They're so fun to draw!! 🖊
I've been getting a lot of orders for these little cartoon versions of people. They're SO fun to do! This one is @larrybeasley_  holding a skateboard. I'm only asking $15 for these! (fRee ShIPpiNG) if you'd like one DM me! 🖊🖊🖊
❤️💛💚💙💜 peace n love. ROOM CREDZ = @justlilythings
Drew my lovely, groovy girlfriend in cartoon form today! If you'd like to see me draw you in my style, dm me! It's super fun.