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Paden Horsley


•Jumbled mess of art, photography, and shenanigans• Check out my online shop if you'd like to get your hands on some art!

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•blue jay•
I've found myself some quintessence.
Little horn head
A closer look at Ant Jockey that I did a few months back. DETAILSSS yo.
Peace is serious.....man. Thanks @justlilythings for the groovy glasses. 📷~> @sabastianswift
Finished this strange little guy this morning during free time at work.
•spiral• a fun little 5x5 inch water color and ink piece I did yesterday (FOR SALE on my online shop) (SOLD)
So... turns out you don't need to see mountains every day to be insanely happy.. thanks @justlilythings for making Indiana feel like home again.
When ya need to draw, you draw. 📷~> @sabastianswift
•Tree feather•
Really fun abstract piece @chinakittysunflower commissioned me to do. She gave me free range to make whatever I wanted as long as the colors she asked for were used. So much fun to make!! •water color paints and ink on 12x16 inch cesso board•
Thanksgiving was a success. @justlilythings @ethenhayes6
Boredom doodle. It's shapes man.... shapessss. Ya dig?
•TONKA TRUCKS• @justlilythings and I explored the largest train bridge in the US the other day.
Hoping to finish this elderly gentleman sometime soon. Dots take so much timeee.
•drip trip• another little water color and ink combo. These abstract pieces are so fun to make!!! 8x10 inch cesso board (FOR SALE on my online shop)
•Jive Turkey•
Broke in the new mini studio with this little abstract piece. (mixed media on 5x7 cesso board) (FOR SALE on my online shop)
Trying to make some extra cash! 💰$20 to anyone interested. :) (SOLD)
•skull lilies for Lily• thanks for being you 🐢
•stay grounded•