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Finally got it framed 😍😍 The framer thought it was a caricature of the little pea 😂😂 #yoshitomonara #myprecious
Three of us 🐴 🐔 🐑 @sousoukyoto plate from @sarubros ❤️️❤️️❤️️
View while boiling soup for the little pea 💤 Pretty basket is from my dad again 😂  Also ❤️ the illustration by @fmkik
Posted some photos on the blog, if anyone is keen! 😊 #littlepeainfilm #istilllovefilm
This cat 😓😓 #stillsojumpy #heartattackeverytime
Because cats are all about peace and love (and food and naps 😂) #myprecious #takeaphotobeforeopening #yoshitomonara
Wish I didn't have to open these two. #beautifuldesign #センス抜群 #takeaphotobeforeopening
I think I might have been more excited than the little pea here 😂😂 #sylvanianfamilies #thesizeisreal
Probably the most famous pumpkin in the world 😍😍 Thank you @hiki_k we had fun!  #yayoikusama #yayoikusamaexhibition #yayoikusamapumpkin
It was so so good to finally meet @hiki_k in her beautiful @uguisu_shoppe after following her blog all these years.  @hiki_k 一杯お喋りできて嬉しい😊色々ありがとう!またシンガポールに遊びに来てね❤️️
View while the pea naps, it's chilly today. #springleaveslove #icanbreathehere
She took a long time choosing between the 🐘 🐼 and 🦁
Bed head + giant 🍓
All that wood ❤️️❤️️❤️️
Went to an amazing space today! @larryhohoho @sinzz @potaytoh Worth checking out! All wood! #whilepapawasworking #andlittlepeawashappy