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Alfred Karlsen


🐶 Every dogs best friend 💻 Physiotherapist & Entrepreneur 🌟 Founder Canine Massage Program ⬇️New webinars coming shortly!⬇️

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✨C O O L • S T O R Y✨ One of my big things this year is to be better at the little stuff. Just being a more like able guy. So today I was out walking the dogs, and I met this lady with a little terrier that would not shut up. She was obviously very ashamed and I thought “Cool, let’s make her smile”. • So I said “Walk with us, and you will see your dog will relax in no time”. She was not expecting that at all, and judging by the look on her face I would say she calculated the possibility if I was an axe murderer or possibly hitting on her... 😂 Anyways, she came with us and I just gave her Jenni’s leash and took her dogs leash to walk next to Kira. Dog was super happy! No stress, no barking, no pulling. Just there. Satisfied that someone took charge. • So to make it awkward, she told me that I was very different and she did not expect me to be the one helping her out... It was weird, but ok... I’ve heard worse! Then she asked me why I did it... I answered “I like seeing happy people with happy dogs. You guys weren’t, so I figured I’d spread some joy.” Now, I still don’t know her name, and she hasn’t asked me for mine... • She probably thinks I’m kind of a weird dude, but when we went our separate ways, her dog behaved like a little gentleman. And her whole attitude around her dog was completely different. She doesn’t know who I am, and I probably won’t see her again as I have never met her before, but today was a really good day for me. Weird or not, I don’t care. I feel good, and she did really well with her dog too. • Hope you all have had an awesome day as well!
🚑Fresh Outta The Hospital🚑 This little angel is the embodiment of a true warrior. Can’t nothing hold her back! • This is her second operation for tumors in her titties, so we still hope they are the good kind of tumors that doesn’t lead to an earlier death. • Kira has almost no nipples left now, but she is back to being her old self, and pretty upset about not being allowed to run off leash! Only 10 more days before she can start to move more freely, and 13 until we take her stitches. • I had a hard time taking her in to the vet, because she is a senior and I know I can’t keep her forever... BUT! Here’s to making every day with this angel count! Stay awesome my friends!
⚜️W H E N • A L L • W O R K S • O U T⚜️ • So one of my main goals this year is to do more good. I’ve been good at it too! 🙏 And I’m forming a little hypothesis around this too. • I will state that if you try to give a lot of your positive, excess energy to others people will give 10X in return. I’m trying to go by the 80/20 rule, just because that works so well in business. Meaning I try to give a lot more than I ask for. • Today I’ve had an A M A Z I N G day, my friends. I had a problem that I needed help solving. Having two businesses isn’t for the faint of heart, and I can’t be all knowing so I try to ask for help often, so I can continue to grow as well as continue to give. • Started the day of with a million things on my plate, and I posted my honest and very transparent problem in a closed group on FB. 3 minutes later I had a call with a damn, Superstar who just wants to be good as well! Karma! 🙌 ALL my questions answered in a 2 hour session with a dude that would normally be out of my reach. • Then I decided to make a wall in my home a Whiteboard wall. Couldn’t get it anywhere, So I gave my homie a call, and he’s a painter. He had it in stock, left over from a project so I picked it up a few hours later. He also refused that I’d pay for it, because I’ve helped him before. Felt good! • This has been one of these days where I have regained a lot of focus and motivation. Now I’m back on track. • So what do you think about Karma...? A natural result of kind actions, or just pure luck? Tell me in the comments! 👇👇👇
⭐️✨I N • M Y • H O O D✨⭐️ Where life is incredibly simple! Where “Happiness” is what life is about. Day 4 of 365, and I started out planning this year a lot smarter. • I need “SIMPLE” in my life! Instead of big-ass goals for the year, we’ve made an 8 week plan in detail with achievable goals. I realized I function better with less on my plate. 8 week long to-do-list. • I’m so happy about this, because business goals are only half of the plan! Family goals are on this plan too! We’ve even started to plan out the family vacation for the summer. Gonna be our best year ever! Hope you’re doing good too, friend! 🙌
A little Throwback from me and Jenni! I actually have a yellow bruising around my eye after sparring, so we went for that Black and White look today! Shows nothing! 😂 Wifey’s happy that the scruff is gone though. I kinda miss it... 🤨 Stay classy, good people!
Sharing is caring! Who can say no to this face?! Have a great day guys, and thank you so much for all the happy wishes for this year! Let’s make this year an awesome one!
✨⭐️2 0 1 8⭐️✨ Officially the first post of the year! I’m optimistic for this year. I always am, but we’ve heading in a good direction with pretty much everything so I’m starting this year happy, healthy and hungry! • Business is now my main focus. We managed to help a lot of people and their dogs in 2017, but there weren’t any good systems in place. This is my egoistical focus for the year. I want systems I’m place so we can change the game forever! 🙌🙏 • Family goals is to get better at the small stuff that matter. Go to bed earlier, so we can have longer mornings together. Compliment my wife and kids for no reason at all, and surprise them more often. With the dogs I feel we are at a pretty sweet spot, so my goal is to spend a little more time with just one of them alone. • What’s your goals for 2018? Tell me in the comments below! 👇👇👇
This is us, eager to make 2018 our best year ever! ❤️ Today I got really inspired by a post here on IG, so I want to share something that I wasn’t planning on sharing. • When you do something nice for someone, without expecting anything in return - you feel good. This is a hormone called Serotonin working it’s magic 😊 • So this December I’ve really made an effort to do good to others, just for the sake of doing good. I won’t go in to details, but it has been seriously mind blowing results for my own sake. I’ve never felt better and I’ve never been so genuinely relaxed. • I was originally thinking about making this a  December challenge in 2018, but what the hell... I want to do good all year! • Hope 2017 has been awesome to you guys! What’s your plans for 2018? Tell me in the comments below! 👇👇👇
Wishing you all a merry Christmas 🎁🎄 Lots of love from my fam to yours! Hope Santa 🎅🏻 brings you everything you have wished for.  Be nice to each other!
I’m here! Now gimme attention! 😂 Have great day, guys! 🙌
This little face! 😍
What’s up fam?! This is what I wish I was doing, but October to December is the busiest months of the year for us. The clinic is swamped, and there is literally stuff happening every single day. • Some days I grab the girls and go for the longest walks in the forrest, just wishing I could have brought a tent... 🤷🏼‍♂️ • I’m sorry for sucking at updates lately, and I really don’t have any excuse other than you know..... Life! 😉 Wishing you a fantastic day! • High fives from the North Pole ❄️
This is another old one from when Jenni was just a little Pupper. ❤️ We took a really cool hike up Besseggen. If you’re ever in Norway 🇳🇴 check this place out. It’s dope!
Here’s a lil’ throwback for ya! Jenni was just a little pup when we brought her to a place called “Rendalen” in Norway. On this trip Jenni stood face to face with a huge elk. She gave a little “voof” and came back to me. We also saw a wolf on this trip. And of course a ton of birds. An amazing trip!
Just Jenni as an awesome Pupper wishing you a totally rad weekend! Put’em up, People! 🙌
Little One’s becoming a man! We train, we play, we feed, we cuddle. We fall, we get bruises, we struggle, we hustle - And we love it!
Oh.... All the cuddles!
So I had a discussion with an older gentleman in the clinic this week, and he said something that has been on my mind ever since he left. • “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment surrounding the flower.... Not the flower itself” • I’m sure this is an old saying but I loved the analogy. I’m not sure I always agree, but it sounds very harmonious. What do you think? • It got me thinking about stressed out dogs, who are stressed out because of the owner (the environmental factor), and how important it is to actually love yourself first, in order to being able to giving another being (kid or dog) a chance at living and loving life with harmony and passion. • I hear it so often... “If it wasn’t for my dog, I’d loose my damn mind!”. I get that the punchline is that the individual loves their dog, but what the hell! Fix your shit and LOVE your life together with your dog! I really wish more people understood the importance of caring for oneself, in order to allowing those closest to them to love them better. • I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to work things out with the help of animals, but if it’s a constant need it might be a huge, blinking sign in neon lights saying “work on you! It’s ok to not be perfect and wanting to improve...” • This is why I love having older clients. Sometimes they give me so much food for thought, it takes my mind through hours of thinking. So I guess I’m a thinker! Hope you are having a great weekend!
Animals are so much easier to understand than people... It’s not that I think some people are really trying to be a waste of space, uncomfortable, awkward and dumb... But holy shit! There are some morons walking around with shit for brains all over the place! • A misconception by a few insecure people is that they can mask their insecurities with being rude. I’m glad I’m passed the phase where I’d get angry and confront people just to show them the only reason People let them pass with obnoxious behavior is because they wouldn’t want to destroy whatever self esteem they would have left. I didn’t use to give a rats ass about the reason for people actin’ like asses. They had no business being rude, so I’d make a fuzz about it! It’s like.... Everyone has a story. Chances are if they’d take the time to balance their books, they’d might see a little sunshine too! • Now, I shake my head and thank God for my dogs! I honestly only need quality people around me. I have a big heart, and space enough for all good people on the planet. I actually have a genuine passion for helping people. That’s why I chose to become a Physiotherapist. I don’t mind people carrying a little baggage, but I won’t offer my time to rude people. • When dogs act up, it’s usually the lack of direction from the owner. Or lack of socializing. But a balanced dog is always awesome. That’s not attached to any breed or age. A cool dog is 💯 times better than most people on their best day! • So I’ll raise my glass and salute my girls for keeping me fucking sane in a world full of fragile idiots who feel they have the right to be assholes because they have a story! 🍻 • Now tell me; How does your dog enrich your life? Comment like a superstar in the comments! 👇
Found this old gem when I was looking for another photo for a work related project, and so many thoughts just exploded! • I’m literally so happy that my kids can sit and eat while Jenni and Kira will stay in their place. With big eyes and a heart full of hope, but nevertheless... They stay. It didn’t take any work at all! We did a lot with obedience, and “no” is a strong word for my angels 👼🏼🐶 • I’ve also recently come to notice that so many younger dog parents are really putting in work with their dogs these days! I’m stoked! 🤙 If this is the trend, the future of dogs might be a very bright one! 🙌 • It is very easy to see when someone is doing a poor job, and it kinda stays in your mind in a really bad way. Like if you have the opportunity to give them a royal bitchslap, you’d kinda wanna go all in on that one. 👊💥 But seeing awesome, young people seeking knowledge, attending classes and putting in real work deserves some much needed respect and attention. • I know my dogs have been easy to train, and I’ve had the best help I could have asked for. However, not all dogs are as easy to work with as mine - so I love seeing the positive development. • Today, I saw a beautiful little chihuahua heel next to her owner while walking off leash. A beautiful girl in her early twenties, with really expensive clothes and fancy sunglasses 🕶 She was the kind of girl that I would think would carry her dog in her $500 purse. But she did so well! • So I’m happy about the development. Are you seeing the same trend where you live? Tell me where you live in this world, and how things are moving along in your neck of the woods. Comment below! 😊
Some of my bros are steady hustling through the weekends. I’ve been doing that for the past 8 weeks too. This weekend  however.... This weekend has been all about chilling out with the fam bam. Slept 10 hours last night, went swimming with my little man today, and now we’re watching “Trolls” while wifey and my oldest are in the forest 🌳 with Jenni & Kira. What have you been doing this weekend? Tell me in the comments below! 👇