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FullStack WebDev, Rubik's Cube

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Training at UCSD's D1 Spanos Performance Center. Thank you Paul @neanderpaaul and Mike @mikenguyen0 for the welcoming to this facility 🏃🏻🏋🏻
Congrats to my first cousin, Simon Martirosyan @simonmartirosyan (Armenia 🇦🇲-105kg), on winning the gold medal at this past week's European Weightlifting Championships at just 20 years old! 184 kg (406 lbs) snatch 230 kg (507 lbs) clean&jerk Simon was the silver medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games 🏔🇦🇲 Thanks to @natarem @hookgrip & @gregorwinter @atginsta for the competition and training hall footage 🏋🏻
Today was my last day at Rutgers; I will be moving to San Diego next week. After 8 years here, there's too much to reminisce about in just a caption. So simply said, thanks for having me, Rutgers. Farewell.
front squat, first time since 2013. ~ 230 kg | 500 lbs in a few weeks. #highcalfplacement #explodingknees #clarence0 #clarencekennedy
looking like you more and more everyday, Dad. 🦍 #sonofharambe #aprilfools
Armenian Cinder Block pause squats 500
some overhead
#tbt to March 23rd, 2012  5 years later and still doing the same lift to bdwt ratio. Just a prisoner confined to one's own central nervous system limitations. Can change variables like intensity, set/rep scheme, types of exercises, but your CNS and your biomechanics ultimately determine your strength/speed since the day you were born. #feels
deadlift from today, rest from past month
Unfortunately, Blizzard Stella ☃️ has arrived and is dropping 12-20" of snow tonight and all through tomorrow, which will prevent us from driving from NJ to Boston College's NFL Pro Day on Tuesday, March 14th. Unlucky to have the biggest snow of the season hit during the same travel time frame ❄️
Rubik's Cube 11's rest week before NFL Pro Day in Boston next week 🦍💡🏈
breaking out the San Diego Zoo after 26 years of captivity 🦍🏈
swipe right for unedited set 455 lbs | 205 kg x 11 reps, 5,000+ lb set - lighter weights at higher reps to peak strength and speed simultaneously for NFL Pro Day in a couple weeks @teamwoody39 @chargers @patriots @edelman11 Berj Najarian 🇦🇲🏔🦍
565 lbs, squat single
less weight, more reps
paused deficit Romanian deadlift
@ Berj Najarian 🇦🇲 your fellow Armenian highlander is tuned, focused and ready to cradle the egg 🏈  @NFL @patriots @chargers