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karin novilda - @kay.een


[ @hitusup.ateam ] for endorsement/PP: @awkarin.id (use the @) πŸ’Œ hitmeup.awkarin@gmail.com ⬇️ #KLOOK5 - JELAJAH BUDAYA WITH MARIOPHOTOGRAPHIE ⬇️

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my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard πŸΌπŸ’¦ • totebag: @faburik.ku
masih bahagia & baper banget dapet unpredictable gifts dari @trawblemaker semarang waktu meet & greet kemaren! huhuhu sampe ada yg beliin aku boneka gede banget! terus ada yg ngirimin bunga ke hotel aku malem2, you guys are the cutest! i love you all πŸ’› - by the way ga lupa kemaren yang pada seneng sama wangiku dan nanyain aku pake perfume apa, aku pake perfume gucci guilty ini dari @bandarparfumoriginal! wanginya bener bener stay 24 jam! wajib bgt kalian coba πŸ€€πŸ’ž
tell me every terrible thing that you did, and let me love you anyway
players don’t cry πŸ˜‰ - team vol. 2 - 23/9/2017 - • photographed by @cingoxdistortion • styled by @dhancun.jpg • studio by @melv.studio • makeup by @tata.mua • hairdo by @astriri • edited by @awkarin • managed by @hitusup.ateam
damn karin back at it again with the feeds game
damn karin back at it again with the feeds game
damn karin back at it again with the feeds game
main baesπŸ’ž
Sepatumu kotor? Bingung mau cuci sepatu dimana ? πŸ™„ • Langsung saja datang ke Whitey White Professional Shoe Care, kenapa harus di Whitey White ? • Karna Whitey White (ex. Shoeshine) adalah jasa pencucian sepatu yang telah memiliki pengalaman sejak tahun 2014 dan merawat sepatu kesayangan mu dengan menggunakan chemical-chemical PREMIUM yang memenuhi standar Internasional, jadi tunggu apalagi segera bawa sepatu kesayangan mu untuk perawatan yang lebih baik ✨😘 • πŸ“± Line Official @whiteywhite.id πŸ“ž WhatsApp 081299299207 πŸ—“ Open Everyday ⏰ 09.00-19.00 wita πŸ“ Indonesia - Makassar 🏒 Kemitraan wa 087740100055 • WHITEY WHITE Professional Shoe Care (The 1st Shoe Cleaning in Makassar since 2014)
wish you were here πŸ’› πŸ“Έ by @cingoxdistortion
HAHHAHHAHA 0 hours of sleep got me nuts! i love you manager terbgst @barbaraputri thankyou for letting us stay @grandhikapemudasemarang ❀️
thanks for having me guys! i had so much fun talking to ya all! dont miss my M&G today at @goodfellasresto 02.00 PM ❀️ see you there @trawblemaker semarang!
0 hours of sleep - but here i am at the 4th city. Semarang, hope you’re ready for me πŸ˜‰ • @trawblemaker • @hitusup.ateam
kira kira kalo aku sama kamu, papa ku ngerestuin ga ya?
sekarang kalo mau kurus gaperlu lagi pake acara diet dietan atau mandi keringet olahraga, karna sekarang ada solusinya dari @juslangsing! bahannya 100% alami dan juga 100% halal ❀️
#klook5 - JELAJAH BUDAYA w/ @mariophotographie • • TONIGHT @ 7 PM ( youtube.com/karinnovilda97 )
a gentle reminder: you are enough πŸ’ž
out of your league [ @hitusup.ateam ]
say goodbye to your dark & dry skin! leave it all to @carewellindonesia πŸ’ž
and if you don’t like me, as i do you; i understand. because who would really choose a daisy, in a field of roses? 😊