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Where in the Hell is this?  @leakgang ・・・ McDonalds or Burger King? @thekidmano
#bad_ass_official from @the_maketory ・・・ We wish we were this good! Check out the shape, form and details of this piece that is made out of rigid wire. . Credit: @richardstainthorp .
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#bad_ass_official from @el_rey_del_corrido ・・・ Cat tries to catch a bird
#bad_ass_official from @el_rey_del_corrido ・・・ @mechanic.memes
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Do you even backpack bro? @el_rey_del_corrido
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Somebody get a #bad_ass_official sticker on that truck! @el_rey_del_corrido
#bad_ass_official from @elitesoldiers ・・・ Inspection level 1000.. Anyone know the gun used? How about the sidearm? - Via @military
#bad_ass_official from @tyler.menninga ・・・ Pretty accurate video @sonuvadigger came up with on my record nose wheelie. All about that pinky raise πŸ‘ŒπŸ» πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚