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Força Barça!🔵🔴


100% Catalan❤ Anit-madridista🖕 THIS PAGE IS ALL BARÇA CONTENT!🔵🔴

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@mterstegen1 ❤🖑🖐⚽
The celebration he did😂😂😂
Thank you Luisito!❤ at least we didnt lose☺🔵🔴
Predictions of the score?🔵🔴
What was the team that Mascherano scored his first goal for Barça?🔵🔴
What would Argentina be without the greatest Leo Messi???😍
Only him... he is the only one that can do the thing we just witnessed... G.O.A.T❤
Who would like to see Anthony Martial at Barcelona?🤔 I know i wouldn't 😐
@3gerardpique ❤❤
Why does Neymar try to get the club that made him grow and become one of the most known footballers to be disqualified from UCL this year?😞 Its not right...
Mas que un club❤
[UnOfficial] Luis Enrique is now Fc Bayerns new maneger in the coming days...
I honestly don't want to move to EPL or any other league I just want to stay in la liga but im still standing with this❤
Wasn't his day today or anybody in Catalunya ...
FT: Barça 3, Las Palmas 0 We had to play the game or else we wouldve lost 3 points and have a 6 month band, please don't mix politics with our beutiful game... #cataloniaisnotspain
8-0🔴🔵 [UPDATE] Fc Barcelona vs Las Palmas will be played behind doors due to violence in Catalyuna
[UPDATE] Barcelona vs Las Palmas game has been suspended.
MATCHDAY🔥: FC Barcelona vs Las Palmas 10:15am CET  Força Barça!🔵🔴