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BC Plugs


Bringing you the finest quality handmade wood plugs, engraved phone cases, stone plugs and more. Based out of Vancouver BC. www.facebook.com/bcplugs

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Happy Valentine’s Day! πŸ’˜ 30% OFF ALL ORDERS code: VDAY18  www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
Valentines Day Sale! 30% OFF SITE WIDE πŸ’ code: VDAY18  www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
VALENTINES SALE! 30% OFF SITE WIDE πŸ’˜ code: VDAY18  www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
GET 30% OFF ALL ORDERS! Valentine’s Day sale on now πŸ’˜ code: VDAY18  www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
Valentines Sale is on for the week πŸ’˜ 30% OFF ALL ORDERS!  code: VDAY18 www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs  #bcp
Black & White Ebony is back in stock! ⚫️βšͺ️ www.bcplugs.ca  #bcplugs #bcp
Apologies for my disappearance from social media and the delay in recent orders from the holidays. Let me explain. For those of you that don’t know BC Plugs is just myself and I hand make every single pair of wooden plugs to order, I have been living with tendonitis in both wrists for over a decade and over the last few months or more it has been limiting how much I can build which breaks my heart πŸ˜“ So a few things are gonna be changing on how BC Plugs works in the near future, more limited runs and pre orders will become the norm so I can get everything built and out in a timely matter πŸ™πŸ» this is all of course until I can get robot arms but until then look forward to some changes and I seriously love you all for your continued support over these years and can’t wait to build you more beautiful art to wear πŸ™ŒπŸ» -Curt  #bcplugs  #bcp
1” (25mm) Hugh flash Labradorite plugs still available in the hand pick section #2081 ✨ www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
STAR WARS PLUGS! Handmade to order shown on Bloodwood available on other woods in stock upon request πŸ™πŸ» www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
LIMITED RUN OF HIGH FLASH LABRADORITE PLUGS BACK IN STOCK! From 0g to 1-1/4” Get your size before they’re gone ✨ www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
THREEFER MADNESS IS BACK! Get three pairs for the price of two for a limited time only 🀝 www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
Olivewood Triforce plugsπŸ›‘ Handmade to order  www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
1-1/8” (28mm) High Flash Labradorite plugs available in the hand picked section! πŸ”₯ www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs  #bcp
1-1/4” (32mm) High flash Labradorite plugs now available in the hand pick section #1852 www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
A super limited run of High Flash Labradorite plugs is in stock now! Don’t miss out! ✨ www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
Look at this handsome guy smashing things! Shoutout to @protoseekwentsdrums for repping our gear! πŸ™ŒπŸ» check out @protosequence for some tasty jams 🀝 #bcplugs #bcp
Shoutout to @christie_chaos for the post and support πŸ™ŒπŸ» #bcplugs #bcp
Christmas Sweater plugs are back! πŸŽ„ it’s also my favourite season of the year! Who else is excited for the holidays?  www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
Mystery boxes are back for a limited time only. Over three times the paid value in each box! πŸ“¦  www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
Bloodwood with Olivewood inlay tunnels πŸ™ŒπŸ» Every pair is handmade to order.  www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp
Hard Maple on the lathe 🍁 Every pair is handmade to order to πŸ‘ŒπŸ» www.bcplugs.ca #bcplugs #bcp