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Try to leave this world better than you found it. INFJ Latina Lifestyle Blogger who loves the ocean and animals.🍍🌴🌊 😽 🐧🌺

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I started my last challenge group of the year with my #legacyelitefitfam last Monday. 💪 And truth be told, I started the workouts 2 days late😕, but guess what? I'm still pushing play regardless of the fact that I'm behind by two days. Wanna know why? Because I've resolved to #getoffmybuts. I could have easily decided "No, I'm already behind. I'll just do it on my own" or "I'll wait until the next group starts". No, the power of comraderie and completing the same program together with an awesome group of ladies who all support one another without judgement is an awesome feeling. 👭👭👭
#repost @natgeo ・・・ Video by @PaulNicklen // My entire @Sea_Legacy team was pushing through their tears and emotions while documenting this dying polar bear. It’s a soul-crushing scene that still haunts me, but I know we need to share both the beautiful and the heartbreaking if we are going to break down the walls of apathy. This is what starvation looks like. The muscles atrophy. They have no energy. It’s a slow, painful death. When scientists say polar bears will be extinct in the next 100 years, I think of the global population of 25,000 bears dying in this manner. There is no band aid solution. There was no saving this individual bear. He was not dying of old age. People think that we can put platforms in the ocean or we can feed the odd starving bear. The simple truth is this—if the Earth continues to warm, we will lose bears and entire polar ecosystems. This bear certainly died within hours or days of this moment, but there are solutions. We must reduce our carbon footprint, eat the right food, stop cutting down our forests, and begin putting the Earth—our home—first. Please join us at @sea_legacy as we search for and implement solutions for the oceans and the animals that rely on them—including us humans. Thank you to our angel donors for your love and support and for keeping our team on location. #followme at @paulnicklen to see more. With @CristinaMittermeier #turningthetide with @Sea_Legacy #bethechange #nature #naturelovers
#repost @oliviamunn ・・・ ❤️
Bless this man! This literally made me start crying...while at work. My prayers go out to those families who are dealing with the wildfires in SoCal right now. I already read a story about a family's ranch losing 30 horses in one of the fires. It's so heartbreaking to think how these poor animals are suffering. Please take them with you.  #repost @surfriderla ・・・ "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive." -Dalai Lama ----------------------------------------------------Please see the amazing article *link in bio* that details a variety of ways you can help people and animals. As soon as we know more specifically how we can help our @surfridervc family, we will share. #protectwhatyoulove 📹: @abcnews
#repost @surfrider_southcoast ・・・ Many hands make light work 👐🏽👌🏽👊🏽💪🏽🤙🏽 let's do this! #cleanwaterhealthybeaches #protectwhatyoulove #longlivecleanwater #protectandenjoy #longlivethesurf #longlivetherider #surfrider #riseaboveplastics
This is why 💀💩L (@vancityreynolds ) appeals so much to me. Any other #infj's prefer Deadpool?
Now that I'm trying to manage my stress in a more healthy, productive way, it's like everything coming at me is 10x more stressful than what I used to deal with. It's a test. I know it is. *Woo sah*
#repost @parley.tv ・・・ “I do what I do because it is the right thing to do. I am a warrior, and it is the way of the warrior to fight against superior odds.” @captainpaulwatson, Parley collaborator and founder of @SeaShepherd 🌊 The words, actions, and relentless dedication of Captain Paul Watson have inspired Parley since day one. Join us (and all the world’s whales) in wishing happy birthday to an #oceanlegend and fearless leader in the movement to protect the life that allows for our own. #fortheoceans
I try to do at least one yoga session a week. It's helping me keep my Anxiety in check, which today it's been particularly high. My business plan is due in 10 days (!!!) for class and I was stressing out because my numbers weren't adding up or matching on a couple of forms. (My mind has a very distorted way of processing math so I needed Bub to check my numbers). On my way to his house I came across a dog who had been ran over in the street, and of course I couldn't leave it there to get it's sweet body trampled over so I tried to get sanitation out to take it. Eventually I was able to flag down a passing cop who said that they normally tell them to just put it in the trash. 😞 It just felt so wrong. Thankfully I had an empty box in my trunk. I said a prayer for her, told her I was sorry that this had to happen to her and that I was sorry that the best I could do for her in the moment was put her in a box and put her in a nearby trashcan, that she deserved more than that. 💔💔💔💔 I picked up Alucard's urn from Bub today as well. Then tonight I got to a certain point in my practice when I realized that the last time I had done this session was when Alucard was getting in my way, crying, and rubbing herself all over me, just wanting my affection. I broke down bawling. This week I'm working on my root chakra. I am safe. The universe will always protect me. ❤
Hello December!
I was only intending on going meat-free for 30 days, but now that that's coming up I don't really know how long I'll stay meat-free. To be honest, I don't really miss it. I'm not as bloated as I used to feel, I have less brain fog, and I have more energy. I've been looking into local CSA's to incorporate more local, organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and I think I've decided on one, @thegrowingexperience right here in North Long Beach. I've also been doing research on local farms that offer antibiotic-free meats just in case I decide to go back and I was introduced to @primalpastures. . *I'm not here to advocate one thing over another. What I AM here to advocate for is a healthy lifestyle. What's good for one person may not be so good for another. Do your research, take note of what feels good for you, speak with your physician, exercise, drink your water. There is no finishline when it comes to health. You just keep learning new things and adapting.
Once the door closes, it's never opening back up. #infj #infjconfessions #mbti #myerbriggs #infjproblems #infjdoorslam
Having to go back to @pawspetcremation a second time in one month is too much. Thankful I was able to take pictures of Alucard before Bub brought her to his house. She had the bluest eyes and quickly became my shadow after Gin passed. I'm gonna miss her so much. She was the miracle baby. We had to take Liona to the vet when she was in labor with her. The vets said it wasn't likely that she would live. She had a shallow heartbeat and wasn't even in the birth canal. Somehow she managed and was born the next morning. Now she's on the rainbow bridge with Gin just waiting for the rest of us. 💔🌈
Proud of myself for not overindulging this holiday weekend. Don't get me wrong, I chowed down on some delicious, cheesy mashed potatoes and mac and cheese but I'm also a vegetable lover. Roasted butternut and acorn squash, asparagus, cauliflower. Maybe it's a mixture of not being a "leftovers" person and going vegetarian this month but I feel great! Now it's time to start this week on the right foot. Drank my preworkout, gonna work in my agenda until it kicks in, then it's time for Clean Week! 💪
It's last minute but tomorrow is the @alamitosbeachcleanup . It's the last one of the year so make sure you come by and help our beach look beautiful. Every little bit counts!
Some night time yoga, next up is a sweet citrus bathbomb while reading "Count of Monte Cristo". This weekend is definitely a selfcare weekend.
#repost @plasticfreemermaid ・・・ 5 creepy reasons to give up single use plastics TODAY! Video up on YouTube now of the stuff I learned after interviewing the amazing Dr. Scott Wilson of Macquarie University at the Beyond Plastic Conference in Sydney. I made a 5 minute quickie & a more explanatory 10 minute version! Just winging it out here in video land 😂 but I hope it is interesting & informative enough for y'all! Subscribe to the channel as I'll be posting the interviews & more little lists & tips! 💙👍🏽 Also sending out in newsletter which you can sign up at iquitplastics.com ☺️✨💙youtube link in bio! #plasticfreemermaid #iquitplastics
Ways to make me feel valued and/or appreciated? Compliment me on something that's 👎NOT👎 superficial. . . Telling me you like my purse is the equivalent of saying "Bless you" to a stranger who sneezed. Telling me that my cats are really lucky to have me because you can tell that they're happy and loved will stay on my mind for the next couple of days. . . #infj #infjproblems #infjconfessions #mbti #mbtipersonalities #myersbriggs #appreciation #notbigonsuperficialstuff #campaigners
Pardon the grain, (film photos from 1996) but it's worth mentioning that today is my grandparents' 💒 ✨65th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY✨! 💒 . They're the shining example that I have to look up to. ❤ 👴👵