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Kristin Addis


πŸŒ… I'll show you the world 🌎 Solo adventurer from Southern California πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Currently in: Berlin πŸ“½ YouTube.com/BeMyTravelMuse πŸ‘‡ Solo travel heals

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That stillness, that reflection, that symmetry. So damn satisfying (and only an hour outside Berlin!)
Sometimes, you've got bring your own brightness in the storm. The recent news coming out of Hollywood triggered some old wounds for me, and  though I have thought about sharing this many times before, I got scared, and put it away, but this time I decided to hit publish. Solo traveling healed me from similar trauma, and by talking about it, we take back our power. Traveling alone showed me that I am powerful, capable, and that men are not by and large the enemy. It can be a powerful tool for healing. Especially right now, I want to emphasize that the world is not a scary place and that solo traveling is not a dangerous or irresponsible choice, especially just because someone is a woman. It's the very thing that gave me life again. Click the link in the bio for the full story! (πŸ“·: @thisbatteredsuitcase)
Germany is such a fairytale land! I am loving being in Berlin now but can't wait to explore more of this beautiful country. Photo from two summers ago ❀️
It's been so helpful and healing to spend more time in one place, in Germany, my adopted home. It got me wondering how I can be more helpful. What are some of the things that you want to see from me? How can I be more helpful to you? ❀️🎈(πŸ“·: @blackdotswhitespots) #gopro #goprogirl
Current project: not to just have every photo be of the back of my head (it's so much easier to be in a photo if you don't have to worry about your face, amiright?) Thanks @caitlin.teal the microblading queen for giving me brows when I had none and thanks @thisbatteredsuitcase for tirelessly capturing this leaf and I hanging out in the strangest park in Berlin (Görlitzer) πŸ‚πŸ
A transition I can jive with. Who else is obsessed with fall foliage? I never had this season growing up in California and as much as I miss the perpetual spring there, I love seeing the departing warmth of the summer reflected in the colors of the leaves here (πŸ“·: @tourist2townie)
I hinted that I had something super exciting for you guys last week and here it is!! So this little guy has been my constant companion for getting those in-the-moment stories down, putting pen to paper right when I experience it, in the nature.  I teamed-up with @ZAGG to give away the ULTIMATE travel muse prize pack! Keep connected and protected with an all new iPad Pro 9.7 Inch and @ZAGG Slim Book Pro 9.7" Wireless Keyboard!  To enter: 1) follow @zagg, 2) follow @bemytravelmuse, and 3) tag a friend in the comments of this post. If selected, both you and your friend win an iPad Pro 9.7 Inch and @ZAGG Slim Book Pro 9.7" Wireless Keyboard! Link in @ZAGG bio for official sweepstake prizes & rules. #sp
Wandering through a dream. What a beautiful memory πŸŽ‹πŸ’š #lethawaiihappen
Cold. Rugged. Home. πŸ’™
What's your favorite place? Mine's outside. Whether walking in a city, sitting on the porch, swimming, hiking, camping, or writing, I want to be outside. All of my best work comes from something written in the moment, and I know I'm repeating myself here, but also it's when I'm outside. If you read my most recent Alaska post, I wrote that right here, listening to the water, watching birds float by. The process became a lot easier with my iPad and @zagg keyboard, a company l'm stoked to have a partnership with. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement from us at the end of the month. Are you obsessed with outside too? #zagg #sp
Have you ever been told, "oh I wouldn't do that! It's too dangerous! You're too young, too old, too (insert word here)"? A lot of women are told that about traveling alone. And you know what? I agree. I've got 25 reasons why (link in bio) (πŸ“·: @the_roadtripper)
Would you rather: be able to breathe underwater or fly like a bird? I find this one impossible to answer. Taken on a bush flight in Alaska to the start of the eight day hike I've been referencing so much lately. Still can't get over it. By the way, check out my most recent blog post if you haven't heard about the tours am offering in 2018 yet! Would love to see you there.
Guess what? If you've been seeing all these pictures over the years and wishing you could be there too, I invite you to come with me! For years, you guys have been asking how we can travel together, so I've partnered with an experienced and super fun guide to bring you tours in 2018. My travel style is unique, seeking adventures that are immersive, off the beaten path, and authentic. I've been having a blast and I want to share it with you. I'm sending out a special email this week to the newsletter subscribers allowing you guys to pick which destinations appeal to you most, Plus you'll be the first to be able to sign up for tours before they sell out. You can read more about the Alaska trip at the link in the bio and you can sign up to receive that special email when you scroll to the bottom of the page. I can't wait to travel with you.
After eight days in the Alaskan backcountry with no trail, only what I could carry on my back, and two near-perfect strangers, all I can say is wow! What a life-changing experience to be in complete solitude in nature. We saw incredible things, and it's all on video! I just finished editing it and posted it today! Click the link in the bio to check it out!
I feel like anywhere else this lake would be a destination in itself but in Alaska it was just something we stumbled upon by wandering around our chosen campsite. Who knows if it even has a name? Alaska is stupid beautiful!
Here's my one and only picture from Burning Man. I'd almost forgotten all about it. Usually, I love going out and taking photos but at Burning Man, I usually just want to be present. This year I brought my camera and vowed to take more because I put so much time and effort into my costumes. This is far from the most ornate one I have! Yet each time I went out for the day, I got so immersed in the moment that I forgot all about my camera. So here's the one and only! This year was more transformational than ever before. Thanks to all of the beautiful souls who made that so πŸ™πŸ»#burningman
I spent a lot of time picking blueberries in Alaska...so the other day I was googling myself (admit it, you do it too!), and saw that 'bemytravelmuse camera' comes up in the top search questions and thought, maybe I haven't adequately answered that question. So I wrote a post with all of my equipment and exactly how I take selfies like this one, and how I edit too! I shared every single step of my process. Link in bio!
Alaska absolutely smashed my expectations and ideas of what a week in the backcountry could be like. I took this on the bush flight to the start of the trailhead. There were just four of us in the plane, the pilot, my hiking buddies, and myself. He dropped us off not far from here and then flew away, not to be seen again for 8 days. It was just us, a map, compass, and a satellite phone. No trails, no people, nothing but glacier after glacier until oblivion. I've never felt so small, so connected, and so part of the world around me. Have you ever felt cradled by mother nature? When? Where?
Beach bungalow or lake house in Alaska? In an ideal world, we don't have to pick 🌲🐻#findyourpark
THIS IS FOR YOU! Wow, what an amazing week that was at burning man! Now I'm back and want to give you something since you've been so amazing to have along on this journey over the past few years. I've partnered with @pacsafeofficial to give away my favorite travel gear including a Venturesafe EXP65 backpack, a Camsafe V9 camera sling pack, a Slingsafe LX50 slash-proof mini crossbody bag, and a bag protector with a 360 degree eXomesh locking system to kit you out for your next trip!! To win, follow me and @pacsafeofficial and leave a comment here tagging a friend, stating where you're from, and which trip you'd take the gear on. Winners announced next Friday September 15! #safetravels (you get two entries if your friend follows me and comments back!)
We traveled the glacier for hours to find blue pools... and then we jumped in and went swimming πŸ™ˆ