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Kristin Addis


πŸŒ… I'll show you the world 🌎 Travel blogger from Southern California 🏜Currently in: Southwestern USA πŸ“½ YouTube.com/BeMyTravelMuse πŸ‘‡ Save our land!

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This land is your land, this land is my land. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is where I realized what a gift we have in the US with these public lands. You can free camp, free hike, and just be one with nature with almost nobody around here. Right now, Trump wants to limit our public lands. This could turn into a coal mine. We don't want that! Please join me in telling him NO, don't take away our freedom and our land! It takes less than a minute to submit your comment. Link in my bio!
Looking down on Angel's Landing from observation point. While Angel's has to be the most popular hike in Zion, I actually think, after doing both, that this one is even better. It's a prettier hike, slightly less crowded, and gives you an even more major view. It's also 2 miles longer and gains an extra 1000 feet, but oh so worth it! (πŸ“·: mom @pysankylady)
Playing tiny human (can you spot me?) in the palm of nature's hand. It had been a decade since I'd been in Zion but it's still just as magnificent (πŸ“·: @pysankylady)
Early morning glow in the Valley of Fire. This trip showed me how beautiful the surroundings of Vegas can be and how much there is to do that doesn't have to involve nightclubs, gambling, or the strip at all! This was day one of a camper van road trip with @jucyUSA that has taken me to some incredible new heights and places. Can't wait to keep sharing with you #jucyusa
Soaring high over the Grand Canyon is an epic way to start a southwestern USA road trip! This experience with @maverickhelicopters flying out of Vegas allowed mom and I to see the Canyon and all of the amazing things in between with such convenience and an incredible bird's eye view! Bucket list item βœ”οΈ(πŸ“·: mom @pysankylady)
I wholeheartedly believe that one should rep the pink llama pegicorn with the hipster haircut and rainbows whenever possible. Day one of the road trip to Utah and Arizona and had to stop by this instafamous art installation on the way through Vegas (πŸ“·: mom @pysankylady)
An enchanting side of Aruba. Can't wait to be in the warmth again! Next stop: Utah. Got any recommendations for me? (πŸ“·: @maujl)
Happy birthday Buddha! This is by far the coolest temple I've ever been in, so intricate and curious. My heart has been in Thailand lately, so I put together my ideal itinerary for the land of smiles (link in bio)
Back in Amsterdam! When your soul sister comes to town, it's most definitely a good reason to return to one of the coolest cities in Europe
Can't thank you all enough for the kind messages, comments, and for connecting with the words I wrote to my younger self (link in bio case you missed it). You made it an amazing birthday! Here's a tip if you find yourself in Aruba: baby beach is super popular but Rogers beach next door is calm and quiet (πŸ“·: @whatspaigewearing)
Today I turned 31. Ten years ago this would've seemed impossibly old to me but back then I had no idea what really laid ahead of me in the world and to be fair I still really don't. I wrote a letter back to my 21-year-old self who was on a sticky dance floor rocking out to top 40 music thinking that that was the pinnacle of cool. Among the life lessons I shared with my younger self was the power of honesty, the beauty of compassion, and the skill of patience, among so many other things that became clear over the last decade. Click the link in my bio for more of the life lessons I shared in the open letter to my younger self. You may be surprised by what you find in there! And if you want to give me a birthday present, tag a friend in the comments who you think might like seeing these pictures. Thank you all so much for another year traveling the world together! (πŸ“·: @whatspaigewearing)
Chillin with the homies. They look a little pink, must be getting too much sun! (πŸ“·: @whatspaigewearing)
The adventure just kept getting better at Arikok National Park in Aruba. From off roading in a Jeep to exploring caves and swimming in a natural swimming pool (two photos ago), this is what made me appreciate Aruba. It has a wild side! (πŸ“·: @whatspaigewearing)
Is this the stairway to Heaven? Felt like driving along the highway to hell to get here with all of the cacti, sharp coral, and arid landscape which made way for some of the most gorgeous coastal adventures! I didn't realize Aruba was like this and am pleasantly surprised (πŸ“·: @whatspaigewearing)
When you stumble upon a swimming pool that no architect, designer, nor construction team could ever top. Aruba, there's more to you than meets the eye (πŸ“·: @whatspaigewearing)
Sunset jacuzzis are always better shared with friends. And champagne. And strawberries. #barcelostories #barceloaruba
Gimme that Caribbean sun and that BLUE water! So excited to begin my birthday week in Aruba! There will be lots of diving, boating and adventuring with @barceloaruba and some awesome video too. Stay tuned! (More info in the link in my bio) #barcelostories #barceloaruba (πŸ“·: @whatspaigewearing)
As though it couldn't get any dreamier, a couple of swans came out and plunged me right into a fairytale
You can find me amongst the flowers like Alice in Wonderland πŸ’
Growing up I can remember my mother spending much of her free time in the garden. One thing that she always wished she could grow more of was bulb plants like tulips, but it's really tough in a place as warm as Southern California. But then we went to flower heaven in Holland and she was on cloud nine, and I was too 😊🌷(πŸ“·: mom @pysankylady)
I see you, Amsterdam! What a gorgeous city (πŸ“·: mom @pysankylady)