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Kristin Addis


🌅 I'll show you the world 🌎 Travel blogger from Southern California 🇰🇬 Currently in: Kyrgyzstan 📽 YouTube.com/BeMyTravelMuse 👇 How I do it:

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Taking flight in France! These lavender fields were so dreamy. The guide is up on the blog now if you want to do it too! Link in bio. 🎶: Teflon Sega - Beretta Lake (feat. SAINt JHN) (Listen2Liri Remix)
My #patterns submission for the @trover competition right now. Tell me in the comments what you're submitting! #troveon #partner #djimavic
Private pool, outdoor kitchen, ensuite room, for just €60 each per night split between @justtravelous and I. Airbnb ninja skills.
Last week on a whim I convinced @justtravelous to visit Provence with me to see the lavender fields. Within 10 minutes we had booked everything! Was it worth it to spend 48 hours in Provence just to see these beautiful lavender fields? OH YEAH!
Getting blissfully lost in Provence. The last time I wore a dress in an Instagram photo it was for Halloween, and it had blood splatters all over it 😂 But hey, this is a good excuse to don one again. (📷: @justtravelous)
That time I camped overnight in a squatter community, a local invited me in to see his trippy place, and I flew a drone around salvation mountain. One of the crazier encounters of my life! Full story and video at the link in bio. Music: I got 5 on it by WHIIITE #mavicpro #fromwhereidrone
Playing tiny human in Antelope Canyon. Oh man, as beautiful as this is, those photos that somehow make us look like the only ones in there sure are depicting another side of reality! I still think this is a must see, but you will be sharing it with lots of other people, and that's just how it is!
One of my newest favorite places in the USA. I've shared this and the locations of a few of my other favorites on Trover, the travel app I have partnered with to share my favorite spots around the world, and you can share yours too! Link in bio #troveon #partner
Layers on layers on layers 😍
Dead Horse point. Not sure how you got your name, but you sure are beautiful.
Shoes don't match the sweater.  But you're standing in antelope Canyon so you don't care one bit.
It's been almost two years since I uploaded my last video to YouTube, but I'm back! I've got so many adventures from Africa to share with you, starting with these hidden beaches and Tanzania. Check it out and let me know what you think! Link in bio. ••• Music: Lightning by anoopScoop
One of those places you can see, but just can't believe even while looking right at it. Took this with my phone! The wide angle @wearepixter lens made it possible to get the whole scene. More iPhone photography tips via the link in bio 📷🖤#partner
How many seconds did it take you to find me? (📷: @henriemike)
Wondered if it could be as amazing in person as it was in photos and it was. It really was (link in bio for the itinerary of all of the photos spots I've been sharing lately and how to get there yourself)
Had such an adventure just me in this @jucyusa van. We went backcountry camping for a whole week, loving being off the grid in all of the little hidden places I found. I figured it would be pretty hard to find some spots in the American Southwest that hadn't already been photographed to death, but boy was I wrong! There are millions of acres out there of sprawling wilderness and it is glorious. Click the link in my bio for my itinerary in the American southwest. #jucyusa #spon
It finally happened. I visited a place that truly has no twin in the world. Don't places always remind you, just a little bit, of someplace else? White Pocket is a wonder all its own! @henriemike you're a legend for taking me on this adventure! (And for taking this awesome photo) #beautifuldestinations
I love this short morning hike in Zion on the watchman trail. It must be brutal in the heat of the day but if you've only got a morning left, it's a perfect 3-miler. Photo by mom @pysankylady bag by @pacsafeofficial
Never knew Vegas was surrounded by such beauty. On the way from the strip to the Grand Canyon with @maverickhelicopters
These under the radar state parks and monuments in Utah have been some of the best and most beautiful (and least crowded) parts of the southwest. Is the Grand Canyon even this cool? ••• Yoga pants with cut out design and travel mat by @yogadesignlab in Bali
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