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Kristin Addis


🌅 Life is a dance 🌎 Solo adventurer from Southern California 🐻 Currently in: Alaska 📽 YouTube.com/BeMyTravelMuse 👇 How I do it

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Jump in, float down, climb out, scurry down, jump in, float down, rub your cheeks because they're sore from smiling so much. It's great having friends who love adventures as much as you do (📷: @dudarfst) #visitswitzerland #switzerland_vacations
Golden hour vibes. The outdoors really is the best office. When possible, I do all of my writing in the moment and in the place where I'm experiencing it because the best inspiration comes from the right here and now. Then I have to remember to put it all down and enjoy it and take it in, too. Breathe. Just be. It's all about striking a balance, isn't it? Mobile office made possible by my partner, @zagg #zagg
It was a gorgeous hot day swimming in the clearest glacial run off in one of the most stunning countries in the world and this kid just went out to the rock and laid there like a freaking king. And I thought that was beautiful. #visitswitzerland
An outdoorsy girl's best friend: A Jacuzzi bath in gorgeous northern California with jets to soothe those aching joints and muscles. I never really liked the idea of spas or pampering until going to Finland and realizing that alternating extreme hot and cold gives me a sensation I absolutely adore, and rehabs my injuries quicker. Cheers to the yin and the yang!
Hello again, California. There's nothing like spending the summer with you 💜
Polar bears! There's a common misconception that you can only see the bears in Churchhill, Manitoba, the polar bear capital of the world, in the fall but in the summer you can get both bears and Beluga whales! I love the way that both animals appear to smile at you and how playful the beluga whales are, coming right up underneath my kayak and looking up at me curiously. For how you can replicate the trip check out the link in my bio. It was magical! @lazybearexpeditions #exploremb
So many Belugas! From swimming with them to kayaking with them to flying over them, I'm in love. They're so friendly and curious. Click the link in my bio for a video with polar bears and more aerial footage! #exploremb @lazybearexpeditions (🎶: All my Love by Stick Figure)
"my alone feels so good, I'll only have you if you're sweeter than my solitude" - @wu_shire. I have been solo traveling for almost 5 years now, but before I started the idea really terrified me. I know a lot of other ladies out there feel the same! I wrote a blog post about common fears and solutions to help anyone in that situation. Link in bio!
Switzerland, I think I'm in love with you. Exploring with @pacsafeofficial #safetravels #pacsafe (📷: @tizirdn)
I grew up in an LA suburb and while I did play plenty in the yard as a kid, it wasn't until my adult life that I realized that going into the wilderness is like going home. It's a place to heal, a place to remember where I fit into the world, and a place to detach from electronic addictions. You too? BMTM #partner @Trover has a contest on now where you can share your favorite #takeahike photos for a chance to win some travel money! Check out the link in my bio to learn more!
When in a busy city, overwhelmed by the hum of motors and crowds of people, I'll close my eyes and remember days like this #exploremb
You know how sometimes you're looking through photos on Instagram and you're like, seriously? No, there is no way it was really that color. But this sunrise was, it really was (📷: @thatadamkelly) #exploremb
Good night, Hecla #exploremb
Fist bump if you'd pick 5 billion stars and a bit of northern lights over a 5-star hotel any night #exploremb 👊🏻
On an island in the sun, we'll be playing having fun. #exploremb
Fields of gold 💛😍 if you've seen my Instagram stories lately then you already know I'm completely obsessed with these canola fields and keep pulling over every five minutes because I love the way that the yellow changes with the sky. (by the way, I'm just standing on the edge and took this drone selfie in a creative way to make it look like I'm in the middle of the field but I didn't trample it! Didn't want you to worry 😉) #exploremb
Good morning, Manitoba. This sunrise unquestionably makes it onto the highlight reel of my life #exploremb
Favorite overalls: check. Favorite travel purse: check. @pacsafeofficial is my friend in Europe where I'd rather enjoy Provence than worry about pickpockets (📷: @justtravelous)
The problem with traveling to Switzerland is I always think I am ticking things off of my list and then it inevitably gets longer because there are so many amazing things there. I have shared this and a bunch of my other favorite spots on @trover click the link in my bio for more! #troveon #sp (📷: @dudarfst)
This nook was what made me want to move in here. I love writing here, looking at this tree, watching the sky. I've partnered with @zagg to talk about my writing process. It's pretty unorthodox but it works! Link in bio #zagg #sp
About Switzerland 😲(📷: @tizirdn)