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#FlyingSpur W12 S

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“The #flyingspur W12 S is like a modern sculpture, gliding by mountains of solemn might, hailing similar ideals of strength, timelessness and endurance” - @ParknCube. Link in bio.
@ParknCube took the #flyingspur W12 S on the scenic route from Switzerland to Germany via the #bentleylodge in #kitzbuhel. Spec: Hotspur hide interior. Link in Bio
#bentley #continental GT V8 S Convertible in #dubai with @HarpersBazaarArabia and #bentleyemirates. Spec: Dark Cashmere paint with Newmarket Tan and Burnt Oak interior. Discover more – link in bio.
#bentley #continental GT V8 S Convertible in Dark Cashmere with Dark Tint lamps. Link in bio.
#bentleyemirates partnered with #bazaarbestdressed in a special Continental GT V8 S Convertible photoshoot at @ParkHyattDubai.  Discover #continental – link in bio.
Click on the link in the bio to discover how #dubai and the new #flyingspur W12 S are both built on an ambition to create something once perceived impossible.
Click on the link in the bio and to step out of the #flyingspur W12 S and into Bentley’s extraordinary showroom in #dubai.
Look closer and experience the reflection of Bentley’s extraordinary ambition in the iconic city of #dubai. Link in bio.
#exp12speed6e's wing mirrors – which are #cameras rather than traditional reflective glass – are exceptionally sleek and were inspired by the sculptural form of stealth aircraft #fuselages. Discover more - link in bio.
The iconic #bentley mesh grille features a complex 3D geometry and smoked finish with copper highlights that identify the Bentley #exp12speed6e as a fully #electriccar. When the vehicle is running the ‘6e’ logo illuminates in a striking, vibrant white. Discover more - link in bio.
Copper elements around #exp12speed6e's gear selector, knurled Bentley Dynamic Drive dial and in-the-door veneer panels highlight the electric potential of the #conceptcar's advanced new #powertrain. Discover more - link in bio.
#bentley #ondemand is now available to Bentley owners as a concierge service via the Bentley Network app. Members simply download it from the appstore, validate their account, and choose a suitable Bentley from the extensive luxury fleet available. The service is being piloted in New York, LA and Dallas. Read more - link in bio.
#bentley on Demand has been created to meet the expectations of owners who wish to drive a Bentley while travelling, or who desire a different Bentley for special occasions. Link in bio
#bentley is today announcing the trial of ‘Bentley on Demand’ – a service designed to provide Bentley customers with a luxury mobility solution. The initial trial is available in Dallas, Los Angeles and New York. Link in Bio.
Take your seat beside Head of Exterior Design, John Paul Gregory, as he takes you on a journey to discover the #flyingspur in #dubai. Link in bio.
See link in bio to explore the extraordinary landscape of #dubai and discover the exquisite details of the #flyingspur W12 S.
Click in our bio to explore the most exquisite details of the #flyingspur from multiple angles within the largest #bentley showroom in the world.
In the depiction of the falcon in this #handcrafted marquetry the vanes of each individual feather are achieved by cutting the shape from specific veneers. Sand-shading (a classic hand-crafting technique which enhances definition) adds a darker gradient to the tips of the wings, creating shadow and the illusion of depth. Each of the 430 pieces used in the #sakerfalcon #marquetry inlay has undergone four separate processes of cutting, #sandshading, pressing and double cutting – before being assembled by hand over nine days. Click @bentleymotors to see the whole image.
The specific breed of falcon used in the #bentayga #falconry by #mulliner marquetry is the #sakerfalcon – which is one of the most sought-after and valuable birds today, with exceptional examples fetching as much as $1,000,000. Discover personal commissioning with Mulliner - link in bio.
“The #bentayga Falconry showcases what’s possible with our skilled craftspeople. They can devise elegant and exquisitely executed bespoke solutions to compliment any lifestyle or hobby.  #falconry is regarded as the sport of kings in the Middle East, so it was vital that the kit we created was as luxurious as it was practical and durable to appeal to our valued customers there and around the world.” Geoff Dowding, Director of Mulliner. Link in bio.
#exp12speed6e's bonnet scoops act as highly effective heat sinks that supply additional cooling to the battery and #powertrain. When rapid inductive charging is not available, the #electriccar can be connected to a mains AC power supply via the auxiliary charging point, subtly concealed behind the rear number plate. Discover more - link in bio