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Burt Jenner


Driver for @GladiatorTires Dog obsessed Watch the video @HouseBeer made of me below...

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Just hung a fresh one, always puts a smile on my face... Thank you to those who give me the ability to do so... #alwaysgreatful
Morning sunrise from the #microcabin ! #weekendinthewoods
Spent the New Year with my crew up at the #microcabin since our other cabin has been rented out non stop on Airbnb! (So stoked) Time to start working on building our permanent cabin in the woods since I don't think we'll get to see much of the cabin in town this summer!
LOL fitting for new years and fitting cause I was trying to pass 2018 #thebachelor @ariejr which I just finished watching (oooh this season gonna be fun to watch) . #repost @mr.stealyourdog ・・・ This year my top resolution is to not fall over scared shitless when I think @bjenner is going to flip end over end on top of me. #sst #stadiumsupertrucks #ifellover
Learned to start and rev the Momo today! He was very proud of himself as you can see...
Mama snipered us this morning playing with Bodhi’s  new race track...DGAF
So this just happened... Stopped the freeways evidently... Better check the news to make sure North Korea didn't shoot at us... The top dot is the moon, the bottom dot is probably the first stage of the rocket as I saw it burn up on reentry but didn't catch it on camera...
Well last night wasn’t my night either, truck wouldn’t start for my heat (power steering pump seized)... in LCQ I found myself behind good friend @mattybrabs who was racing for the championship and also was forced into LCQ by a mechanical... I had no desire to effect a championship and wanted to see him race for it in the main event... if he passed (2018 Bachelor) @ariejr I would have dumped Arie like a 2$ whore lol simply because he’s had enough luck this year having 20+ beautiful women fight for him at once... Upside was I got to watch a BADASS final in a PACKED stadium with my son and a beer... Congrats to @robbygordon and @ssupertrucks for PACKING the house, and congrats to @paulthedudemorris and the rest of the @ufdracing @freaks4live team on winning the 2017 championship!!!
I learned a lot last night, mainly that I have a lot to learn about the minor details of dirt... Finally felt confident by the main event, but was only allowed to take 1 of the 2 allotted jokers (I had saved mine, and then they cancelled competition yellow and said I couldn't) still ended up sixth... Excited for tonight's racing! Hoping for a little redemption... Racing starts at 6pm at Lake Elsinore Storm Stadium! Come support me in the @unitedfd @freaks4live truck!
Gave my #furryson the true #stadiumsupertrucks experience and took him for a ride along! We even hit the #overunderjump ! (He wasn't "happy" about it as you can tell in the second picture)
Can't lie, every time I hang the helmet back on the trophy shelf I wonder if I will ever have the opportunity to take it down... . It's a trippy moment right now taking it down and dusting her off... Feels like I'm pulling a sword out of a box and preparing for battle... Feel like I should be rubbing blood all over my face... #gameonfuckers #letthedogeat Thank you @unitedfd
8 hours till I get to dance with my old girl! Racing starts tomorrow night in Lake Elsinore at Diamond Stadium 6pm! And we do it all again on Saturday night at 6pm! Glad I'm driving for the #unitedfiberanddata team and have 4 teammates because the field is stacked with talent! @unitedfd @freaks4live #ocotillowells #glamis #glenhelen #utvunderground #fordraptor #offroad #lucasoiloffroad #noramrunnerhastagbecauseonlydorksdrivedodges
Well that escalated quickly.... . Where you at @therickyjohnson @jeremymcgrath ?!?! . #repost @ssupertrucks ・・・ ** BREAKING NEWS ** @ama_supercross star @ryanvillopoto will make his #stadiumsupertrucks debut this weekend (Dec. 15-16) at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium in Lake Elsinore, CA.  Stay tuned for more info!  Ticket link in bio👆 🏁🏁 @textronoffroad @kingshocks #offroad #sstelsinore #stadium #stadiumsupertrucks #ryanvillopoto #racing #utv #amasupercross #lakeelsinore #california
Company Christmas party last night! It was pretty obvious why we are number 1! We missed you Josey and Monica! Truly love my WLAD family, fun times, wish we got to do it more often!
LOL...He went nuclear when he found out we WILL NOT be touching or driving the @Ford GT today...
@valeriepitalo and I saw this cruising down the freeway and just about crashed from tears of laughter... #oops #surprisesurprise #wifegonnabemad #uuuuhhonneyillberightback #definitlynotanengineer
We spend our lives @homedepot
Went Christmas tree hunting today... #sierranevada  #laketahoe
I can't tell you how stoked I am, gonna be trippy to be the rookie again lol!! #repost @ssupertrucks ・・・ ** BREAKING NEWS ** @bjenner returns to #stadiumsupertrucks December 15-16 at the Lake Elsinore Diamond Stadium in Lake Elsinore, CA!  Jenner will drive the #50 for @ufdracing @unitedfd as a teammate to @thethrill57 @ariejr @paulthedudemorris.  Jenner is a 4 time winner in the SST series and we're excited to have him back! 🏁🏁 Tickets available in bio👆🏁🏁 @kmcwheels @speed_energy @textronoffroad @replayxd @kingshocks #racing #lakeelsinore #california #sst #sstelsinore @stormbaseball_
My dog is better at cuddling than yours...
#indoctrination My mom asked me when I was a couple years old what I wanted to get my dad for Christmas... I told my mom "wheels"... My mom asked "what for, anything specific?"... I told her "I just want to get dad wheels"... So we went to the hardware store and bought 4 lawnmower wheels... I guess I was fairly proud of myself... . #traxxas @ariejr he drives like you do! 😜