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If a man ever has a chance to live an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it all to himself. Bobdrewthatart@gmail.com @bobdrewthat on twitter

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after my pop passed away this spring, my mom had a ton of folks give donations to our family in his name. she in turn donated it to a cause that matters, the ark of st. sabina, which offers free services to the community of Englewood in chicago. they sent her this card for thanksgiving and i’m crying forever
sunset rundown
one of my all time favorite ways to get home is to find some art from @danmakesart waiting for me. one of the guys i admire most in the world, his prints and vision are both divine and incredible. if you’re looking for some gifts this holiday season, absolutely check his work out! thanks dan!!
when you’re cleaning the gutters for your mom and you’ve got your best bud spotting you
coffee cola
educational date framed by enthusiastic plant people