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Brody Jenner


Life is a gift. Enjoy every second of it. MLO

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Amazing times yesterday ECU! Thank you for your amazing energy and all the love you showed @hashtag_adamo and I. Hopefully see you all again soon. Love you long time 😘✌️
Throwback to when I used to put my blanket in the freezer because I liked taking naps with a cold blanket. πŸ€” Strange kid.
Even marshmellos get thirsty.
@marshmellomusic setting a good vibe this year.
Eva invited me over for lunch. She wants to know when she's going to have some cousins to play with.
πŸ’―@ltlindathompson. Fool me once shame on YOU!. Fool me twice... shame on ME. #happyaprilfools
That's one fine looking boy if I must say so myself. #proudparents
What I tell myself after every weekend on the road.
The LOVE means the world to us Atlantic City!! @poolafterdark πŸ™Œ @devinlucien πŸ”₯
Can't for get about prince Shoey. #nationalpuppyday
Happy #nationalpuppyday from Tank and Radar.
When @liljon tells you to turn down... you know the rest. πŸ€˜πŸΌπŸŽ‰ 🏌️‍β™€οΈπŸ“· @nickfarrar
@inception_atsea that was one for the books!! Thanks to all the people that came out to watch our set and to all the talented DJs we got to share the stage with. Tonight @aurabahamas at the Atlantis!
It's always easy to judge from the outside looking in. The truth is no matter who you are and where you come from we all have, wishes and worries. My boy @hashtag_adamo wrote this and I had to post it up. I think we all can relate. Keep Searching. This is worth the read.  I’m ok with not having the answer, god knows I've tried to find it. I’ve kicked over every stone, peeled back every cloud, and most certainly walked the trillion miles of my own self looking. It’s a strange thing traveling with purpose, the destination can become the only thing you see. What a shame that is. I’ve been many versions of myself. Ive been a man of sound principals and I've been a man of reckless abandon, crashing through waves of ill repute, waving my black flag high for all to see. I emerged from those raging seas with a compulsion that can not be killed, only redirected. So I went out searching for a sturdy head and tools for fixing my weary frame. In doing so I became consumed with philosophies and principals, with betterment and resolution. Again, I lost balance, but not in the way of before, I lost balance in my obsession to become the opposite of my previous self. I worked, I toiled, I lifted, I strained, I showed up, and I never rested, but still a whisper persisted. As much as I run my fucking mouth I never really tell people I can still not be ok at any given moment of the day. Anxiety always has a story to tell and loneliness can often visit in the most crowded of rooms. Some things never change, and thats ok. In these moments I realize, Im ok with not having the answer, Im ok with not being ok all the god damn time. For in this search for the answer I find the undiscovered. So here’s to the heart ache, here’s to the mistakes, here’s to the not safe bets. No one needs to tell me, its not a fucking mystery that love is far from perfect. I'm willing to bet, that this is as close as it gets. Keep searching.  Here is to the people who are not ok sometimes, I love
Romance is in the air in Austin tonight. My #1nightstandwithmarcus @tmobileatwork @marcuslemonis is going to be sophisticated AF.
I should've sold one when I had the chance πŸ˜‚ #princesofmalibu Love you to death @davidfoster thanks for the knowledge and kind words today. Means the world coming from you.
Thank you @thecaprice @knoxvillesyeg for hosting us and making it a memorable weekend with me and my brother @hashtag_adamo and thank you to @blueprintevents for putting it together! Hopefully see you again soon Canada. Much love. πŸ“· @cykmedia
It's fun shaving once every two years. Keeps things interesting.
Really? πŸ™„
Nothing beats getting out on the track with your big brother and showing him who is boss πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜. Appreciate the opportunity Michelin. #michelinpilotexperience #ps4s #partner