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Brown Paper Wine


I believe in good food, great wine and even better company. Purveyor of good honest booze. Simple

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Last night 45 people parted with their precious cash to learn from this idiot how to make wine-based cocktails... oh the fools! I flew by the seat of me pants freestyling my way to a Ginger Lime Splice, Rosé Spritzer, French 75 and my mistake on the mistake that is a Sbagliato. Thank you to the ever awesome Laura @bustle_studios for helping to host. Next stop: Riesling & Hip Hop night.
Music does not get any better. “Truth” by Kamasi Washington. Fact. @kamasiwashington
When you forget the Riedels for the weekend camping trip. Care factor: zero. Mates, plonk and fresh air... because it’s not about the wine, it’s about the time.
Workshop with a couple of craft brewers. @lordnelsonbrewery Three Sheets for the session. @fixationbrewing Obsession for the whack of hops. Achieving heaps.
Cherries abound. Whole-bunch pressed. Extra time on skins. No filtration. Funky cherries at that. A bit of undergrowth, not too much, just enough to keep it real. Fresh, flavoursome and cheap. This little harem by @jamsheedwines is definitely worth a play.
The front out the back window. Hatches battened down.
Pretty in pink.
Unbridled joy. When Mum gets a bottle of @ink_gin for her birthday. Juniper must be in the blood. Happy Birthday Prudie!
Timeless. Stumbling through old albums on the pod. Air’s Moon Safari, a youthful 20 years young in just a matter of days. Early summer, Parisian sunlight. Coffee & croissants. Harpsichordists on metros. Life was simple. Conflicts of rose-tinted reminiscence and a “where has the time gone?”... goes quick while you’re having fun.  Still fresh, still evocative, still fucking good.
Class photo. NYE 2017/18. A bunch of dunces, rascals, clowns and a lapsed teacher’s pet or two.
Veggies for the post silly season detox. @threedarkhorses Shiraz because, there’s no chance I’m working this week without a drink.
No one knows how this landed at this humble party, certainly not me. No one even knows the importance of this wine. I do... tucking this out of sight.
Shout out to all the kids @fallsfestival , off their trolley by 9am. Meanwhile this old fart just did a yoga sesh and is currently cleaning the house. I’ll catch those festival munters...
It’s endlessly hot & muggy. I’ve not slept since September. This time of year is impossible. Until gin.
Christmas is... a brother-in-law pouring the @penfolds Grange through a strainer into a water jug. Because pomp & ceremony are futile.
A nephew gets a race track for Christmas. The uncles enjoy the gift. Including Corona Corner and Kiwi Straight.
Morning drinks under the bachelor Christmas tree. @regalrogue rosé vermouth to flatter fruit salad; BPW bubbles for the pastries. And @ashtonhillsvineyard sparkling Shiraz because nothing screams Xmas more than sparkling red to wash bacon & eggs. Trolleyed by midday, now to make a mince of a family bash. Merry Christmas punks.
Gin. Because nothing compares. @dasherfishergin Ocean Gin has a certain saltiness, begs a wedge of pink grapefruit, lime slice and rosemary twig. Summer sorted.
So, it's Summer, you want cocktails, but cocktails are complicated.... Problem solved, join us for the launch of the Brown Paper Wine Club where you'll be learning how to cocktail-up a storm, without venturing too far from the wine already in your fridge! We'll be enjoying a Friday night knees-up on the outdoor terrace as we learn how to make delicious summer wine cocktails. • Check out Eventbrite “Summer Wine Cocktail Class”
Hi Mum, you can hear me on the next episode of the Emptyosophy podcast. Dribbling a bit about booze. Talking absolute rubbish about the dangers of pistachio terrorism and Brandy Alexander. Link coming soon, unmissable holiday listening.
Occupational hazard.