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Believe in wine.

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Oh yeah, launched a new label the other day. Farrier's Yard. Next level liquors with the help of legends from premium regions: Coonawarra Cabernet, Barossa Shiraz, Langhorne Sangiovese, Adelaide Hills Pinot and a cracking little Riesling from the Clare Valley. Pristine wine with another fine design from @bwd.creative Here's the designer, Clare, enjoying the rizza. Photobomb by some wine punk. #wine
Look, she's bloody rudimentary. And still a work in progress... but I built me a website! IT geek right here! That only took about 5 years. At this rate you should be able to buy online in 2021. www.brownpaperwine.com #web #www #geek
Well put @peter_fitz , appears God is no longer a racist at least. #yes
Simple. Smart. Sample. Tastings notes nod to Pinot Gris. Simply delicious. You got my attention @samplebrew #beer
Original freezer. #beer
Magnum PI. Because 750ml of Coonawarra Cabernet is only half a tank. #cabernet #coonawarra
When all's a blur, but the booze still good. @huntingtonestate '04 Cab Sav, fresh cassis, sublime power, pristine precision, elegance defined. #wine #cabernet
Best conditions in 10 years or more. More snow than a Saturday night in Sydney. 3rd run of the day and the knee gone. Sidelined for months. Thank god for the Blue Cow beer festival and the legends at @philterbrewing 11am froffs never tasted so fresh. #beer #notskiingatthesnow
Like getting all zen? Your shrink been telling you to get mindful? Have an insatiable appetite for awesome wine? No longer are these mutually exclusive events. The good folk at Bustle Studios have found an inspired match made in nirvana... an evening of mindfulness meets wine. @winefulness_aus & @brownpaperwine it's like when Queen & Bowie did a duet. Mind blowing. Tix at Eventbrite. #mindfulness #wine #winefulness
Time to enter the 21st Century Australia. #voteyes #yes
Fresh juice. Barossa Shiraz with trademark cherry, dark chocolate and coconut. Plush. Powerful. Pimped. Good enough for two glasses. #shiraz #barossa
Bases loaded. Farrier's Yard Riesling, Pinot, Sangiovese, Shiraz & Cab Sav. The Starter fires his gun. 🔫 #wine
Coz you ain't a real wine dude til you got a Clare Valley Riesling. Introducing "Farrier's Yard", working with legends to produce next level liquors. Coonawarra Cabernet, Barossa Shiraz, Langhorne Creek Sangiovese and a classic Clare rizza. Its BPW with gears shifted. 2 days from touchdown. #wine #riesling #cabernet #shiraz #sangiovese (hats tipped to @bwd.creative for a great design job).
Those 45 minutes of summer in London. #beer #london
August in the Åland Islands sees the annual harvest of marshmallows. In the Baltic, long, cold, dark winters make way for mild summers with endless hours of sun; ideal conditions for marshmallows to grow to a quite sizeable metre in height and a metre in diameter. I counted more than 70 in this field alone. The farmer (or Marshmallowman) of this crop told me these were destined for the US market where they'll be processed into the smaller fun size you and I are familiar with... perfect for hot chocolates and fire places in the coming northern winter. #marshmallows #finland #scandinavia
Repurposed. Succulent packing of a suitcase.
Hate working Thursdays at the foreign office. To email or swim? To prosecco or macchiato? #sicily
@benantiwinery has delivered two absolute belters destined for the dust. Interpretations of Sicilian indigenous variety Nerello Mascalese. Serra Della Cantessa (on the right) being from the warmer, eastern side of Mt Etna at around 500m. Rovitello (on the left) from closer to 900m and the cooler northern slopes of Etna. Both superb, but luggage allowance only has so much give... a brace of Rovitello destined for me cellar; marked 2030-2040+ #sicily #wine #nerellomascalese #dropzone
Agatino Failla, Export Manager at @benantiwinery kindly showed us around their impressive and beautiful winery. This charming chestnut pump is 300 years old. Used to pump the wine from the large clay vats underneath, she'd still work today were it not for their embrace of modern techniques combined with a reverence for culture, tradition and respecting the land they inherit; impeccable wine results.
Summer glugging. Etna Bianchi at @benantiwinery nail on head when it's circling 35° the sun.
Lush label. Ultra lush liquors. A dry, minerally blend of Cataratto and Chardonnay, making every post a winner when washing fresh sardines and succulent squid. Another Sicilian winner. #sicily #wine