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Brown Paper Wine


Believe in wine.

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Saturday morning. Post flow. Mid paper. Market meander. Rain drizzles. Frankie on the spin... best time of the week. #weekend
On point. Been a certain positivity in the air the past couple of days. And no sign of the sky closing in. Well done Australia. @anthonylister nail on head. #yes #ssm
Great to see we’re largely a mob of open, tolerant and supportive people. Now for the political class to accentuate their class, rather than politics. Over to you @malcolmturnbullmp - hopefully no more flying pigs. #yes #ssm
Hinterland Byron. The Orchestra,  Cinematic. Green hills tumble Rain thunders through Sunlight dances. Worn weatherboard Possum Creek Road Cows lingered.  Reset.
May or may not have got myself into the @stoneandwood annual Suppliers as Partners Day. Apparently the froffs flow freely. Bloody good booze too. #beer
It must've been 2006.  The romanticised version had me drinking wine in an art gallery for a living. The truth, not far from that.  A few blocks from the Sydney institution of schnitzel that is Una's Darlinghurst. After a week of flogging booze, the standard Friday would have us knocking the top off some wonderful wines from across the world.  Inevitably the miscreants amongst us would get up to no good. But not before a detour to devour a Weiner Schnitzel. Washed down with a torrent of Riesling.  Aussie Riesling. German Riesling. Clare Valley. Great Southern. Crawford River. Eden.  Fresh, crisp, lively, leaping lemon and lime.  Aged, softly mellowed, finely nuanced wax and honey.  Looking back, the memories fade as to the clubs and bars and the hideous rising of the Saturday sun.  But those dinners linger. That's what wine is all about.  When I fell in love with Riesling. #riesling
Pre-eminent psychologist, sociologist, ponderer Hugh Mackay spoke last night. His chief lesson; giving back. Just a thought...
Standards. Lifted red fruits of strawberry and cherry; a savoury edge of beetroot and spice. Mouthfeel and structure. Character and persistence. Bang on for a supposed second label. Mount Macleod by hidden Pinot gurus Caledonia Australis, the standard has been set for $20 Pinot. An awkwardly high standard indeed. #wine #pinotnoir #standards
My voice has gone.  My haircut far less ridiculous. The late night prowl replaced by early morning laps at the pool or a flow of vinyasa. A grey streak beckons, a sliver of silver. I started shaving again, no longer the beard.  Friends have married, stayed married indeed. Houses bought, sold, renovated, bounding up the property ladder. New borns learning alphabets, cut lunches, school fetes.  I tried to find my voice... (continue reading at Facebook.com/brownpaperwine my first crack at writing in too bloody long)
Dilemma. Arriving home to a bundle of beauties from the geniuses at @huntingtonestate when one is away from home the next 3 nights. To crack a bottle or not? That is the question. Do I really want to drink a whole bottle before a crack of dawn flight? Oh, the turmoil. Hoping the universe might give me a sign as the path to follow. #oneway #wine
Moving house always brings a surprise. Stumbled on an old gem, one of my favourite street images from many moons ago somewhere in Melbs #spin
There's only one boy to call when you have a "fire mergency". When the nephew comes to hang out. #fireman
Dinner with the lads. Near 20 years after they were the lads high school style. Queue existential crisis. The booze is fresh, so the banter. #wine
Beer in one hand. Wine in the other. The only way to cook. Simple.
Funky new labels. Same ripping booze. Just an FYI... BPW @maybefranksydney πŸ•
Monitored. Dinner parties, typically more dignified than years gone by. Jazz rather than beats. Whisky rather rocks. Ideas over gossip. Humour a higher brow. A baby monitor too, so it seems. Old age indeed. #dinner
Friday night lights. #wine
Flavoursome froff. @mismatchbrewing Extra Pale Ale. Match met. #beer
Four Tet "New Energy". 56 minutes of precisioned bliss. Delicacy for the brain. #music
Mattress in the sky. It must've been incredible to be one of the first people to fly through the air, to look down upon clouds for the first time. Once in a while the world says "hey, look here champion, how much do I rock". #clouds
Banana. Green banana. Lively and fresh. Peach, the whitest of white peach. Clean yet long on the palate. The 3rd, well it reminds me of 2004 backpacking around Eastern Europe drinking shithouse spirits on the cheap. Good times. #sake #memoriesallaloneinthemoonlight