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Lights. Camera. “Best Way To Make The Jump To Light Speed (And Stop Just As Quickly)” Award for the #chiron #bugatti #gqcarawards @britishgq @gq
#bugatti #gqcarawards #gqcarawards2018 @britishgq @gq
@gq Car Award for the #chiron. “In an automotive world in which brash new contenders make increasingly crazy claims, only Bugatti truly delivers. The #chiron isn’t just a fantastically fast car, it’s also a supremely elegant and highly advanced piece of engineering. Bugatti’s heritage in the world of high-end cars is unmatched: the Chiron is a truly worthy successor to some of the greatest automobiles ever made, as stylish and well-tailored as a Savile Row suit.” #bugatti #gqcarawards #gqcarawards2018 @britishgq
"Colour is a very emotional matter. It's not about taste, but about personality. Our customers are aware that they are designing a timeless product which is completely unique and which will be linked with them forever." - Bugatti Designer Laurent Chevalley #bugatti #maisonpursang
“Black and yellow were the signature colours of Ettore Bugatti. Most of his personal cars were painted in this colour scheme. In my opinion, the #chiron looks simply amazing in this combination, progressive and packed with energy, while remaining stylish and classic.” - Bugatti Designer Laurent Chevalley #bugatti #maisonpursang
Designer’s Choice. Black and yellow in stark contrast. “A two-tone paintwork really can’t get more distinctive than this. It gives the #chiron enormous tension and a luxurious aura.” - Laurent Chevalley, Bugatti resident designer at the company’s headquarters in Molsheim. #bugatti #maisonpursang
"Colour generates mood and character, but when I want to see the sheer substance of the vehicle, the pure matter itself, silver is the very best way to do that. Silver doesn't push itself to the fore. It's a colour that lets the car speak for itself." - Etienne Salomé, Head of Interior Design #bugatti #maisonpursang
"As car designers, we view a new model in silver all the way through its evolution. As long as we're working on the fundamental architecture and proportions - the substance of the car, a completely neutral non-colour silver or a model covered in silver foil allows us to stay as close as possible to the quality of the design." - Etienne Salomé, Head of Interior Design #bugatti #maisonpursang
Designer's Choice. Monochrome purity - Head of Interior Design Etienne Salomé presents his ideal #chiron, a vehicle with silver single-tone paintwork. #bugatti #maisonpursang
"I see it as my responsibility to ensure that the sculptural appearance of our designs always works well in every possible colour and from every viewing angle. Paintwork in a single colour gives the #chiron sporting proportions and uncompromising presence." - Achim Anscheidt, Director of Design #bugatti #maisonpursang
“Blue is the historic colour of French racing cars and stands for Bugatti’s glorious 1920s Grand Prix identity.” Director of Design Achim Anscheidt sees blue as an authentic connection with Bugatti’s past: “Virtually no other colour tells our unique story as vividly and clearly.” #bugatti #maisonpursang
Designer’s Choice. Three creative minds, three designs - each with 1,500 PS. Bugatti Director of Design Achim Anscheidt and Bugatti designers Etienne Salomé and Laurent Chevalley have configured their personal #chiron. Each of these ideas achieves its effect in its own very special way. #bugatti #maisonpursang
@jeremyclarkson1 in Turin, when he’d got nine minutes to make his rendezvous. @itsthegrandtour
"I think they've judged this to perfection." @jeremyclarkson1 took the #chiron on a true "grand tour" last year - breakfasting in Saint-Tropez, skiing in the Alps and dining in Turin. @itsthegrandtour
BAH HUMBUG-ATTI in Saint-Tropez for @itsthegrandtour @jeremyclarkson1 #chiron
Bugatti currently uses the most powerful brakes in the world on the #chiron. The new 3-D titanium brake caliper saves about 40% of the weight compared with the current Chiron aluminium caliper while ensuring even higher strength. While series production has not been confirmed, testing trials are to start later this year. #bugatti
Vehicle development is a never-ending process. This is particularly true at Bugatti. In our continuing development efforts, we are always considering how new materials and processes can be used to make our current model even better and how future vehicles of our brand could be designed. Take a look at how our newly developed titanium brake caliper is manufactured by a 3-D printer. #bugatti
Printing the future. This new eight-piston monobloc brake caliper is the world’s first and largest functional titanium brake caliper produced by a 3-D printer. #bugatti