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Life with 5 silly cage-free rescue house bunnies 🌈 Eddy & Rambo 🐼🐻❤ 💌thebunnymama@gmail.com

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Beware of Bunny! ARF ARF ARF!
Friend: Do you want to hang out today?  Me: Sorry, I'm really busy.
Our sweet little Bowie had a seizure the other day 😢. He was rushed to the animal hospital. He's doing much better today. ❤🐼
Family movie night 🍿😊🐮
Trying to stay awake at work 😅
Welcome home human ☺️
Moo and her cow friend Linus Jr.
Me: We have a bunny in every room! This is crazy!  Hubby: This is happy.
Ellie's rescue story... #rescuebunny  From the NJ House Rabbit Society: Every year there are reports of stray or lose rabbits across the country. Rabbits left to fend for themselves outside, either intentionally or by accident, have little chance of living without suffering, and many may soon die if not rescued.  If you ever encounter a stray rabbit, please do not assume he or she will be fine if left alone. Contact your closest rabbit rescue for help. You may also wish to take steps to safely secure the rabbit if at all possible. For advice on this, please see the following link, http://rabbit.org/faq-how-to-rescue-a-rabbit-running-loose/. Even if you secure the rabbit and cannot keep him or her, the rabbit will have a much better chance of living a healthy life thanks to your efforts. It is better that a rabbit find safety and comfort in a shelter or rescue than be left alone in the wild. Remember that domestic rabbits are not the same as wild ones.
The day we rescued Ellie. She was living in the bushes on the side of the road.
@worriedpotato making poor life choices... 😅
Look out weekend... here I come!!!
Oli recreated a scene from Manchester by the Sea and he NAILED IT! 😂 That's a real miniature movie set that we made for him (not photoshopped). Link on our Facebook page "EddyRamboBunny" 😂😂😂
The reason I love bunnies 😍❤ #rambobunny
Olipotato cleaning your screen 😬😝
Moo & Taffy in a heart air balloon
Love is in the air 🎈💕 Happy Valentine's Day 😘
Taffy checking out the snow ☃️
Making faces 🙉🙊🙈🐵
Look at that white belly 😍
When you don't want to share your food.