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Burnhamthorpe Collegiate


500 The East Mall, Etobicoke (416) 394-7130 Adult Credt Program (21 yrs old and older) EdVance Credit Program (18 yrs old to 20 yrs old)

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Trey Anthony speaking words of inspiration. Never listen to the negative chatter around you, never let people put you in a box, when someone tells you you can't figure out how you can.
January 31st is Bell let's Talk Day. Let's break down the barriers and stigma that surround mental health. #bellletstalk #awareness #educate #acceptance
Refreshing, healthy smoothis after a great workout. #exercise #smoothie #healthy
Hope everyone had a safe and happy break. Classes beging today. Three more weeks left to quad 2. Course selections for quad 3 begin January 15.
Thank you Matt Bradely for an informative presentation about youth apprenticeship opportunities.  #oyap #apprentcieships # pathways #learningforlife #goals #opportunities
Michael Eison joined us for 4 sessions on how to change patterns of behaviour, meditate mindfully and how not to lead with fear. #learningforlife
Serving some holiday cheer. #pancakes #holiday
Celebrating the win! Burnhamthorpe Basketball Champs! #winning #thewin #champions #team #teamplayers #sports #studentsucess #schoolsports
Winterfest here at Burnhamthorpe Collegiate
How and where do you want to learn? Undecided between college or university? Take a look at these slides that compare and contrast college and university programs.
Inspirational speaker Michael Eisen speaks about changing what drives you. Happiness creates your success. Control your thoughts to maximize happiness. Michael Eisen will be delivering a 4 part workshop series starting Tuesday, November 28 at 10:00 am in the auditorium. See you there.
R.E.A.L Schools working with our students.
Today BALC welcomed Captain Adeel Zafar from the 4th Canadian Division of the Canadian Army. Captain Zafar spoke passionately about what it means to serve his country, what Canada's involvement waa in World War I and WW II. Although it seems so far ago we cannot forget what 1 million soldiers sacrified for our freedom. Thank you Captain Zafar.  #mycaf #remeberthem #canadaremebers
Halloween Shenanigans at Burnhamthorpe😨😱😲👻
You create your luck, it is not by chance.. Hard work + preparation ÷ opportunity = luck
Wise words of inspiration by Leo Barbe who spoke to our students today. Positivity propels through every tough situation.  You are in control of fitting in the pieces of your life's puzzle. #goalset #opportunity #loveyourself #staypositive #goodvibes
Powerful words by Leo Barb #inspirational #motivational #leobarb #youareincontrol
Thank you Fareen Khan, Mohammed Sheikh, and Ibrahim Hindy. Your presentation was engaging, educational, and inclusive.
What an inspirational panel discussion today about what it is like to be a Muslim in Canada and encountering Islamophobia. The Prophet Mohammed Pbuh practiced the Gifts of Islam: social welfare, truth, patience, encouraging others to do good and forbid evil, activism and aquiring knowledge, charity, taking accountability and ownership, working hard to strive for excellence and minimalism and simple living. Gifts we can all practice.