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A daily dose of pretty from our crazy colourful & eclectic corner shop in Kilkenny! Worldwide Shipping & incredibly pretty gift wrapping! 🎁

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These babies are singing to me!  Flights of Fancy earrings just in €19.95 🀩 Available on our website now! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜
New earrings make everything better, fact ☺️ Sparkly new jewels just in, Yayy!
It’s the last week of our blue table jewellery sale!  20% off heaps of lovely sparkle, making rooms for lots of gorgeous new arrivals!
Fairy lights are not just for Christmas! 🧚‍β™€οΈπŸ’‘πŸ€©
Back to work treats?  We’re having a fabulous clutch clearance - get 50% off these beauties, in store only!  Happy Sunday! πŸŽ‰  #sale #treats #clutch #accessories #rosegold #sparkle #grabemwhileyoucan #butterslip #kilkenny
HAPPY NOLLAIG NA MBAN - IT'S TREAT TIME! We've worked hard, bought pressies for everyone, looked after everyone, now its treat time!  Tomorrow for Nollaig na Mban you can get 20% off ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in the shop.  Whoo hoo! If you've had your eye on a treaty treat for yourself, pop in tomorrow Saturday 6th December, and say Happy Nollaig na Mban! xxx **ONLINE** To get your discount on our website use offer code NOLLAIG until Midnight on Saturday xx
Holidays bring out the doodler in me, I wish I could keep it up all year.  For me, doodling and day dreaming is where it all started and where it always goes back to.  Following the colours, I reckon that’s what led me to Butterslip so Best keep the colouring pencils close! Here’s to a doodle filled 2018 😊 or whatever floats your boat! #doodles #daydreaming #becreative #colouringpencils #drawlikeakid
***Best Customers Ever Award*** We are delighted to say for the twelfth consecutive year, we have scooped the amazing BEST CUSTOMERS EVER award!! Its a fitting close to a fabulous year at Butterslip, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Of course we do make up, nominate and award this honour ourselves, for what would we be without you?  A shop full of pretty things, with noyone to share them is no fun at all.  The hoots and howls of laughter would have sounded pretty loony on our own, while the tears of sympathy and sadness far too sad alone. All the little dramas of daily life that unfold, I sometimes feel we are wrapping them up, the good, the sad, the funny, the comforting and the simply human.  Putting a ribbon on them, sharing them, smiling and laughing together, and getting on with this life, making it as lovely as we can, together.  I only hope you enjoy it as much as we do. THANK YOU! xxx
I’m sorry, I really am but I can explain!  My lovely mother, in her infinite wisdom, decided to get the hell out of dodge for the winter. So you see me I’m only doing my daughterly duty in visiting here, in this cruel cruel sunshine..😝🀩 after a fabulous and exhausting December I have never needed a holiday so badly!
Twinkley bells from the Butterslip Elves!  A very Happy Christmas to all you gorgeous lovely peoples, we’ve had a ball already and the real stuff is only starting!  Wishing you all love and sparkles, with the odd Gn’t or whatever you’re having yourself 🍾😍 we are taking a little break to return on 28th December, cos Elves need family snuggle times and MOUNTAINS of food to get through! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ so much love & thanks πŸ™ I feel we are in with a serious chance for Best Customers Ever Award - for a record breaking twelve in a row!! πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰πŸŽ„πŸš€πŸŽπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
We gotcha covered!  #wrapping #presents #gift #ribbons #withlove #butterslip
After dark all the animals come out to play!  #toys #woodentoys #afterdark
Look who stopped by after dark to pick up some pressies! β­οΈπŸŽ„β­οΈ #christmas #reindeer #rudolph #pressie #shopping #butterslip #kilkenny #shoplocal #shopsmall #yulefest
Fresh delivery of our lovely Kate earrings, Duchess favourites! €29.95!  #earrings #earringsoftheday #beaduchess #perfectpresent #butterslip #kilkenny #jewelleryaddict
Cat on the roof has the poor dog driven demented!
So much rainbow goodness going on here! ⭐️ #earrings #earringsoftheday #rainbow #jewelleryaddict #christmasparty #butterslip #kilkenny #shopsmall
Bunty’s got her Christmas outfit on!  Rockin the red and pink 😍#visualmerchandising #buntysfinest #christmasoutfit #pink #christmaswindow #butterslip #kilkenny
This never gets old! Another gorgeous sunny bright day in Kk, we are open Sunday 12-5 too!  #shoplocal #carousel #kilkenny #butterslip #gift
First time in ages I’ve had the time/inclination to get creative, bit obsessed with ribbon at the moment.
These are my ‘I’m being awfully demure today’ earrings 😊 sometimes I even fool myself! As worn by Kate Middleton when weary of dusty old diamonds, they are really pretty!  #earrings #earringsoftheday #jewels #jewelleryaddict #kilkenny #boutiquestreet
These are my favourite ‘I’m being awfully demure today’ earrings 😊 sometimes I even fool myself!  As worn by Kate Middleton, when weary of dusty old diamonds 🀣 Kate earrings are €29.95!  #earrings #earringsoftheday #katemiddleton #jewelleryaddict #jewels #boutiquestreet #kilkenny