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Ayesha Michael


Mum of one pigeon pair πŸ’•πŸ’™ Outback living 🌡health 🍏fitness πŸ’ͺ🏻family πŸ‘ͺ minimalist πŸ–€small biz 🎈

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Breakfast on the run || pre make your chia pudding the night before || then top with pretty things in your fridge = looks like lots of effort πŸ“
Happy 4th birthday to our Jobe. You are such a sweet, funny, warm, action-packed, energetic, driven little dude. A little overwhelmed by yesterday's celebrations (as the picture suggests) but looking forward to more today 🎈We love you so much xx
Chronicles of the door hanging garments || Can't wait to start wearing dresses again 🌡
Cheek and glimmer ✨
Love these @judeandjenna little zip pouches || So good to store some "mum goodies" in the nappy bag || Also adds some prettiness to your day when your covered in banana 🍌🌺
Another recipe that I looked at and went "pffft is that it! I'm a real grown adult." But the flavours were so, so good the tiny portion size was quickly forgiven. Almond + banana chia pudding for the win 🍌
Now that I have your attention || Thankyou || I've noticed recently places like Cotton on, Myer and even service stations ask "would you like to round it up to (insert price here) and donate the change to charity?" My last visit to Perth, I asked the girl at Myer what charity it was ... and she had no idea. Do they think there is this big magical land called Charity that divide off the money raised evenly to every cause out there and no big cats have their fingers in any pies?? πŸ¦„βœ¨πŸŒˆNow this isn't her fault that she wasn't informed. She's just asking the question she's been asked to ask. But when you buy @thankyouaus you know 100% of profits go to end global poverty. This goes further by each product type particularly helps one portion of their projects. It goes further again by including a tracking number where you can see the individual human being you are helping. The @thankyoubabyaus nappies support children and mothers in maternal health programs. Because too many lives are lost in preventable issues || Reality post ||
Peek a boo || Why does this emoji come up for peek a boo πŸ˜’?
EXCITED!!! || Bestie || Chosen Sister || Arrives this week || Sorry I can't take you out to copious amounts of wine bars and coffee spots. But I can show you lots of red dirt 🌡
Breakfast burrito || Yep that's coriander first thing in the morning 🀀
Roxby is really turning it on with Mummas killin' it with their small businesses || This button up back, shirt had my name written all over it || Just need something to wear it to now ||Thanks @this.littlecloset 🎈
This little nugget is not well. She's been so clingy today. Can't wait to have my happy girl back 🎈
It's a stay in bed kinda day || Not by choice || 🀧
For a long time we have had all meals together and the kids eat what we eat (yes, even Sia now). I don't make separate meals for everyone and I don't feed them and then if I have time later feed myself. We all sit down and feast together. Today we eat porridge. Sia just gets mashed banana instead of the mandarine and nuts πŸ₯œπŸŒπŸŠ
That crooked smile || πŸ’—
My fave ||
Okay || The chia porridge is forgiven || half oats, half chia seeds || orange || walnuts || much better flavour combo 🍊
Scrub time || I like to combine two @thebalmowl products to make a soothing bath for Sia || The @infantmassageboutique oatmeal bath soak in the tub and a little @nenniandtom bath milk on a flannel to gently wipe down πŸ›€πŸ£πŸΌ
Button up ||
When you buy a piece of art for your head || Then you find a hidden dress in your cupboard || And the art doesn't match || To art or not to art??
🀒|| Firstly it's so disappointing when your serving size equates to about 1/4 cup || Secondly the flavours on this were a little gross || First time making chia porridge and it was foul || Coconut + peanut butter + banana = yuck poo πŸ’©