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Mika & Sebastian


Two cat brothers fighting cancer - trying to live life to the fullest!

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Ew. You smell bad.
This is my toy. Don't you dare touch it.
I'm watching you...
I can wait here all day... for food.
Derp. You better not post this photo!
Food? Okay! I'm up! I'm up!
Paws are so much better than hands and feet.
Hey You! Look at me, I'm down here!
When the humans won't cuddle with us, we cuddle with each other.
Scratcher? More like a Napper.
Green + Orange + Blue
What is that noise disturbing my sleep? ARGH - DARN TRAIN!
I look great in this bandana! I need to accessorize more often.
My brother will never get to use this scratcher if I guard it all day long! MUAHAHA
This blanket really complements my coat! Wouldn't you agree?
I looooooove how the sun feels ☀️
Loving our new mattress!
Keeping our ears cleaned and coat soothed with @vet_organics. How do you groom? #sponsored
It's way too cold to get out of bed today. Time to step up that cuddle game!
Happy New Year Cat Friends!