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Gabby Hernandez


•26 •TX 🥀 I post videos on my urban exploring adventures, horror movie hauls, VHS, & more. My newest YouTube video is linked here. 🔻🔻🔻

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#vhs watch of the night #faceoff 🧠 goodnight💤 #castortroy #gumandguns
#soulmates 🌎💞👽
Psychopath 💞 My first color tape is currently in my VCR & then promptly going on display. #pinktape
(Full trailer) UFO Girl is an upcoming indie thriller created by @joehess_photo • Link in bio for more info 👽 #comingsoon #ufogirl
Just uploaded The Ritual Movie Review + Introduction to UFO Girl 👽 Full video link in bio🖤 UFO Girl is an upcoming indie thriller created by @joehess_photo • Get your Tacos & Latinas shirt from @badcostore
Get your hands on this 👐 Shop @badcostore merch located in Gulfway Shopping Center 🖤
Full video link in bio🧠 Trust no tape! Picked up a random Virgin Killers: Fresh Kill tape at Goodwill. Expected a lofi slasher flick...& got porn 😹😹😹
Tacos & Latinas 😘
Big things coming with @joehess_photo 🖤 #tacosandlatinas
I worked super hard on my second ASMR video, the 80’s Blockbuster roleplay. I rearranged my entire VHS collection to only display tapes before 1989. I dressed the part, got out props, filmed a multitude of triggers...& it wasn’t until I was editing, that I realized you can hear my dog’s noisy collar 😹 Super frustrating but at least I will remember that for next time! For now, I’m passing it off as layered sounds 😖😅
Full video link in my bio ☺️ Had a lot of fun filming this one! Personal favorite purchase of today...Breeders!
Sneak peek at my thrift haul from today! Link in bio 😄 #vhs #vhscu #feedyourvcr #pentax #thrifthaul #horrorgirl
Witchy woman ⭐️🔥 Clean house, clean crystals, clean mind.
Go analog, baby ✨
🔥📸 by @tannergarciaphoto
My new favorite, Wishmaster!! The gore is awesome, it spooked tf outta me, & it’s super funny. I own it on VHS & going through my movie collection, I realized I also have a DVD combo pack with 1 & 2 on it.🖤
Public pole dancer ⭐️ I absolutely love to dance, it’s where I feel most strong, sexy, & creative. ❤️❤️❤️
Uploaded my first ASMR VHS haul yesterday, full video link in bio 🌹❤️ I have been watching ASMR for a couple of years now & it’s been such a great thing for me. The community is something I’m very passionate about & I would like to incorporate ASMR style from time to time. I’m hoping to do a Blockbuster RP next & since I actually used to work there, I thought it would be fun ☺️
My first ASMR video on my recent VHS haul! I think I’ll do a Blockbuster roleplay next. ⭐️ 📼 Link in bio! 📼⭐️
Sweetest present from Skyler🌹🌹🌹
3/3 Just a few of my favorites from this Camp Crystal Lake inspired shoot. 🔪 It was 45 degrees that day & we sacrificed blood, sweat, & tears! One of the coolest experiences for sure 🔥 #screamqueen #campcounselor #fridaythe13th