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Ruby"C'est Chic"🙋beauty Prof


Licensed & experienced 👁lashes,👁brows microblading&beauty.The place you trust for your beauty!By appointment only700 west grand ave, Rahway.2013882733

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She going away for a full month so this vacation lashes will save her time and brighten out her face for the whole month. Va action new set lashes $150
Client happy with shading ombré come back for a flowing touch up after 6 weeks. Don’t forget following touch up can be free or can be $50,$100 depend on how your agreement with me at the fist day of process. It also have to be after 4 to 6 weeks but not longer then 6 weeks.
Shading ombré after 4 weeks
Why people are too scare it gonna be come out too dark and they ended up want to have them darker after a month??? 🤔 please do a good research and ask me any question for microblading or / and shading ombré. 201.388.2733.
An extra 💎 to shine this holiday season 🎄! Newly retouched brows give a nicely defined look, now she is all ready for the holidays...Yay, less then 2 weeks to go!! book now for brows or lashes, i will stop booking for the holidays by next week So plz Call/txt me asap ‭(201) 388-2733‬ Ruby
Don’t forget about yourself this holiday season!!🎄🎄call/txt for an appointment ‭(201) 388-2733‬ #holidaylashes🎄🎁 #lashed #lashextensions #bycestchic #holdayglam #holidaypartylashes
Are lash extensions safe?? Yes, they are always applied to the natural lash never the skin. Procedure is pain free and since the extensions are feather light they will not pull your natural lashes out. I do not clump lashes together and I will not damage you natural lashes. Txt/call ‭(201) 388-2733‬
Semipermanent Shading ombré . This kind of brows I only scratch on top of the fist layer of your skin that why it leave the look very natural just like you draw your brows with pencil. Remember microblading or shading is a form of tatoo because we are using blade or, and needle plus  ink, I️ scratch the skin and deposit color on top , color stay on it for a week then it peel when the skin surface is healed . With  Tatoo they  go deep in to  the Skin and it last for years that is permanent . My work is semipermanent ,last only a year or less that why I️ recommend people who want to get this or going to get it, don’t be too scare . Doesn’t mater what color I️ use it only last for a year or less . After six months you start to notice it get lighter that time you can darken them with pencil if you want. Usually yearly retouch is a must if you don’t want to start from the scratch if the shape is gone 😩. Contact Ruby 201.388.2733 for more informations and special price beginning January , February.
I have color, glittery & rhinestone lashes available for all your special occasions!! Add a lil flair to you lashes this holiday season ☃️🌲🎁
Semi-permanent Eyeliner 🖤 Top: right after procedure Bottom: Healed ....SAFE & EASY ● SAVE TIME ● NO MORE SMEARED EYELINER ● EXTREMELY NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS call/txt ‭(201) 388-2733‬ #semipermanenteyeliner #eyelineronfleek #bycestchic #semipermanentmakeupnj
When we are in the same mood....
The hottest accessory this holiday season ....Bomb Lashes!!! 🎄🎅🏼🎁 Call/txt for you appointment ‭(201) 388-2733‬ #holidaylashes #lashextensions #classiclashes #volumelashes #bycestchic
If you’ve been with me, you know me .
Book now for special price  in All semi permanent brows microblading or pencil look shading ombré  in January and February. Deposits needed for new clients. For more informations text Ruby 201.388.2733
Before & After .. What a big difference !! Shading/pencil look instantly gives you a nicely defined brow. After 2-3 weeks (healing time) you can enjoy your brows for up to a year or longer. No need to draw brows on everyday! Ps-  In this particular case as you can see the clients left brow is a little lighter so she definitely needs a follow-up touch up. Follow up touch ups are free or $50, depending on our agreement at your consultation. Txt/call for more info ‭(201) 388-2733‬ #eyebrows #eyebrowsonfleek #eyebrowshading #semipermanentmakeup
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! 🍁🦃🍁🤗🤗
Semipermanent correction...contact me if you have a case of bad semipermanent makeup I can help 🤗 txt/call ‭(201) 388-2733‬ #semipermanentcorrection #browcorrection #bycestchic #semipermanenteyebrows #shadedeyebrows #microblading
Why shading? Just because  microblading you have to fill in with pencil every time you go out. What is the point of paying money and still have to fill in your brows everyday. Please when you do a research, you need to look for healed pictures, not right after pictures. Semi permanent brows shading you will see the right after pictures kind of scare(dark) but the healed pictures is 👍🏼😍👌. For semi permanent  microblading right after the procedure the pictures show fabulous but healed picture is very disappointed for who have darker skin tone 👎🏼😫. You ended up have to fill in with pencil so what is the point???
The best time for touch up is right before the holiday and spring time. This is a touch up after 6 month. For clients who have oily skin color will fade faster. This time we decided to go for a darker tone of shading in the bottom and microblading in front and top this way it will give the brows look define and natural at the same time. Don’t forget color will be 40% lighter once it heals.
Touch up after one year. I still have to carefully  do a measurement before starting to shade. You never know in a year the skin on  both eyes is droopy different. Keep it in mind that shading will not last forever.
Who else ready for turkey???