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Nothing good in Patagonia is ever easy to get to and that is exactly how it should be. Our thin hiking trail cut through the trees below and led to two small boats stashed on the shore. The path to what the locals called, “the secret glacier” was a long one. Involving a drive, river boat, hike, tyrolean traverse, and finally one last boat to get there before we kayaked. The entire crew was left in awe as we saw one of the largest glacier calvings of our life.  @jamesqmartin @renan_ozturk
I remember @ellithor saying the reason he has such a hard time as a photographer on days like this is because he gets too excited, loses his mind a little bit, and wants to surf all day like a Grom. When we pulled up that is exactly what he proceeded to do. .  Shot during my iceland photo workshop last December with @arcticsurfers . I just released new workshops for 2018 with many more on the way. First one is in TEXAS.  Details on my website www.ChrisBurkard.com
Really stoked on this powerful little film ‘Shots from Above’ which just got a Vimeo staff pick. If you have 6 minutes & feel like a watching a little visual Inspiration, take a gander. Link in bio or here: https://vimeo.com/255187744 . This image & principle cinematography was shot by @renan_ozturk . Watching him work and operate a camera in this confined space was impressive & challenging.  @shotsfromabove
My last trip to Japan was years ago. I chased a typhoon for surf to the island of Shikoku. At the time I had no idea that beyond it’s world class surf, Japan also has unreal snow. Maybe some of the best in the world. I flew directly from NZ after a month long commercial shoot to learn a little more about what makes the Japanese winters so special... it’s been less than 48 hours & I can already say it’s one of the funnest trips of my life. .  @kcdeane @iwanairesort  @snackfarmer @mason_mashon @helenschettini @killahcal
Moonrise over the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. They get their name “blood of Christ” mountains from the red color they turn at sunset with the last rays of sun.
Inside passage.  High tide on the estuary creates a maze of paddleable water. Low tide on the other hand is an impassible mud bog where birds feed on the surface. What a difference 6 hours will make.
Happy Birthday Ansel Adams.  Thank you for a lifetime of inspiration with & without a camera. It was your work behind the lens that speaks to me most. Your voice for wild places & advocacy for preserving the ones you loved most. You truly lived the motto that wilderness is a necessity, not a luxury. 🙏🏽
Desert Road.  Ever think how cool it is that most roads evolved from simple animal paths. Eventually those paths were followed by larger animals, hunters, horses and at a certain point cars... all taking the path of least resistance. Although not all roads evolved in this way, it something worth considering next time you are driving one of your favorites.
Which park is Yours?  It’s a simple question, but when you really start to consider which National Park or Monument is the one you consider ‘yours’ it becomes almost impossible to decide. Some places immediately call out to us on an almost spiritual level, others are earned over time, by each footprint on the trail. I’m honored to help people find their own by sharing my images & experiences in what’s has been called ‘America’s best idea’ . Working alongside the National Park Foundation @goparks this year on the #findyourpark campaign. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado is pictured above... a park that has most recently stolen my heart & imagination. @greatsanddunesnps
The Rob Roy Glacier track. One of the few places on earth where a rainforest meets a glacier. Good to be back today.
A photo of seemingly nothing... but also everything. .  During a commercial shoot for Fjallraven a few years ago, I created some TV spots & photo library introducing the brand to the US market... we explored the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest as our backdrop, this was one of my favorites from the project. So much wonder amongst these trees.
Cloud patterns amongst the newly formed Patagonia National park. The wind here is like nowhere else. I’ve never seen clouds or weather move this swiftly. 20 seconds later It was raining. @tompkins_conservation
I have a pretty thick skin. I’ve learned the subtle art of not really caring what people think & just being myself over the years. But yesterday as sweat dripped off my hat & soaked my shirt during the 4,000 ft of elevation gain on the hike up Coromandel Peak, I had a moment where it was actually hard to enjoy it’s beauty. Years ago I read an article that talked about the overuse & popularity of this location after my 1st visit. In essence it had “blown up” so to say & I’m sure some of my images played a role. I definitely wasn’t the first person to photograph this spot nor was I the first to be drawn to its beauty,  grandeur & feel the urge to share the incredible experience of looking over its surreal vista. But like many things where a finger needs to be pointed sometimes people with a large following can be an easy place to point it.  Today on the trail I paid close attention. I couldn’t find a single piece of trash, there were less trails that led off route. It was in way better shape than i remember it. Families and people of all race & color were going up to experience all 8 miles of its beauty & steepness . At a certain point it dawned on me, “isn’t part of reason we share nature is to inspire people get out of their cars & tour busses, stretch their legs, and earn these beautiful locations?” An undertaking like this hike is bound to leave a mark on someone’s memory bank. Even if just for a photograph... these experiences where you have to suffer a little bit mean so much more than any roadside pullout you can drive to. And although the “secret is out”, I think it’s better to have these places appreciated by many, rather than a select few, because that is how they become protected for the long term.
These views always come with a price. Fear has to be set aside & a calling greater than yourself must be followed. .  If you have 6 minutes to spare. Take a moment & watch my new short film ‘Shot From Above’. It’s a message I think the whole world might want  to hear right now.  Link is in my bio or here : vimeo.com/255187744 .  Created by :  @renan_ozturk @sonyalpha @shotsfromabove @ryanespi
Our short film just released !  Sometimes the greatest risk is to not follow your passion.  Part pilot, part artist, this is the story of Chris Dahl-Bredine who built an experimental aircraft  in his garage to help immerse himself in the landscapes he loves. For chris the 'ultralight trike' isn't just a tool for exploration, it's a way of filtering a complicated world. Through his camera chris has been able to bring us visions of earth seldom seen by way of aircraft or helicopter.  His path is slow and often driven by the wind he is given.  Full video is available now online in my bio or here: http://bit.ly/2HhCpG4 .  @renan_ozturk @sonyalpha @shotsfromabove
I have always loved the simplicity of this photo. .  Somewhere on a remote beach in Kamchatka Russia @cyrus_sutton ‘s lonely longboard washed ashore.  2012
A gentle Arctic wind rocked us to sleep.
An Indian sandbar at the far end of the archipelago piqued our interest. From afar it appeared to have clean surf. Turned out to be a small island with nothing more than razor sharp reef & hand size hermit crabs. 🦀 🐚
Peering into the void at one of the many sandstone monoliths in the Colorado National Monument. At our feet, archaic climbing anchors rattled in the loose sandstone reminding us of the area’s rich climbing history. During my road trip across the west this was one place I knew I had to see for myself. It was a quiet park, we didn’t see another soul all morning, except the abundant wildlife. It’s been called one of the West’s grand landscapes. Now I know why. .  A part of my journey with @goparks to help you #findyourpark
Currently doing some last minute packing & repacking as I shuffle my gear & question every piece of equipment I’m bringing to New Zealand - it is a perpetual process that you would assume I would be better at. The Otago region is one of my favorite places on the planet & i’m excited to return and see what summer has to offer. It’s been years since I’ve seen these greens.
I have a real affinity for Sand Dunes. Next to the Ocean It is probably my favorite landscape to photograph because it’s constantly in a state of change... never the same twice. It’s possible the attraction is even a little bit deeper than that, the way dunes seem to ‘embrace the winds of change’ is a message I try to consider every time I am in their presence.