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The stones speak.
Above all the other titles I’ve been given over the years, that of ‘Dad’ has been the most important to me. It has by far the greatest rewards & often the hardest failures. To say it’s a complicated world to raise kids in would be an understatement. Ive learned a few things over the years about keeping my kids inspired and embracing the unknown. I usually keep my personal life out of the social media limelight, but a recent interview about fatherhood got me thinking there may be some parents (or soon to be) out there who could benefit from my experiences and I wanted to share. .  Check my bio link for the recent interview & video I collaborated on with @Fatherlyhq and GMC - l would love to hear your thoughts🤙 http://bit.ly/2yCw449 ( pictured is Forrest - my youngest)
Imagine my surprise when I reluctantly pulled my eyes away from my phone & looked out the train window and saw this. Even in the most beautiful of places I still have moments where I have to remind myself that the real world is what’s happening around us and is gonna take more than a couple thumb strokes to interact with.
For isolations sake.
When we refer to landscapes as ‘living’ we usually mean over the course of thousands if not millions of years. But sometimes the changes can occur much sooner... like the Island of Surtsey which was created in 1963 ( just out of frame). The underwater volcanoes that created the Vestmannaeyjar Islands archipelago are some of the most active on the planet.. slowly growing each year.
It got to the point where shooting magazine assignments meant less about creating perfect scenarios in the best light possible & simply just being willing to push the trigger when the moment was happening, no matter how imperfect it was. This was one of those moments, swimming in between blizzards in -10F Norway with a foggy camera waterhousing that was slowly taking on water with every passing wave. Blame it on poor equipment or the inability to afford something better at the time. The sun never came out during our 22 days on the islands... so you adapt. It turns into a blessing rather than a curse because you start to look at every moment the same whether it’s blue skies or not. Some of the gloomiest moments become the most rewarding because you were somehow willing to go out and create something worthwhile.. whether your editor thought so or not. If your work has never pushed you to the point that you question why you do it.. is it worth it?  @danedamus putting days of bad weather training to use. For those that scroll... the last photo says it all.
There is usually a fine line for professional photographers between what they enjoy shooting & what they ‘have to’ shoot for a paycheck. It doesn’t always usually work out in our favor and we end up with hard drive after hard drive of work we kinda- sorta enjoyed making. I’ve done plenty of both and I can attest to the singular joy of shooting what you love for work, that has and will always be the end goal.
Natural Bridges.
This was the near the end of a 1,800 mile road trip of California that started in San Diego & took us through the Sierras and all the way to the Oregon border & back again. I’ve done this trip 3-4 times in my life, starting at 19 yrs old. I feel like I am just barely starting comprehend how much diverse beauty this state has to offer after all these years.
No plans other than watching the shadows slowly creep into the valley. Things tend to slow down in rural Italy. A different pace of life some have even said. I welcomed it.
Up in the Monterey cypress trees at my house sits a small treehouse. The previous owner built it as a kingdom for his kids. I intend to keep it the same, except for the occasional friend road tripping up the California coast.
It was a seemingly mundane flight.. flat light and a blanket of snow can make even the most colorful and exciting landscapes fall flat. Don’t get me wrong.. anytime you are in the air it’s incredible, but I just wasn’t seeing it this time. “Just wait,” he said and as we turned the glacier a small opening of blue skies gave way to fading light. Then we saw this.. a volcano creating the perfect sundial. Patience truly is a virtue.
If there is goodness to be found... I will seek after that. I've found the best & only way to judge people is by the good they put out into the world. Like many I read, view and take in a lot of content, news, comments & overall gossip that is really just... loud noise. Serving no other purpose than to distract you from what’s most important. The important things speak to you quietly.
A landscape so diverse, you can barely capture it with a camera lens. On the left a climber rappels the svolværgeita. In the middle the town of Svolvær with its many blue lakes lines the coast. Far right the sun’s last rays touch the Lofoten skyline.
That smile is the feeling of heading home after 26 days on the road between Greenland & India. The excitement of being back with my family & returning to my favorite season (Fall) is palpable. The smile says is all. . 📷 @snackfarmer
Some of the most beautiful & unique rock I have seen and most of it climbable if you can bear the heat. India is a mind blowing landscape, but I never pictured this. Hampi showed us granite in ways I had never seen it before, large sharp crystals, smooth slabs & even water runnels formed by rocks swirling for hundreds if not thousands of years. It was a perfect balance of all my favorite types of rock features. .  Pictured above, @paulrobinson87 ventures into unknown territory on a climb we never finished. At the base sat 1ft of the grossest stagnant water I’ve ever seen & a dead crocodile. A beautiful climb left for another day. .  @prana
I've never had a problem jumping into glacial water... but send me to the tropics for a week & the heat makes me go a little crazy. Shaved off all my hair today and even got my first straight blade shave from an Indian barber in Hampi in an effort to cool down a little. Not sure if it worked as I stayed drenched in sweat most the evening. Last night I dreamt of a chilly beach in the North Atlantic, needless to say I'm ready for winter.
20 frames a second can capture some pretty crazy stuff. Normally I don’t share much of my commercial work I shoot here but this was too good to pass up. A Langur  goes airborne while shooting @taian_a for @prAna 🐒 .  Shot on Sony A9
Today started with a car accident at 6 am. The rain came at 10, which created so much humidity the entire body started to chafe while hiking 7 miles through boulder fields . We ended it by getting attacked by a monkey gang & almost getting bitten. But dang I love this place & wouldn't have it any other way. .  This photo is pretty unrelated to todays events.. But it's peaceful to look at and that's what I need right now.
A pseudocrater looks like a real volcanic crater in size & shape, but it’s actually completely different. They are created by hot magma moving across a wet surface & exploding a massive steam vent out of the earth. The airborne debris builds up to form a crater-like feature on the earths surface. How do we know this? Because it’s similar to what we can see on Mars. In fact it’s one of the only places we see these features and because they are so rare on earth that you can only find them in most juvenile of land mass'. Like Iceland which is still growing a few cm every year.
Just finished watching the film ‘Life Coach’ .... it made me question a lot of things & take a good hard look at how I juggle work and the pursuit of what I love most. If you got 12 minutes to spare.. take a look. Thanks for this vulnerable look at your life Renan. .  Great work @renan_ozturk & @taylorfreesolo for directing this piece. Check out their profiles or google ‘life coach Renan’ to watch. Beautifully done 🙏🏽