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This is the first winter I have spent more time in the Mountains than the Ocean. It was a weird experience... seeing a storm & chasing it inland instead of to the coast. But it always seemed to pay off. I traded sore shoulders for sore legs, offshore's for pow & thick wetsuit for a waterproof shell. I missed a few swells.. but I wouldn't have changed a thing. A record snow fall year is hard to pass up. .  The highlight was chasing guys like @forrestshearer around the Black Forrest at Snowbird on assignment for @collectivepass . More info in my bio link.  #collectivepass #mountaincollective
Just doing my best to put more good out in the world.
Can you remember the last time you stayed up all night in the desert? .  Chances are it was worth it
Grateful doesn't even begin to explain it. Heart is full and I'm thankful to all those who helped Kickstart our film. We have successfully funded a tour & can bring this film to life! Stay tuned for dates & pledge fulfillment. .  Going to be touring USA May-June & global audiences late summer/ fall. 🙏🏼
When a photo you share can help someone see the world differently than they have before. Possibly even care a little more. Maybe thats when it becomes more than just a career.. but a calling.
It's easy to get addicted. The feeling can be really hard to forget... Photographer and surfer alike, we were both mesmerized by the simple idea that is was even possible. Fueled by a passion to try something new we pushed our cameras to the absolute limit ( often shooting ISO 40,000 +) & ourselves even further. But that numb frozen smile on @jquinny 's face after he got out of the water is something I'll never forget. . There is 8 hours left to buy your copy of Under an Arctic Sky on Kickstarter. Link in bio or : http://kck.st/2ldrcuw
The road to the Temple of the Moon & Sun is long, dusty and full of excuses to turn around. But these perfectly named rock & mud formations are some of the most perfect geological formations I've seen... and they will blow your mind as you gaze up at them. If you have made the trek then let's digitally fist bump. 👊🏻 If not, then let me know when you do & you can thank me then.
24 hours left to support Under an Arctic sky on Kickstarter. .  Every dollar spent to purchase our limited edition book & pre-order the film will allow us to fund a world tour to share this with as many people as we can. .  Info in bio link or here : http://kck.st/2ldrcuw
It's like an endless Ocean with waves in every direction. If you hike far enough west in the great White Sands national monument you will find no footprints.. no tourists.. you will even be hard pressed hear a sound. This often overlooked part of the west is a pretty special place. I guess it's safe to let the secret out as the only way to truly protect these parks is to get more people caring about them. . @bfshannon @emmasirena
All good road trips should start this way.
I thought it was a bit of hoax. These certified "Dark Sky Parks." Places where supposedly the amount of light pollution from nearby towns is so minimal that you can see constellations with the naked eye you can't see anywhere else. . After spending one night in Goblin valley I can easily say I'm converted. The night sky in the desert somehow just feels bigger. .
Above all else I learned patience waiting for these perfect conditions. But even in the moment it didn't really feel like a triumph to shoot the photograph I had worked so hard to get because all I could feel was... well .. nothing. My fingers and toes had lost sensitivity & ice was forming around my eyes & mouth.  But passion can drive you to do crazy things like wait for a perfect set Under An Arctic Sky. .  There is 4 days left to pre- order the film / book & support the world tour - check it in my bio link or here: http://kck.st/2ldrcuw
In the Northeastern part of the Navajo Volcanic field lies Shiprock... It is the literal throat of a volcano. The black dikes leading to it were rivers of lava.  A formation that quite literally, erosion has brought to the surface.
The most beautiful sheep shack you will ever lay eyes on. .  @auroraarktika @visitwestfjords
That thin strip of light across the mountain .. that's pretty much it. All the sunlight you get in the middle of winter... That's if you're lucky. The days were short and the window for surf even shorter. Which is why we realized surfing in darkness was really our only option. .  Have you seen the trailer for "Under An Arctic sky"? Our film about finding what you are looking for in the most unlikely of places. Check it in my bio link or here:  http://kck.st/2ldrcuw to purchase the film & book.
Does anyone else wish Winter could hold on just a little bit longer?
Regardless of who you are or where you're from, Nature can always leave you speechless. If there is one thread that will always unite people... maybe that's it. .  I had the pleasure of learning this first hand when I took @rorykramer & @justinbieber to some of my favorite playgrounds in Iceland. I told them the experience wasn't complete without a polar plunge in Glacial water. They didn't need any convincing
I can barely ride a horse. In fact they scare me a little bit. So I don't really know what to compare this feeling to. But if I had to guess, I think it would be like pulling up to perfect waves & offshore winds with nobody around but just a few close friends.
Badlands are extensive tracts of heavily eroded, uncultivable land with little vegetation - which basically means they can sustain very little life. .  During our short stay I had never felt more alive.
In a land that's greatest export is open space you can bet that the ability & freedom to roam is not taken for granted by those who visit.