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That's a wrap #horsesoldiers , thanks to @jerrybruckheimer @black_label_media and all the incredible cast, crew and horses involved !! Epic times, stay tuned more to come !!
Gettin ready to fight the Hulk
One of the most determined and inspirational surfers out there, he's been faced with some adversity lately but continues to charge forward like the hero he is !! #legend #superhuman #repost @markmathewssurf with @repostapp ・・・ Thanks for psyching me up everyday @joerogan !  I was going through a rough patch a couple months ago, then I stumbled across these words of wisdom from @joerogan now im back in the game! @onnit
Balance is the key. Thanks @tagheuer! #dontcrackunderpressure #sponsored
Greatest day of my life #miracle photo cred @laithnakli thanks New Mexico Tech for the venue!
My little fan club cheering me on 🎥 @cristianprieto.filmmaker @elsapatakyconfidential
Heading to the golden globes, look at my hot date !! #goldenglobes @elsapatakyconfidential #whatssheholding
Merry xmas world xoxo @liamhemsworth @hemsworthluke @zocobodypro @jasonsmith84 @elsapatakyconfidential @mileycyrus
My wife @elsapatakyconfidential gave a great talk today on behavior
On set of Horse soldiers @geoffmstults
Horse soldiers crew . @mvegapena @geoffmstults @austin_hebert
Thanks for the ride @mvegapena too bad we had to bring @geoffmstults and @zocobodypro
On set of Horse Soldiers . The true account of a small band of Special Forces soldiers who secretly entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horses alongside the Northern Alliance Afghans against the Taliban. Check out the book by Doug Stanton, it's incredible. #thatsrealsnow @mvegapena
Just being #superartistic and stuff
Day 2 on the set of Horse Soldiers and found myself in bed with @elsapatakyconfidential. Usually work means she's gets a break from me, not today honey
#repost @markruffalo ・・・ Dakota Access Pipeline Denied by Army Corps of Engineers! No win is ever permanent but we can rejoice today because together we created greater justice in the world, we opened the door to heal the old wounds sustained by our indigenous people. President Obama will leave the White House as a great chief of America for this. We must all thank the Native Youth who started this movement who started the camp and ran all over the USA to stop this from happening. It is for them, the unborn and the voiceless that we persist in the struggle. We must also have compassion for the Police who were on the other side of this struggle but are still our brothers and sisters. #blackeagle #standingrocksioux #peacefulwarrior #nodapl #legacy
The unsustainable production of palm oil is pushing orang-utans to the brink of extinction •On November 25 a ministerial vote will finally take place to decide if palm should be labelled by law in Australia. •Palm oil is in around half of supermarket products and yet is a hidden ingredient - commonly labelled as vegetable oil. •Australians can now send a clear message to those voting that palm oil cannot remain a hidden ingredient any longer by visiting www.zoo.org.au/palmoil Australian consumers deserve the right to choose products that don’t impact their health and the environment The EU and the US have both recently passed palm oil labelling laws. www.zoo.org.au/palmoil #labelpalmoil @zoosvictoria
So great to catch up with @robertdowneyjr today to discuss upcoming avengers and also some health tips
#repost @markruffalo ・・・ Last night at Standing Rock, water protectors were met with violence from Morton County Police. #standwithstandingrock now! Learn more at the link in my bio. #nodapl #waterislife @RYOTnews @DAIScreates
Thanks @gqaustralia for the cover, as you can see from the photo my hands are still really sore from signing every one of the 100000000 copies you had printed, but it was worth it.
If you're in Sydney get down to the Australian Open where @LukeBurgess87 @sammy_tagz @torahbright @angusmthomson @kerriannekennerley @deborahhutton are going to try their luck at a hole in one at the @AusOpenGolf in the @tagheuer million dollar hole in one, all to support my chosen charity the Australian Childhood Foundation. A big thank you to @tagheuer for their support of @auschildhood Foundation’s work and their $10,000 donation for issuing the challenge. Fingers crossed for a hole in one tomorrow! Please Join Tag and get involved raising awareness and funds for the Foundation's work for abused children visit http://www.childhood.org.au/ to donate.