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Christopher Batt


Las Vegas, NV. Pretend photographer, traveler, & outdoor lover with a day job. Pics taken by me, unless otherwise noted. Nikon D810, F4s, & iPhone.

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Just watched @tedforbes video on photographing the Grand Canyon and now Im inspired to make another trip down there. I have had bad luck in the past because just about every time I have made the 5 hour drive down there, someplace is on fire and the smoke tends to find its way to the canyon. I just don’t have a lot of pictures of the area and plus, the Grand Canyon is pretty well photographed so how do you take a pic thats unique?
Horsies!  Its 1am and I can’t sleep. Today I was able to stop by my Fav Mandarin restaurant called New King on Zeedijk and my stomach is still full of duck. Their duck egg rolls is worth the trip here alone. Tonight, dinner at Toro Dorado for a real Kobe Rib Eye steak and a kinder egg for dessert. #illegalcontraband
Last minute work emergency trip to Amsterdam. Told my work I wasn’t doing that 24hr 3 layover flight again. This time only 13 hours with a layover in DTW. Its 5am Monday morning and Ill be here for 48 hours and fly back home. Tried to sneak an extra day to revisit a couple of places but it wasn’t meant to be. Good to be back to my fav city, wish I had more time. Gotta turn my phone off until I get back home #travel #traveler #travelgram #worktravellife #amsterdam #hotel #hotelroom
*Sigh* the one guy I would have liked to have seen signed but 10 mil a year is a lot for a 34 year old injury prone pitcher with only 1 good season under their belt. Gonna trust the process. Good luck with the Cubs. #dodgers #gododgers #losangelesdodgers #ladodgers #dodgerbaseball #baseball #mlb #nationalleague #nl #losangeles #majorleaguebaseball #offseason
I wish I can be that sure footed around the rocks. I love watching the way they move around the canyons, so effortless.
Today, I was stuck at a one lane road due to construction and waiting my turn to go. I was in my Land Rover, another dude in a Land Rover was driving by from the other end, sees me, and throws me the peace sign. I wasn’t prepared for any social interactions with other people at that moment, I panicked, and flipped him off by accident. Now it’s midnight and I am laying in bed re-living that moment over and over again in my head and I can’t sleep. I’m sorry Land Rover dude #imawkward #instadaily #landrover #rover #wave #dontdowellwithothers #notsocial #instagood #instagram #photo #photography #vegas #nevada #cantsleep #killme
September 2011. Just moved to Vegas from Austin, Texas, and this was the first time I took my camera out after moving here and caught a storm as monsoon season was winding down. Got the milky way, some storm clouds, and a little strand of lightning.
Excuse me, it’s the Anaheim Angels. There is only one baseball team in LA. So I guess he wants to be in LA without being in the spotlight is my only guess on why he chose the Angels. With him out of the picture and going to the AL and Stanton not going to SF, the Dodgers can now focus on signing Morrow and getting another starter. I am not going to be upset if we sign Darvish, if he is cheap. I believe Honey and the rest of the pitching staff can fix him and we all know the front office loves to pick up projects. #dodgers #ladodgers #welovela #losangelesdodgers #gododgers #baseball #freeagency #losangeles #wintermeetings #mlb #baseball
Some people chop down trees and bring them into their homes so they can cover them with lights and shiny shit. I prefer to just go outside and spend some time with the trees. Go out and hug a tree, it’s good for you.
The Hoover Dam tour a couple weeks back. It’s been a few years since I have done the tour. It’s unfortunate they had to stop the hard hat tour after 9/11.
I don’t like change..... about a year ago I made to decision to dress a little more age appropriate. Can’t go through life wearing converse and super hero t shirts. I am not a fan of “fancy” shoes because they feel like torture devices. Under recommendation, I tried Thorogood boots. I found a pair, and they felt like little pillows of awesome and I guess I became a boot guy. Fast forward a year later and come to find out the boots I like are discontinued!!! So I panicked and started but up whatever I can find. Whelp I have 5 pairs now so I should be good between now and until the day I die.... #smellmyfeet #thorogoodboots #thorogood #newkicks #boots #boot #shoes #leather #heritagecollection #bootguy #fashion #changes
I am fatigued. Seems like just about everyday I have to call, email, comment, fill out a form, something to keep this dumpster fire of an administration from screwing us over. But the fight continues….
I had to get in on the whole Super Moon thing. I don’t really photograph the moon because I only have a 300mm lens and its really hard to get a tack sharp image because any vibration will cause a blurry shot. I was practicing time-lapse and I forgot to put my camera back to raw so I have some weird jpeg compression artifacts. But any who… #moon #supermoon #astrophotography #astrophoto #moonphotography #moonphoto #photo #photography
The tour inside Lehman Cave at Great Basin National Park. I was surprised with the size of the tour group in the middle of the week. Great Basin isn’t exactly on the beaten path. Because it was the only tour of the day for the Grand Palace tour, we stayed underground for almost 2 hours. Had plenty of time to take pictures and ask questions.
I haven’t been out to the range in a little while so spent some time out this afternoon with a box of cheap Remington fmj and worked on some things. Trying to tighten up my 25 yard group. And i just learn something about my iPhone. On the camera app, if you’re shooting down, there are these 2 crosses and when you can get them to merge, you know you’re straight and level. Never noticed it before. Kinda nifty. #canik #caniktp9sf #handgun #photo #photography #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #iphonephotography #liberalgunowner #liberalgunclub
I’ve been a Land Rover guy just about all my life. My first car was a 1989 RRC, then my ’04 Disco 2, and then a LR3 (which I sold). After hearing about the new Jeep JL, Jeep has now piqued my interest. I love the Discovery 5, but pricing one out equalled my yearly salary so It’s def out of my price range. A JL Rubicon, with a diesel, and manual trans is “reasonable”. Land Rover supposedly will be bringing the redesigned Defender to the US to complete against the wrangler, but I am not getting my hopes up until I see one in person and look at the price tag. Only question is quality on the Jeep, Lets be honest, Chrysler isn’t exactly known for quality and now being funded by Italians, I am not sure what kind of a shit show owning a Jeep is going to be. #landrover #landroverdiscovery #discovery #discovery2 #disco2 #rover #jeep #offroad
I haven’t posted in a little while because I have been dealing with the flu and a tooth ache since Thanksgiving. All I have been doing is working, sleeping, and trying to eat. Today I decided to go through the gazillions of photos I took during my vacation. I was looking through my photos from the LVAS event on Nov 18th at Spring Mountain Ranch SP, and I actually caught a meteor. The Leonids are pretty sparse so I was surprised I caught anything.
2015, Badlands National Park. South Dakota. My longest road trip to date.
I haven’t been motivated to shoot this weekend. I needed a vacation to recover from my vacation. I worked on some quality of life projects. One was trying to figure what what to do with my intervalometer. Normally I just wrap the cable around the tripod head and just let it hang but if it’s windy, it bounces around, and puts a little too much stress on the cable. I looked online for a holder and they were $15 - $20. More than I wanted to pay. I thought to myself, the intervalometer isn’t much wider/thicker than a Glock magazine. I grabbed a @511tactical mag pouch from my range bag and a velcro strap boom, now I have a holder. #imcheapaf #cameragear #projects #easypeasy #511tactical #redneckingenuity #photo #photography #keepingbusy
Another from Yellowstone. I have around 3000 photo’s from my 4 day stop at Jellystone so I have a few to go through. Only took me 4 years to finally get around to it :/
Revisiting my Yellowstone trip and still finding little nuggets. I forgot I took this. Living in the desert, we don’t see much fog, so it was cool experiencing it and trying to figure out how to capture it.  #yourshotphotographer