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Executive Coach, Facilitator, Perpetual Pupil, Mom/Daughter, Lover of Life, Believer in Boundless Opportunities & Advocate for Optimal Self Leadership

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Is this Hump Day, “Thank goodness it’s almost over” or something else? How can you finish your Hump Day phrase so it celebrates what you've done so far and fuels your motivation to finish the week strong? Mine, “Been workin like a mad scientist...who knew I could! Im killing it and my reward will not be denied!” What’s your hump day statement today? #humpdayphrase #success #perception #yourbestlife #staypositive Share it here!
Not everyone can power through at warp speed...if thats not you, be ok with it. The key is to find your most effective pace and committing to not giving up. You can do it. #selfleadership #runyourrace #goals #lifegoal #success #commitment #followthrough
This is where courage, conviction, 360 awareness and flexibility all meet. By adulthood we’ve all acted in each of these or at least watched them played out by others. In either case just know you’re equipped to bring them all together to get at your best outcomes. #selfleadership #success #goals #lifegoall #innovation #productivity
Pick the path that feels right to you. The deeper your commitment to your path the more your journey will feel like an ever present trusted guide—you may feel solitude but you wont feel lonely. And your journey will bring you to your people and your people to you. Trust the process. #selfleadership #goals #success #yourbestlife #lifegoal #trustyourself
Today can be a freeing Friday...fix your intention and your words only on the positive and your internal energy and outward experience will change. Enjoy this day! #selfleadership #positivityfuels #success #seeclearer #goals #yourbestlife
Hold onto your “Why”—�The purpose that sparked your passion and started you in your journey. #selfleadership #perservere #success #vision #staycentered
Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you to keep believing and keep striving. #selfleadership #lifegoal #positivethinking #motivation #success
Be bold in your attempt. Be open to feedback from trusted channels—thats how you can adjust in your blind spots. But don’t give your critics an audience. Put your headphones on and power forward to the soundtrack you design. #selfleadership #success #focus #lifegoal #goals #results #beyou
Nice fall-like morning here in the NYC tristate area. Heading out for students against parents softball game at my daughter’s school in a couple of hours. Hummm... maybe I should have a protein shake instead if my 2nd cup of joe. Sending Friday live to all!!! Down time and doing what you love is Self-Care and its part of good self-leadership. What can you produce if you’re too wound up or burned out? Find enjoyment in this Friday! #selfcare #selfleadership #dowhatyoulove #balance #productivity
The only limit is the one you set. #nolimits #selfleadership #success #dontquit
Create your flight plan and then take off! In-flight adjustments are doable so don’t wait for a co-pilot or perfection—�the clock isn’t waiting. #selfleadership #yourbestlife #planandexecute
Perfect exam!! Great visit with the whole crew at @edgewaterpediatricdentistry #awesome
Are you stuck? Know someone who is—pass this message on...Please be encouraged—the earth is in motion, the molecules that make up your very being are constantly in motion—you are in fact in motion though you feel stuck. Its a matter of controlling your motion and you have it in you to do just that. Its innate. Oak trees don't reach their mightiest stature overnight—its a slow, unquestionable progression—one you can’t detect from day to day—though its happening. Take even the tiniest new step each day. Its so critical to try something, despite fear and its discomfort. Tracking your steps in a calendar can provide a sense of progress when you cant see any and it can help keep fear from getting the best of you. Please realize Fear stays in motion too—It shows up with doubt and inaction and left unchallenged, creates more actions like regret, self-loathing, internal fighting, lethargy...Live the experience you truly want. In the face of fear take an action.  Success isn't just for those who have disciplined themselves to power through like thundering rapids powerful, fast and assured. Beautiful works of mental strength, spirit and will yes, but  the Oak tree defies the very force of gravity, rising upwards with unshakable fortitude hosting nature and giving shade—just as beautiful as the rapids. To each his own place and his own way. There’s no one right way to push past fear—but there is only one way to get beyond it—you must take an action. Find the way that works for you—Push, race, inch forward. Take one action after another and don't stop—there’s no way you’ll be in the same place 365 from now. Nature is on your side😉 #selfleadership #success #stayinmotion #findyourway #dontgiveup
Be vigilant in what you allow yourself to think. Your life reflects your thoughts. Practice positivity. Practice mindfulness. Practice confidence. Make up your own practice—�just be sure to practice what will lead you from self-affirming thoughts to positive action...and the results you really want. #selfleadership #mindfulness #practice #success #focus
Make adjustments and persevere. #selfleadership #leadership #beagile #success #lifegoal #goals
Effective effort is so critical its worth a double-take for emphasis....Consistency and making the right kinds of effort are key. Don't stay in a pattern of effort that hasn't yielded the result you want over a reasonable time---make an adjustment. Effort doesn't have to be perfect but it does have to be aligned in the right way. You can push on a door consistently--and with great effort, but if the door requires you to pull, you will still be blocked from your desired results. #makeachange #getacoach #selfleadership #effectiveeffort #lifegoal
Consistency is key. So is making the right kinds of effort--it doesn't have to be perfect but it does have to be aligned in the right way. You can push on a door consistently--and with great effort but if the door requires you to pull, you will still be blocked from your desired results. Get help with building up the right kind of effort if you have to--effort is everything. #getacoach #selfleadership #effectiveeffort #lifegoal
Ask yourself what it is you want. Pay close attention to what will be different when you get it and begin making the moves that will accommodate that thing when it arrives. If your ASK is big it will probably take some time to prepare for it. Be ready for your success. #prepareforsuccess #beintentional #selfleadership #lifegoal
Happy Friday! If you know you've done your best this week or even pushed past your comfort zone in sone way, have faith that you're in motion towards the thing you really want. The quality of your effort = the quality of your results.  And if you didn't, have faith in your ability to do so and commit to making a new start on Monday...or better still, start today and finish strong! ❤️#youcandoit #positivity #effort #selfleadership #success
2017 Clothes Line Project - Hackensack NJ