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sf project space facilitating art reproduction and evacuation. open sat 12-5, 1460 davidson st. call us when outside. 415-318-9640

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@bestguesslegs Olivia Mole open studio and performance at 5:30 today! Check it out of you are in LA✔️
🤔🤔🤑 the mark(et)place. @mikeloodsarmyofthedamned
if you are in la go check out @mintymedia ‘s “mid-city angels” @shootthelobster. looking forward to seeing what he brings to @cloaca_projects this january. 🔥💥🌪
“oh, good!  this says the artist is poor.” #innermonlogue #ugh
@kotaezawa wrote about current digital art stand-outs in the bay area for @brooklynrail. with a nice mention of porpentine charity heartscape's work, which he took the time a few months back to come see at CLOACA. "Oakland video game designer Porpentine, who is just beginning to be noticed by the local art world but has already participated in a Whitney Biennial, strikes me as an artist who points to the future of the Bay Area art scene. Porpentine creates games that don’t center on player performance but on the poetic experience of wandering through digital worlds. Her unashamed use of digital platforms sets her apart from previous generations of artists who either refused to go digital or tried to turn digital into a haptic experience. Too young to have witnessed punk rock firsthand, she still embraces the DIY, three-chord rock band as the model for her oeuvre." @slimedaughter
Last day of Olivia Mole's solo show Rogntudjuuuuu!  We are open RN-5pm 🥊@bestguesslegs
a great overview in the @brooklynrail of the current bay area people and spaces aiming towards keeping experimental and underground art as part of the conversation. thanks for including us @windowonder ! 😘 https://brooklynrail.org/2017/11/criticspage/Notes
Here in scenic Bayview til 5:30 today. Only one more week after today to catch this very particularly remarkable show, "ROGNTUGJUUUUU!!! New works by Olivia Mole". https://www.facebook.com/events/175714769647767/?ti=icl. You should come and see for yourself. 👀⚫️
running a little late this morning but @cloaca_projects will be open a bit before 12.30. and to make up for the time lost we will be there till 5:30. prance through. 🐓🦃🐍🦉
Honored to be guests on #congratulationspinetree thanks @picklesthecat__ and @kaaaaate 🌎🌍🌎 here is the link: http://congratulationspinetree.com/Episode_0148.mp3.  and we are here today. come see @bestguesslegs solo show!
be a lamb and come visit us. we are here til 5pm with "ROGNTUGJUUUUU!!! New works by Olivia Mole". https://www.facebook.com/events/175714769647767/?ti=icl. Call us when you are outside 415 318-9640. 😘👻🕷🎃
"Would you like to become a real boy?” she asked, “then you must first learn to work hard, to obey, and to tell the truth." we are here 12 to 5 today with "Rogntudjuuuuu!!! New works by Olivia Mole". stop by! (and knock loudly at the door. phone is kaput.)
LAST GODWAFFLE NOISE PANCAKES!!! until further notice. members of the crew lost their house to an ellis act, so who knows when these will happen again? you should go. nothing like it in the Bay Area.  @noisebridgehackerspace from 12-2pm. We will be there! ❤️
⚫️CLOACA PROJECTS⚫️will be closed from tomorrow, Oct 14th until Friday Oct 20th. We are back with normal hours next Saturday, Oct 21st. See you soon! 😘
we are here until 5pm today with "ROGNTUGJUUUUU!!! New works by Olivia Mole" (https://www.facebook.com/events/175714769647767/?ti=icl). stop by! 💅🏻
Come through to see "Rogntudjuuuuu!!! New works by Olivia Mole". We will be here at slight different hours today: 1-6pm. https://www.facebook.com/events/175714769647767/?active_tab=discussion
thanks for the visit @contemporaryartreview.la. come back soon! 🤗
We are here today, 12-5pm. Come see "Rogntudjuuuuu!! New works by Olivia Mole". https://www.facebook.com/events/175714769647767/?ti=icl
Thanks to everyone that came through last night. We couldn't be any more pleased with the work Olivia Mole produced for this project. If you didn't come last night do yourself a favor and come visit us in the next two months and see it for yourself. So much going on in this body of work. #unutterable indeed.
We are here!
Opens tonight! "Rogntudjuuuuu!!! New works by Olivia Mole". 6-9:30pm. See you soon! https://www.facebook.com/events/175714769647767??ti=ia