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Cali 6️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ to Miami 3️⃣0️⃣5️⃣ 🔹CEO and Founder @e3performanc3 🔹NCSF, Onnit, TRX, KB Athletics 🔹Empower and Educate 🔹Be a Good Human

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#repost @e3performanc3 with @repostapp ・・・ WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR SQUAT PERFORMANCE? 🏋🏼 ------------------------------------------ Here is @maxyahurd and @coachjeremy305 performing some squats with resistance bands. 🙏 ------------------------------------------Bands work great, especially with squats, because they accommodate resistance throughout the range of motion. 🎯 ------------------------------------------ On the way down, the bands are maximizing the eccentric load by pulling the weight down with more force than without the bands. 🔑 ------------------------------------------ On the concentric phase, the bands are forcing us to be explosive and accelerate through the added load. 🚀 ------------------------------------------ When implementing this exercise into your program, make sure to be cautious. The reason we used a box was to focus on form and control. (Avoid extending your neck as @coachjeremy305 did here) Any questions? Don't hesitate to hit us up!! Always happy to help 🙌
Here's a quick and efficient #steelmace circuit that will leave those legs shakin! 5 sets of:  1) Battle Lunges (5 on each) 2) Lateral Lunges (10 on each) 3) Burpee Sprawls (1 minute) LET'S GET IT! #e3 @steelmaceexercises
I'm not one to take many selfies, but when you see one of your heroes, you gotta make an exception! 🚴🏼🚴🏼#LanceArmstrong #tourdefrance #fuckcancer #getonnit #atx
12 down, 4 to go! #letsfuckinggo #dubnation #spurssanta
KD makin me dizzy! #dubnation #espn @houseofhighlights
Experimenting with oxygenating blood and pushing through different heart rate thresholds. This can help tremendously with reducing inflammation and speeding up the recovery process. This stuff really challenged my nervous system to a new level! #e3 #pfx17 @keiserfitness @paleofx
This guy right here is the number one person I wanted to see at @paleofx He is the CEO/Founder of @onnit and has one of the best podcasts out there. More importantly, he cares about people and their wellbeing. For anyone who wants daily inspiration on how to master your own mind, you NEED to follow @aubreymarcus @aubreymarcus #pfx17 #austin #atx #knowledgebombs
I first read about Acro Yoga in Tools of Titans by @timferriss but this was the first time I saw it in action. WOW! #pfx17 #getonnit #austin #atx
Balance is 🔑 @moderntarzan #pfx17 #fuckfear #e3
Dope morning workout with these savages @primal.swoledier @emilyschromm 💪🔥💯#PFX17
Absolutely insane experience training with one of my biggest influencers @bengreenfieldfitness using @arxfit . This is the only machine that provides crazy resistance and regulates the force output on the eccentric phase of an exercise. #mindblown #e3 #pfx17
Day 1 of @paleofx has been unreal. Here is a short clip of the @neufitrfp in full effect. This is a revolutionary device that is changing the game in rehabbing and preventing injuries. #pfx17 #curlsforthegirls
Day 1 of @paleofx ready to take things to new levels! #wegotthis #getonnit @onnit @vitalfarms @simplemills
If we always put limits on what we can do, physical or anything else; it will spread over into the rest of our lives. It will spread into our work, our morality and our relationships. There are NO limits. If there is something trying to stop you...put your head down...breathe...and push through that shit! -----------------------------------------#E3 #nolimits #betterthanyesterday #pfx17 #atx #austin #complacencykills
This exercise will ABsolutely crush that core 🔥🔥🔥 Try 5 rounds for 30 seconds! @bignastyjohn
👫 💧💪🏻 Lauren and I share a new fun and calorie blasting workout that you can do with a friend. Full workout coming soon! #readytosweat @officialfitasapro @lsesselmann -----------------------------------------💧 💪🏻 ¡Lauren y Yo te enseñan un ejercicio muy fácil para quemar calorías con un amigo! No te despegues de Fit As A Pro, faltan solo 5 días para una gran sorpresa ;)
Do you love traveling but hate how your body feels after hours in a plane? Here is a 5 minute protocol that I use to help generate blood flow and reduce jet lag 🙏 ------------------------------------------WARNING: People will give you weird looks! That's actually my favorite part. Just smile and bust out some dance moves to make them feel a tad uncomfortable 💃🏻 ------------------------------------------Share this with someone who travels and/or sits a lot (which is all of us). Let's get weird! 🤡 #e3 #wellnesswednesday #humpday #trainertip #hipsdontlie
Here's a fun way to switch things up in your next workout. Superset a ballistic/dynamic exercise with a slow and controlled one. This is a great way to challenge your muscular endurance while working our Type I and II muscle fibers. ------------------------------------------ My guy @thenomadicbusdriver and I did 3 sets of:  1) Trap Bar Deadlifts (with tire) 3 x 10 reps 2) High Speed Jump Rope 3 x 20 sec. ------------------------------------------ However, I wouldn't recommend doing this if you're working in a low rep range where a longer rest interval is needed. -----------------------------------------
"Mobility for the Masses" from @e3performanc3 is up on YouTube. Click the link in bio and start moving better! 🏃🏻💃🏻 #mobilitymonday
Sucks being 3,000 miles away from this pretty lady. But the kindness, compassion, and unconditional love she instilled in my brother and I will never leave us. #myeverything
It's easy to start something, but will you finish strong? There's no better feeling then finishing the week off right and earning the weekend! #happyfriday #e3 #strongereveryday @trainingmask @nike