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Amie || Fan page for Web Series CONfessionals!❤️ Images credited to the original sources, unless mine. Join AnimeUnlocked on Facebook. Link below.

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Happy Monday. ❤️
New post style~ Reminder for people to join Unlocked. These amazing artists and more are on there! ❤️
We don’t need that negativity in life. 💅🏼
Just sit in the way, that’s fine!
Failing isn’t good, but if you’re alongside someone you usually feel better. 😂😂❤️
So, Unlocked has a new series called Anime memes voiced by voice actors. They read out memes in their characters voice. Episode 1 is Cherami. Can’t wait to see more! ❤️😂
I imagine everyone knows the main cast, but if not, here! ❤️
Another reason to download Unlocked! ;) Android users, it’s in the works for you guys! I’ll let you know if I get any information! ❤️
When you’re ready to watch more #confessionals ....
Rileigh would never appreaciate that. Lol
Kyubey is still the best though. I do He Cassandra, Cristina and Christine’s characters interact in CONfessionals season 2! It’d be like K-On and Madoka all over again! 💘
Seriously, can we see Cass, Cherami and Bryce work on more?? 😁❤️
Going to post some facts! ❤️
“Yeah, I’m just gonna lie here and Watch this.” 😽❤️
If you’re not doing much, treat yourselves to an anime this weekend! ❤️
CONfessionals the anime crossover is looking great!
Good news guys! If you weren’t able to visit Jon’s stream, I am pleased to say that Jon and the voice actors haven’t forgotten about CONfessionals. Whilst it isn’t a garruntee, they are trying to find a way around getting a season Two! That’s as much as he can say right now, but I will update you guys if anything else is said. ❤️😊
Rileigh and Mickey at the same convention? Not a good idea. Not a good idea at all.
Make sure to catch Cassandra at Animate Florida! And say hi to her for me! :)
Still lovin’ the completely different personality sets, for each character. Every character has a well thought out personality! 💕