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Amie || Fan page for Web Series CONfessionals!❤️ Images credited to original sources. Join AnimeUnlocked on Facebook. Link below.

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Good morning/afternoon. Here’s a CONfessionals edit featuring Scarlett, Rileigh, Rheese, Lexi, Mickey, Bathalomew, Stacey and Vinny. ❤️ My college broke up today, but I’ve been feeling sick recently, so I couldn’t go in. 😷 Hope everyone’s enjoy their day! ❤️
CONflict. I love how great they merge together, especially Vinny and Mickey. 😂❤️
Looking back on this year, I realise how much good these people have done and it makes me so proud to be a fan. 😊 We have the Unlocked app, Cassandra’s music, Cherami starring in a movie and Persona 5 being an award winning series. All in all, I think this has been a good year! ❤️
CONfessionals= best web series. ❤️
Simpson’s know what’s up!😏 ❤️
I actually love this collage template. ❤️
Who’s wanting it to snow on Christmas Day? I certainly am! I can think of nothing better than ending the day, building snowmen, like in movies. 😻It’s snowed recently here, but no views look nice because kids in my area just like throwing it at ongoing cars. 🙄 My health class are having a Christmas party tomorrow, so it’s getting more and more Christmassy here... By the way I can totally imagine Rileigh loving the snow😂 #christmas #snow  Question: Which character seems to you most likely to enjoy the snow? For me, Lexi, Rheese or Rileigh. ❤️
Four anime characters voiced by some of our favorite voice actors. Can you guess who is who? 😊❤️
The show. I don’t know where Rileigh’s gone, but I put her on this pic 😅 ❤️
My life is pretty much made up of CONfessionals and Persona Memes. Sorry. 😅❤️
This has to be the most cheesy edit I’ve made yet. 😅😅 Who’s feeling Christmassy yet?? ❤️🎄
Has anyone else seen these bloopers? They’re pretty funny 😹😹And yass. It is snowing. ❤️
OK BUT CHRISTMAS IS HERE, SO WE CAN LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC. My friend won’t allow me to listen to it in front of her, until the 20th December. 😂❤️
Gotta love these people. ❤️
Best 3 couples- or possible couples. Who are your favorites? ❤️
Woke up to some awesome news... Congrats to the cast and the workers of Persona 5, including our favorites Cassandra (Morgana), Cherami (Makoto) and Bryce (Additional roles)! You all should know that this game is loved by many people and your talents help it doing that. Here’s to you all being able do a dub for the anime and dancing game, next year! ❤️🖤 - Amie #persona5 #atlususa
Did you know our talented friends have also provided voices for characters in Pokemon? Bryce played Red (Pokemon origins) and Buck, Cassandra played Marble (first role I watched from Cassandra and loved her eagerness) ,Jupiter (Pokemon generators) and I think she played another, Spike played a Rocket member in origins and Cherami played Iris in Pokemon generations! ❤️ - Amie #pokemon
I love these two.... and Yass! We will be getting the posters soon guys. Genuinely can’t wait. ❤️
With all that’s happening in the world, it makes me feel like I have to say how thankful I am. I’m thankful for being in a safe home, with a good education (as tough as it can be at times) and surrounded by family. But I’m also thankful for friends I have met on Anime Unlocked and in the general anime community. It’s helped me grow more confident and happy with myself. And though the voice actors probably won’t see this, they honestly inspire me too. They’re such kind people, who seem to not care what others think. Thanks to them I’ve managed to feel the same way. Unlocked also makes me feel good because I can’t get to cons and I’m sure many others feel the same. They prove that they really care about fans. Everyone is so nice. So nice, that they made CONfessionals to entertain us. Honestly it’s great to watch if you’re feeling anxiety or need to calm down. It’s amazing how easy it works. ❤️And thank you to all my followers. Some of you I’ve spoken to properly. It makes the edits and work so worthwhile! And Please, no matter where you are, stay safe. Especially those in California. It’s so scary. ❤️
Some of the behind the scenes/extras YouTube videos! Check them out, they’re awesome ❤️
Or CONfessionals, which is on Unlocked! Basically a lot of my favorite voice actors livestream at late night (U.K time) and because I’m stubborn, I’ll watch them. If you haven’t already, download UNLOCKED. ❤️