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Corgnelius & Stumphrey


Lots of pics of 2 loaves of bread 📧corgnelius@gmail.com // personal IG (NSFW): DontPlayOnMahPhone

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The doge. The legend. The one who gave my doges half of their perfection: Corgi & Stump Stump's dad. After visiting Corgi, I saw this handsome guy waddling around and asked the breeder, how much for the dad, too? She laughed n said he wasn't for sale. I said, "Seriously, how much." She gave an awkward laugh. I kept going, but it was when I said, "Money's no object, how much!! I'm not playing!" was when Justin (very rightfully) dragged me away and yelled to the nice lady, "she's just kidding!" #muffledscreams* #kicking* #gettingdraggedintocar*
That big ol' caboose is actually covering 2 leashes and 1 large handbag. #perfectfigure
Whenever I post pics of me n Corgi together, ppl ask, "is the girl tiny or is the corgi huge?". #both
Don't worry, kiddos, I'll still be posting my babies here 🤓 I'm also working on getting them on FB again. Ever since their pg got hacked I didn't want to deal w trying to set up another one. But a lot of ppl have requested so I'll make sure I set one up by next week. #thx4alltheloveguys
Wrastlin' on the bare mattress.
Stump Stump always looks like he got separated from his tour group and now he's lost in the middle of a crowded spot in a foreign country. #urinthebackseatbuddy #justlookoutthewindow #relax
Oh, he's a brick house. He's mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out. #trumpets*
Stump Stump looks so happy that Corgi pushed him down. #corgibitmyneck! #bestdayever!! / #ohstumpstump../ #yaaaay!!!!
Not the end I fell asleep w butt wutever. #nocomplaints
Via Reddit. Smh.  Don't take that doge to the yard man, he already has a height disadvantage. #helookshappytho!
U know how doges stare at mundane things like they're witnessing the most insane sight? (Ex: Skateboarder? Mite as well be Michael Fassbender doing naked lunges. #deeplunges ) So imma start a new photo series where I stare off in the same direction as my doge to emphasize their expression. I'll tag 'em w #ohmydogelook (It's actually pretty fun to do, feel free to do it too w ur doge! Or better yet.. ur cat lol) #bonusimageinbackground #stumpstumpparticipating... #ohhstumpstump.. #pattinghead*
Corgi's actin' like he's on mollie. Stump Stump clearly did a bump (or 3) of coke. Smh. #drugdraweremptiedout* #boys!! / #boyslookingaway* #whistling* / #ughhh
Stump Stump runs thru every puddle but it's way better than wut Corgi does... like the next puddle's gonna be steak-flavored or something. #wasthatsideeyenecessary?!
I wonder why they never show this image in books about corgis, it's pretty much the only position they sleep in. (This and against the wall w their cotton balls propped up.) #nsfw
They look like The Claw has finally come for them. #justmovingmyswiffer...
Another pic of Corgi being an awesome big bro: he was sitting next to me then moved outta the way bc Stump Stump waddled over n gave us the "must be nice sitting together" look. (Even tho Corgi's the Alpha, he doesn't have a problem giving up his spot to Stump Stump.) If that's not cute enough for u, u can tell from the pic, he moves aside but to a spot where he can still keep an eye on me. #imalwayswatching #alwaysprotecting #ucannotseeme #buticanseeu / #uhh #icanclearlyseeucorgi #urmassivebodyisnthidden / #whowasshetalkingto? #clearlynotme.. #iamthenite.. #imbatmanprettymuch.. / #sigh*
If ur wondering how Corgi gets my attention when he never whimpers or howls, he brings up a squeak toy & squeaks it near my face. It's always cute but even cuter when he chooses to squeak a flower 💜. #onlaptop* / #squeaksqueak* / #lookingup* / #corgiholdingflower* #dropsflower* #bigcorgismile* / #throwinglaptopaway* #hellohandsome!!
How can I tell the boys r famous? Is it money? Money, cash, hos? (#JayZ) Nope. It's when they're used as other people's' bowling names. How awesome is that? Lol. Real talk tho, don't use them again unless u score over 150, ur dragging their names thru the mud w those scores!! #awsnap! #thisshoutoutturnedintoaburn
This is @benny_june & one of their loaves has a flop ear! Not 2 floppy ears, just one!! And whenever I see 'em on my newsfeed I say out loud, "whyyy?! Why do u only have 1 floppy ear?!! Who told u u could do that?!? U can't do it! ONE flop ear?! It's TOO SILLY!! Cut it out!!" Ya. Out. Loud. Not in my head. #whyidontcheckiginpublic #anymore...
Heard it's snowing in the East Coast. Uhh, I'm trying to picture Corgi stepping in snow... nope. Image not found. Bc this is Corgi dealing with a light sprinkle outside... #peacoatonpoint #westcoastweather
Found my old painting in the closet! (If i painted this turribly a decade ago, how bad would I be today?? #very.) Oh well, at least y'all know, my love for Harley Quinn & the Joker didn't just start since #suicidesquad came out, I've been feelin' them since way back when. (I guess I just love clowns. Esp tiny, stumpy ones who won't stop clownin' around.) #🤡🍑🤡s