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The CrossFit Games


The official Instagram page of the CrossFit Games. How to submit Week 1 Team Series scores👇

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🤳Fittest Woman on Earth @tiaclair1: ”No matter where you are or what your doing, you will always be able to find a fun way to work on your fitness. --- I'm out spending some quality time with my family at Moreton Island 🌴 and I did a fun little workout with HS Walks, Air Squats, Push-Ups & Sand Dunes. Have you ever tried HS Walking in Sand??? --- Happy Holidays!!! 😍” #crossfitgames #crossfitwomen
Take a trip down memory lane with @rorymckernan, @sherwood215 and @SevanMatossian. — Watch Episode 17.08 of the #crossfitpodcast on iTunes, YouTube and the CrossFit Journal
All four Week 1 Event scores are due in 30 minutes (5 p.m. PT). Submit through the link in bio. — 🤳 @stacietovar ・・・ How I feel after those #crossfitteamseries workouts 😲that was fun @dustintovar 💪🏽💪🏽 @reebok @crossfit #teamgofarwithtovar
“What was your favourite #crossfitteamseries event from week 1? #defiancefit #crossfit” —@ashptownsend - All four events from Week 1 are due at 5 p.m. PT, today (Sept 25). Submit scores through your profile at Games.CrossFit.Com.
All four events from Week 1 of the Team Series are due at 5 p.m.  PT today. 🤳 @alecsmith8 ・・・ “Week 1 of the #crossfitteamseries in the books with @littlecdini! The competition better watch out, Winter is Coming ❄️🐉⚔️🔥”
Swipe Right 🤳 @scalifit ・・・ “All @crossfitgames team series completed back to back in under 2hrs. As shown in this photo @snatchesandsamosas carried the team.  We first met because of @crossfit so thank you for providing a platform to meet someone besides tinder #crossfitcouples #crossfitgamesteamseries #fikowskithiscouldhavebeenus @crossfitgames @thedavecastro this could have been us #crossfitteamseries”
🤳 @mathewfras, Fittest man on Earth ・・・ "Enjoying our last day @ooreethirah @okeefmr @sammymoniz @_hessa.a #hardworkpaysoff #hwpo"
🤳@joshyg27: "Well @thedavecastro & @crossfitgames we did it! All four events in ONE DAY! (Order of completion)  Event 4: 7:27 RX Event 3: 11:52 RX Event 2: 494 reps Event 1: 6:45 RX  See you suckers next week! DeadBoys, Can’t kill us because we are already DEAD! #crossfitteamseries"
🤳 @behemothcf, led by three-time CrossFit Games qualifier Aja Barto: ・・・ "What a turnout and effort from our Behemoth community this AM to show their support for our local @crossfit community that were affected by Hurricane Harvey.  To the gyms, organizations and people that donated and participated this weekend, thank you. For those that are still interested in donating, the GoFundMe link is in my bio and there is still plenty of time to help out! #harveyfundraiser #wewillovercome #cfgymrebuild"
Tag your partner if you're extra sore from carrying them through Week 1. — @alecsmith8: "When your @CrossFitGames team series partner is fitter than you 💀👸🏼" #crossfitteamseries • #crossfit
🤳 @nicolespitzack ・・・ [CrossFit Team Series] So we decided to do this thing "for fun" but really I'm thinking it's just a way to cash in on some cheap marriage therapy. I mean... $40 and for 2 weeks you get to come face to face with communication issues, physical capabilities and inabilities, pride and ego, failures and accomplishments together. Seems like a no brainer to us. 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻 #crossfit #crossfitteamseries #teamspitzack #marriage #realtalk #wedothis #forus #forever #myperson #masters #youaremygreatestadventure @crossfit"
The Fittest Man on Earth, @MathewFras 🇺🇸, joins the show ... and we asked about Rich. 🎙@sevanmatossian @tysonold @eric.maciel - Watch at Journal.CrossFit.com, on iTunes or on YouTube. #crossfit #crossfitgames #crossfitpodcast
🤳 @coachkaylaprince ・・・ "CROSSFIT TEAM SERIES ✌️ Feelin the pressure on those double unders! . . . . . #crossfit #crossfitaustralia #crossfitteamseries"
These two dudes just hit one #crossfitteamseries event per hour until they finished all of Week 1's events. Watch all four events on the #crossfitgames Facebook page. - @dan_bailey9 • @bridgesj3
💀 💀 @joshyg27 ・・・ "DEADBoys are ready!! @crossfitgames  @wwerollins #crossfitteamseries  @blackandbravewrestling" @thedavecastro
🤳 @supercleary ・・・ "Inspiring day working with the oldest team (78 and 60) in the @crossfitgames #crossfitteamseries. Team 138 years crushing it today. @hbmaddog @crossfit1939 #crossfit #crossfitmasters"
🤳 @crossfitviking_nick ・・・ sometimes things don't turn out the way you want 🙈😂😂😂😂 #thorandodin #teamserieslive Last doubleunders of  @crossfitgames @crossfit Event 2 #crossfitteamseries 2017  #crossfit  @misfitathletics 😂
Amazon Prime members, Season 1 of "Road to the Games" is now streaming 📺 Link in bio. #crossfitgames @sarasigmunds 🇮🇸 #crossfit
🤳 @abbbbsky ・・・ "Event 2 in one picture. #crossfitteamseries #crossfitgames"
Use #crossfitteamseries to share your story 🤳 @bsmit13 ・・・ "Team Series Action with @scottpanchik!! I'll post up those videos soon on the YouTube page! Can't wait for week ✌️ at Krypton! #teamreeboklegacy @reebok @cfmentality #crossfitgames"
🤳 @justkatleone ・・・ "Do you even rest day?! Me and @ii.am.legend.01 getting some cleans in while we tan. Best crew eva ... fitnessing is seriously never as fun as it is when you're with people you love." #crossfitgames #crossfit