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The official Instagram page of the CrossFit Games. Registration for the 2018 Open is LIVE. Learn more and download the official Games app below 👇

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🤳 @nicole.carroll ・・・ Tomorrow, the 2018 CrossFit Open starts and I am super excited to be doing 'The Tips' again this year. ... The tips during the Open Show will be complete but concise. This version along with a full write-up and full workout demo will be available in the CrossFit Journal each Thursday following the announcement. The write-ups will have the most detailed & digested info so please read them! ... My goal is to share everything I can to help you be as successful as possible on your first attempt. The workout demos are intended to show you what happened to me (successes, mistakes, lost time, opportunities, etc.) before tackling them yourself. You can also compare using the stats on my Games profile. Ideally, how your strengths and weaknesses vary from mine can assist in some way toward developing the best strategy for yourself. ... Of note: I will not address scaling specifically. This is because even if you’re scaling, you determine your strategy in the same way as someone working Rx’d. You weigh your individual strengths, weaknesses, goals, etc., against the workout demands. This is the beauty of “preservation of stimulus” and “relative intensity”. Even if you’ve scaled movement, load, and/ or rep scheme, you will receive the same stimulus, it will just be tailored to your capacity. So, if you scale, 'The Tips' should remain relevant. If ever you are unsure how they are relevant or which approach to take, ask me here or ask over on the @crossfittraining IG. Tag @nicole.carroll AND @crosssfittraining and me or one of our coaches will help you out. ... See you tomorrow!!! ... @crossfit @crossfitgames @crossfittraining #crossfit” #intheopen #crossfitopen
🤳 @kathyglassman ・・・ Looking forward to the Kick Off of the 2018 #crossfitopen Thursday with the announcement of #18point1 in São Paulo, Brazil. @bicepslikebriggs will compete against @holtekristin at 5pm PT.  @crossfitgames #crossfit #intheopen #saopaulo #brazil
What song is a must-have on your #18point1 playlist? 📷 @joy_image • @holtekristin #intheopen @reebok
Where did you place in your first Open? @PVellner 🇨🇦 finished 7,284th. - Everyone starts somewhere. If you're up for a challenge outside your comfort zone, register for the Open today. Link in bio. Games.CrossFit.com #crossfitopen #intheopen #crossfitgames
🤳 @crossfitoakdale ・・・ “Time to guess 18.1 ! Earn points for your team! #intheopen” #crossfitopen
🔊 “When @thedavecastro posts a @crossfitgames 18.1 clue...” —@timchansd  #18point1 #crossfitopen
You heard the man. @mathewfras #intheopen. Register through the link in bio. - #crossfitopen #fitness
Ahead of tomorrow's announcement of #18point1, live from São Paulo, @bicepslikebriggs 🇬🇧and @holtekristin 🇳🇴 sat down for interviews with @swoodland53. - Briggs is a six-time CrossFit Games qualifier and 2013 champion out of CrossFit Black Five. She has a 2:35 Fran, 1:35 Grace, 386-lb. deadlift, 276-lb. squat, 18:47 5-k run and 49 max pull-ups. She is a former firefighter and full-time athlete. - Holte, a four-time Games qualifier, is coming off her best finish at the CrossFit Games—seventh overall. Training out of @CrossFitOslo, she has a 2:24 Fran, 1:55 Grace, 315-lb. deadlift, 291-lb. squat, 19:30 5-k run and 42 max pull-ups. She got her master's in clinical nutrition from the University of Oslo. - Watch Briggs and Holte compete live, Feb. 22 at 5 p.m. PT / 10:00 p.m. BRT. Link to the live stream in bio.📺 Games.CrossFit.com #18point • #crossfit #crossfitopen 📷 @davexre
🤳 @luizamarques_cf 🇧🇷: “Ontem parte do treino com a @bicepslikebriggs squat clean com 200 lbs 💥💥 Amanhã o grande dia 18.1 e vc já se inscreveu para o Open? Ainda da tempo 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️ @crossfitgames “ #crossfitopen #crossfit #intheopen #18point1
🤳@elijahezmuhammad: "To honor the movie Black Panther. 👍🏾👍🏾 @crossfitgames Athlete By Day @marvel Superhero By Night And They Say 'Don't Do @CrossFit, You'll Lose Your Gainz' Post Your Athlete & SuperHero Combo! #crossfitsuperhero #blackpanther #crossfitcreatesheros #ezactionfigure #thesegainzaintfree #crossfitgames #marvelcomics" #crossfit
This afternoon, @thedavecastro addressed Brazilian @CrossFitAffiliates at a dinner, ahead of 18.1. You can watch the brief address on Facebook. Thank you @inviciocrossfit for being great hosts. 📷 @marzmedia #18point1 #crossfitopen
🤳 @katrintanja 🇮🇸 ・・・ “The calm before the storm. Hello 2018 season .. 💥👋🏼👀 - I am feeling more excited for this years Open than I have in the past but somehow every year on the morning of the first workout I know I will feel nauteous I am so nervous (like, dang Kat! I’ve done this before?!?!) - All I need is a couple deep breaths & to remind myself to be confident in myself & in my preparation. All I can do is MY BEST. Once the “3,2,1 .. GO!” hits .. the nerves go away & I am in my zone 😈🔥🐯 .. but can the clock just start already hehe?!?!?! - 2 days ‘til it starts .. HAVE FUN YOU GUYS & GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT ❤️ // #intheopen @CrossFitGames @CrossFit - @tjameskphoto”
No matter how bad it gets, ALWAYS REMEMBER, there's someone out there who has it worse than you #intheopen. 📷 @Bev.Childress.Creative • @CrossFit817
The #crossfitopen is almost here and my stomach isn’t knotted with anxiety. I’m thrilled about this because for the first time in 7 years I’m doing the Open for fun. It has been a long road to get here. In 2011 CrossFit announced the first Open competition. I did the workouts and finished 23rd, three short of going to the Games. So I trained hard and qualified in 2012. In 2013, at age 59 I ended up 22nd, so once again I committed to extensive training and returned to the Games in 2014, 2015 and 2016 when I had my best results with 5th place overall, although the high point has to be in 2015 when I won the final event in the tennis stadium. In 2016 I didn’t train as hard and didn’t qualify.  At nearly 64 I train 5 days a week and I still have a tremendous love of this sport and am in better shape than 99% of my peers. But now it is about maintaining a high level of fitness without the focus on competition. I’ve stopped worrying about my personal best scores and enjoy the day-to-day experience more of being in the gym and part of the amazing CrossFit community.  It has been a tremendous privilege to compete at the highest level this sport offers, and I’ll never forget those Games, but there is a joy that I get now from coaching others and working out alongside our regular members without having to be constantly focused on increasing the weight and trying to shave off a few seconds.  I started this journey with a smile on my face and I’m glad to say I’m still smiling and happy to still be doing CrossFit. Remember we do this for our health, for our future and for our happiness. Enjoy the Open but remember it's just another workout. —Terry Peters, Masters Athlete
The #crossfitgames Open brings hundreds of thousands of athletes together for a five-week competition full of fun and fitness. By signing up, you get to be part of CrossFit’s largest participatory event and the most inclusive competition in the world. - But there's more! Participating in the Open makes you eligible for great promotions from our sponsors. Visit the link in bio to see offerings from @Paleoethics, @Compexusa, @Assaultairbike, @Zevia and @ROMWOD. #intheopen - 📷 @rowanke • @CrossFitSaga #crossfitopen @michelleyyt
O #18point1 será revelado ao mundo ao vivo nesta quinta-feira no estádio do Morumbi em São Paulo, Brasil 🇧🇷. Para você que já tem um ingresso, as portas estarão abertas às 8:30 p.m. BRT e o show começará às 10:00 p.m. BRT. - Os bilhetes para o anúncio do #18point1 estão esgotados. Assista toda à ação ao vivo no http://bit.ly/2HvFZfT ou no Facebook do CrossFit Games. Sintonize as 5 p.m. PT / 10:00 p.m. BRT. @bicepslikbriggs 🇬🇧 v. @holtekristin 🇳🇴 #crossfitgames #crossfit #fitness #training #workout #intheopen
Interested in volunteering at one of the nine Regional events? Registration is live now! - As a Regional volunteer, you may be involved in every aspect of the event, from the competition floor to the press room. Join our crew and you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Link in bio. #crossfit #crossfitgames 📷 @michaelbrianphoto
🤳 @matt.cia ・・・ “These two are inspirational for me personally.  My dad who is 77 years young and my daughter who is 16 are both signed up for the Open.  These two are great examples that getting fit has nothing to do with age or ability!!! Can’t wait to cheer them on this Friday @crushfitnessnapavalley  @crossfit @crossfitgames #inspirational #proudofmydad #proudofmygirl” - Register for the Open today through the link in bio. Games.CrossFit.com
🤳 @erikrxd ・・・ “The only thing that has changed in this picture from 2 years ago, is we are married now.... aaaand definitely need to let her beat me at something. Married guys can relate. 😂😂😂😂 @mollyeledge #theopen #rxdopen #crossfitcouple #crossfitopen #crossfitopen2018 @crossfitrxd @rxdny” - Register for the Open through the link in bio. #intheopen
🤳 @coastrangecrossfit ・・・ “All of our reasons to sign up are different but we all come together and crush the open every year. Is 2018 your year?! #theopen #crossfit #crcf #gilroy” #crossfitopen #intheopen #fitness
🤳@jessicargriffith 🇺🇸: “200 POUND SNATCHHHHH 😝🙌🏼 gahhhh been chasing this one for SO LONGGGG 🙃 thanks @tmudd26 for being my 🎥 man” #fitness #crossfit #crossfitgames #training