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Kenny Green


I have fatherhood all Swagged out! Husband to the creator of @kaansdesigns Father to the dopest little dudes on the planet 🌎 KaAn’s YouTube Channel👇🏾

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So no one else needs to tell us, we know we have a @target obsession. But it’s our happy place. I think Ashley has worse it than all of us. Link in bio for Vlog 🎯
Forever brothers
We all wore hoodies today! We’re hood in these streets!
Marriage is hard, Ashley packs up and loads the car and calls her Dad! Its hard for the boys..Link In Bio for new Vlog! #kaansfamilyvlog
The craziness this family brings but we’re happy! 👍🏾#IDoNotOwnAnyRightsToThisSong #kaansfamilyvlog #dadswag #lifeofdad
It’s not called a family business for nothing! I believe the business is called “KaAn’s” that means Kenny, Ashely, Aiden, & Noah gotta work! No child labor laws in the KaAn’s house! Lol
My wife and I did a marriage Q&A a few months back and first I admit I thought it was cheesy but this really helps you remember why you fell in love and why you decided to get married! Even if you don’t Vlog like us lol every married couple should try it! Ashley Green Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you! ❤️
When she is shopping and they find something to entertain themselves with just give me full charge on my iPhone and I’m good! 🔋📱
Had to take a picture because it never stays this way for long. 😂
Ashley is the only girl in the house and it works for us unorganized boys who always need her to find everything for us..even the jelly! 🍯New Vlog up tonight.
Bae! And the photo bomber lol
No babysitter? That’s ok because me and my wife are still going on a date courtesy of the @apple IPad watching our kids #judgeifyouwant lol who can relate? Don’t leave us hanging...lol  #datenight
In honor of #blackhistorymonth @rubybridges_1960 @childrensmuseum .
Throw back with my Squad last year!
Aiden is 7 years old and has his first crush, is this too early? He is an old soul. I asked Aiden what he likes about her...Aiden: “Her eyes sparkle like Mommy’s eyes” I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree lol. #hehasgamelikehisdaddy 😂
Since Christmas Aiden has been non stop on his @hoverboardzusa I feel like I should be shouting “No hoverboarding in the House” lol, but I don’t...instead I give him my @gopro because it gets bomb action shots. 🤣📸 We’re going to have some fun this summer!
True Story: We were friends first before I decided to slide up out of the friend zone and pursue more than that. A few of her friends would say “I’m not her type” or “he’s nice, but not for you” Here we are 14 years later 2 big headed boys (almost 9 years of marriage) #ithinkimtheone
Dating, talking, feelings, going together? What is a relationship? Random convos @target but she’s my best friend so that’s what we do. Lol
When you try to catch those perfect Instagram moments from the Starbucks experience 😂😂#3rdTake 🎬
It’s cold outside! We’re becoming stir crazy in the house and one of us has a @hoverboardzusa FAIL! Link in bio! 😂
You ever have those moments where you want to say one thing but to keep love in the room you just say Shhhh....lol