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Daniel Kordan


Landscape photographer. Happy dreamer. Join my South Greenland expedition:

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Insane northern lights that we encountered at South Greenland during last year's sailing expedition. In one month I'm going there again, one spot waits for you, adventure photographer! ;) check link in bio to join.  Danielkordan.com #greenland #southgreenland
Magical waterfall lit by last rays of sun at Saksun village, Faroe island. It's always a challenge to take photos close to waterfalls in front of the sun, but the result could be rewarding. Danielkordan.com #faroeislands #saksun #waterfall #nikon #gitzo #gitzoinspires
In August I've visited Faroe Islands once again. These cabins look like a Hobbiton!  Danielkordan.com #nikon 14-24 + #lucroit gnd soft + #gitzoinspires tripod #faroeislands #visitfaroeislands #saksun
The autumn season is soon. I admire autumn colors in nature with golden carpets of tundra and burning red of maples. Just in one month I'll go to southern Greenland again and invite to join one photographer in a small photo tour team. To review the itinerary and join please follow the link in bio. Danielkordan.com #greenland
In one month I'm going to Greenland again. This time - to the South Greenland, 18-28 September 2017. I have one spot that just opened in this tour. I call this region "Northern Patagonia". This place is very unique: rugged mountains with granite walls, possible incredible northern lights above and authentic Greenlandic villages. Review the itinerary, price and join following the link in bio. Danielkordan.com #greenland
Aerial view of incredible Uummannaq island. Greenland houses look like toys from above. Incredible that a small island has huge supermarket, roads, school and helipad... Danielkordan.com #greenland #uummannaq #dji #phantom4
We see only 10% of the iceberg, most of it hidden under water. Hard to imagine how huge is this nature's creation! Danielkordan.com #greenland
A lonely hunter's cabin in very remote fjord of North-West Greenland. Someone used to hunt and fish here for summer season.  Danielkordan.com #greenland
Here's incredible mountain lake on the right side and the fjord on the left we found in northern Greenland. Panoramic image 6 horizontal shots on #dji #phantom4  I wished to hike up here at sunset, but due to tsunami nearby we were forced to leave the region. Danish Air Force even sent a military ship and then airplane to escort us safely from the area... Danielkordan.com #greenland
Uummanaq mountain in Greenland has a beautiful shape of a heart đź’› According to local legends once you've visited this place, you will keep returning here. That's true. I keep returning here each year. Definitely a part of my heart is left here, among mountains, lakes and icebergs of northern Greenland.  Danielkordan.com workshop in Greenland 14-24 #nikkor + #lucroit gnd 4 stop soft filter #greenland #nikon #gitzoinspires
Incredible Greenland icebergs. Shot from our zodiac boat.  I've released preorder on my post-processing tutorial, check it out at Danielkordantutorials.com  Link in bio. #greenland #nikon
Unbelievable nature's creations - icebergs of Greenland. July 2017 sailing expedition ⛵ Danielkordan.com #greenland #nikon #nikkor #gitzoinspires
Exploring Greenland. It's not only about icebergs. Greenland is "Patagonia of the north" with incredible mountains and lakes, summer flowers, colorful villages and much more... Danielkordan.com workshop in Greenland #greenland  #nikon #gitzoinspires
Greenland is simply breathtaking.  Spot our boat ⛵ Danielkordan.com #greenland #dji #phantom4 #aerial
Our boat passes incredible fjords of north-west Greenland. July sailing expedition  Danielkordan.com  #greenland #uummannaq #nikon #nikkor
Amazing waterfalls of north west Greenland, July sailing expedition with Danielkordan.com #greenland #nikon #nikkor #lucroit #gitzoinspires
Incredible ice arches of Greenland. Sailing photo workshop with Danielkordan.com #greenland #dji  #phantom4
For years I observed and taught thousands of students who were struggling with some very important aspects of landscape photography. Among those struggles were, for example: how to scout for new unknown locations, how to be in the right place at the right time, how to master composition, market your images, or how to develop your own style. I had those struggles myself in the beginning of my career. So, I decided to create this tutorial to help to overcome those and many other challenges. This tutorial is full of tips, ideas, and knowledge that took me years of practice and dedication to acquire. Learn exactly how I do it and how YOU can do the same or better.  Pre-order this tutorial now to get 50% off + 2 BONUS VIDEOS on landscape post-processing. The BONUS videos won't be included in the final release.  Moreover, Pre-order now and get an immediate access to my secret Landscape Photography Facebook Group where you can start posting pictures, asking me questions and share your ideas with other group members.  Link in bio: www.danielkordantutorials.com
Greenland is currently my number one destination for photography. It has all: incredible mountains, fjords, icebergs, rivers and waterfalls, beautiful people and authentc villages. Although it was always a challenge to travel here. There are no roads between villages, and all cruises are very expensive. We are trying to change the situation completely. Since this year we've introduced our second brand-new yacht "Aurora" to work in Greenland. Now it's affordable and very comfortable to explore this amazing region. This year our captain has only a couple of spots left with a special price for 24-31 August 2017 photo tour. You may review our itinerary and join this last minute offer following the link in bio. Danielkordan.com #greenland #nikon #gitzoinspires
Incredible Uummanaq island in the north west Greenland. A true highlight of my recent photo expedition. Danielkordan.com  #greenland #uummannaq #nikon #nikkor #gitzoinspires
"Lost World". Kingdom of ice, glaciers and beautiful mountains. Sometimes it feels like space, the other world... Danielkordan.com #greenland #dji  #phantom4