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Daniel Kordan


Landscape photographer. Happy dreamer. Nikon, Gitzo and Lucroit official ambassador. Christmas sales, 50% off for my tutorials:

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Christmas sales! My landscape photography tutorials are currently with 50% discount. Visit link in bio to make yourself a gift and improve your skills in 2018. Tons of tips, different processing examples with my signature processing - all my secrets and techniques in 10+ hours tutorials. I spent several months making this project possible for you, so don't miss the chance to invest in your knowledge ;) Danielkordantutorials.com Link in bio.  Photo: Greenland, July'17
Magical morning at Shoji lake in Japan. Actually I've planned to bring my group to the other location this morning, but analyzing the weather the night before I mentioned that temperature will go slightly below zero with almost no wind. So we went to Shoji lake and didn't regret: landscape changed every minute with beautiful veil of fog rolling in.  Danielkordan.com workshop in Japan #japan #fuji #fujisan #shoji #lakeshoji #nikon #gitzoinspires
Wonderful autumn in Japan, November'17. I stayed here at this spot with one japanese guy who was happy like a kid. He shared his joy with me: for every japanese to see mount Fuji-San in such a beauty is like a miracle. Can't agree more, even I'm not japanese :) Danielkordan.com #japan #fuji #fujisan #mountfuji #kawaguchiko #nikon #gitzoinspires
This month I'm going to visit @inflowsummits in Istanbul. Right before the event I'm joining workshop led by my friend @cumacevikphoto in Kayseri and Cappadocia, 15-17 December. Kayseri is a great place to photograph beautiful Yilki wild horses. @cumacevikphoto selected awesome locations for horse photo shoot: with snowy mountains on backdrop and wide salt lake with reflections. Second part of workshop will be in cappadocia. To see details and join please visit the link in bio. The shot was taken at camargue, France - horses are my second passion after landscape 😊  #influencetheworld #influencermarketing #inflowsummits #kayseri #turkey
Thinking about Christmas gifts with touch of magic? I've just updated my print gallery with this year's works. Use code 2018 to get 25% Christmas discount.  Link in bio.  Photo: Tuscany, May'17
Enchanted Bamboo groove in Kyoto. When geisha walks along the path, birds singing in the air and bamboo rustles high above you... #japan #kyoto #arashiyama
Christmas sales on my tutorials! 50% off for a limited time. Learn how to compose and process photos like this. My post processing secrets and techniques. Learn how to market your social media and start to be full time photographer. Link in bio. Danielkordantutorials.com
I love both maple and sakura season in Japan. I can't say that I prefer one over another. Both of them are amazing, full of colors and different impressions. This photo is a flashback from April in Kyoto. #japan #kyoto
Our very first sunrise in Japan was very lucky: Fuji-san appeared in all its beauty in front of us with incredible backlight from rising sun... Danielkordan.com #japan #fujisan #kawaguchiko
One of the shots from series with imperial geisha we made this November in Japan. She's got a very unique kimono. There are just 2 of these patterns were produced, and the other one is currently in British national museum.  Danielkordan.com workshop in Japan #japan #kyoto #arashiyama #bamboo #nikon
🍁 This November I organized a very special stage for my group in Japan. We meet with imperial geisha early in the morning in Arashiyama, Kyoto, to enjoy autumn leaves and get some nice photos at Katsura river 🍁 Danielkordan.com workshop in Japan #japan #kyoto #arashiyama #katsurariver #geisha #nikon #gitzoinspires
Koyasan is one of my most favorite places in Japan. It's very mystical and have a sense of magical, rural Japan. When you walk in the night among humongous cedar trees, mossy torii gates, even the air is changing it's consistency.  Danielkordan.com #koyasan #japan #okunoin #wakayama #nikon #gitzoinspires
Your majesty, Fuji-San. It feels like you can take photos of this mountain throughout many years and you never get tired of finding new compositions. Danielkordan.com #japan #fujisan #kawaguchiko #tanukilake #nikon #gitzoinspires
Fuji Five Lakes is one of my most favorite area in Japan for photography. Have you ever been to Japan? What's your dream spot there? November'17 at Shoji lake.  Danielkordan.com #japan #kawaguchiko #shoji #lakeshoji #nikon #gitzoinspires
This November morning at Shoji lake was especially wonderful. Cold night decorated grass with billions of diamonds, and lake started to steam wrapping mount Fuji-San with blankets of mist. Every second with rising sun the picture changed.  Danielkordan.com photo workshop in Japan.  #japan #shoji #lakeshoji #kawaguchiko #ilovejapan #nikon #gitzoinspires
Black Friday sale! 50% discount on my tutorials with code DANIEL50. Check link in bio. It's not only processing tutorial: you will find many useful tips starting from scouting at location, my view on composition and many post processing examples, plus marketing and business part, how to get followers and get paid by your photography. 16+ hours of content with 50% discount today at Danielkordantutorials.com (link in bio). Photo: panorama from Bolivia salt flats Uyuni.
Great news! I've decided to guide my second Patagonia workshop next April, as the first one is full. New dates: 23 April - 1 May, join at Danielkordan.com  #patagonia #pehoe #torresdelpaine #chile
Incredible autumn colors in Japan. Now it's the peak of colors in most places of Kyoto. Everywhere is just a fireworks of colors. This photo is from last year's trip, but very soon I'll process a few shots from a current photography workshop in Japan. Danielkordan.com #japan #kyoto #arashiyama #nikon #gitzoinspires
Tuscany classics. Iconic podere Belvedere this October.  #italy #tuscany
Dolomites are stunning. Among all places we've visited this October Alps di Siusi is the most special one.  #dolomites #italy #siusi #nikon #gitzoinspires #lucroit
Idyllic Tuscany landscapes remind me of classical renaissance paintings... October'17 #tuscany #italy #nikon #gitzoinspires