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Daniel Kordan


Landscape photographer. Happy dreamer. Nikon, Gitzo and Lucroit official ambassador Landscape photography tutorials:

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Love Slovenia from a very first glance πŸ’› Danielkordan.com #slovenia #ifeelslovenia #nikon #gitzoinspires #heart #maribor
This day Sharp peaks of Tasermiut fjord looked like suspended in the air. Not a single sound, just silence of the Arctic. #greenland #nikon #tasermiut #gitzoinspires #lucroit
The very first night of our Greenland expedition we had overnight at Narsarsuaq airport in South Greenland. There's pretty much nothing except just a runway and few houses. Seeing spectacular northern lights we decided to walk ashore and accidentally stumbled upon these "ice  flowers" 🌷 Danielkordan.com #greenland #nikon #d850 14-24 nikkor, iso 4000, 3.2, 25 s, backlight by #petzl headlamp
That's something special in first snow in mountains. When it still smells like autumn, and snowflakes fall slowly like you freeze in time between autumn and winter. September South Greenland expedition. #greenland #tasermiut #nikon #gitzoinspires #lucroit
Sharp peaks of South Greenland. Tasermiut fjord offers some of the most spectacular views in the world.  #greenland #tasermiut #nikon #gitzoinspires #lucroit
Stunning mountain lake at Tasermiut fjord, South Greenland adventure. Panorama from my @djiglobal phantom 4. Danielkordan.com #greenland #tasermiut
Magical night at Tasermiut fjord in South Greenland. We were quite lucky to have calm conditions before sunrise to capture reflection of granite peaks. Danielkordan.com #greenland #tasermiut #nikon #gitzoinspires
Imagine to live with such a view. Incredibly remote place in South Greenland, surrounded by epic mountains - Tasiusaq village. For a dozen houses they have supermarket, school (with 6 kids) and helipad. Isn't it amazing? #greenland #tasermiut #tasiusaq #nikon #gitzoinspires
Don't miss the chance to preorder my landscape photography tutorials with 50% off. Today is the last day to preorder with discount. Link in bio. Everything is started with idea just to show my complete workflow in one video. But eventually the "perfectionism syndrome" forced me to create a full 15+ hours tutorial covering all my experience I gained throughout dozen years I'm in landscape photography, including my choice of gear, struggling with compositions at locations, processing of different kind of photos (hdr panorama, vertical panorama, northern lights, milky way, b&w), promotion of your own social accounts and much more. We also created Facebook group for critiques and travel suggestions. So don't miss the chance to learn a bit more ;) Photo location: Uyuni, Bolivia. 3 photos vertical panorama blended in Ptgui. Danielkordantutorials.com
Overlooking Tasermiut fjord. We hiked through Greenlandic bushes for quite a long time. The goal was to reach a beautiful ridge. But the weather started to change, with low clouds coming in. So we decided to have some rest and make a few shots from this beautiful spot. Danielkordan.com South Greenland expedition. #greenland #tasermiut #nikon #d850 #gitzoinspires
Exploring new epic destinations... South Greenland, September sailing photography expedition. Danielkordan.com #greenland #tasermiut #nikon
Fantastic autumn carpet of South Greenland. We found incredible variety of foregrounds at this location. Fresh snow in mountains just fallen a night before. Danielkordan.com #greenland #tasermiut #nikon #gitzoinspires #lucroit
Arctic tundra in autumn is a colorful carpet . Incredible mix of orange, rich red and yellow colors. The season is short, just a couple of weeks in September, but it's worth seeing it by your own eyes. Greenland photo tour '18: link in bio #greenland #nikon #d850 + 14-24 #nikkor + #lucroit gnd soft filter 4 stops, #gitzoinspires systematic tripod
Incredible Ketil summit in frosty crispy September morning. A shot from my recent expedition to South Greenland. Today I've started my Dolomites photo workshop, scout for new awesome locations in the "European Patagonia". Follow my stories for updates from a current trip.  Danielkordan.com  #greenland #tasermiut #nikon
I love first snow in mountains. It smells like autumn, with frozen leaves and fresh ground. When the first snowflake falls, time starts to run slowly. September in Altay mountains, Russia. #russia #altay
We found a heart of Greenland πŸ’› This stunning emerald lake is located in South Greenland. I've made this panorama using my @djiglobal phantom 4 drone. Expedition to South Greenland, September'18 - link in bio. #greenland #tasermiut #drone #aerial
Ketil mountain in South Greenland reminds me of El Capitan. It's stunning for photography and considered one of the most challenging among climbers. This morning we climbed up through frozen Greenlandic bushes to make these shots.  Next year's South Greenland photography tour - link in bio.  Vertical panorama with focus stacking. #greenland #tasermiut #ketil #nikon #d850 #gitzoinspires #lucroit
One of beautiful mornings in South Greenland. In September tundra carpets start to shine with golden and scarlet colors offering wonderful variety of foregrounds.  South Greenland '18 - link in bio Shot on #nikon #d850 + 14-24 2 vertical shots + #gitzo tripod, #lucroit gnd soft filter 4-stop #greenland #tasermiut #gitzoinspires
I've returned from my South Greenland expedition a couple of days ago. Stunning fjords and mountains, northern lights and colorful autumn tundra carpet. This destination is simply incredible. Want to visit it in comfort on our brand new Aurora yacht? Join next year's tour at Danielkordan.com (link in bio). #greenland #tasermiut  #nikon #gitzoinspires
Enjoying golden autumn under Fitzroy. I recall this peaceful moment. We just climbed up and up through deep forest and bushes. The day was warm and calm. When Fitzroy opened it’s face to us in its shining golden throne we just smiled and sit there for a while in the serenity of nature.  Join my Patagonia workshops at DanielKordan.com  #patagonia #argentina #southamerica #nikon
Altay mountains. They are located in Russia close to Mongolian border. In autumn larch valleys shine with gold. I’ve never seen so many larches in the world like here. Their “golden” season is short, just a couple of weeks in the middle of September.  #altay #russia