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Daniel Kordan


Landscape photographer. Happy dreamer. Nikon, Gitzo and Lucroit official ambassador. Join my workshops:

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Beautiful foggy sunrise at Emerald lake in Canadian Rockies. September. #canada #rockies #emeraldlake
One of the most stunning experiences I had in my life - to photograph at flooded Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. Usually Uyuni is flooded around December - March. And when I steped on the flloded salt in the deep night, it felt like a step into the open space! #bolivia #uyuni
Join my photography tours to West Mongolia and South Mongolia this October. West part of the trip will be with a private eagle hunters festival just for our group and dramatic Altay mountains. South Mogolia - Gobi desert, canyons and ancient monasteries. Check DanielKordan.com to join.Photo by our local photography guide @erdenebulgan_photographer #mongolia #gobi #desert
Catch some summer vibes during cold winter days ;) That's a beautiful land of Provance in France. It's not only lavender paradise, but also a great place to photograph sunflowers if you'll be lucky enough to find a nice field. This summer I'm leading a photo tour to Provance with my friend @iuriebelegurschi : DanielKordan.com #france #provance #sunflowers #summer
Missing summer already. This is a simple, but very intimate scene from Ergaki mountains in Russia. Just a tiny creek in Siberian Taiga in the middle of summer. DanielKordan.com#Russia #ergaki #siberia #nikon
Stunning Segla peak at Senja island in Northern Norway. The "sea of fog" is quite common here - fog rolls from the ocean covering fjords below. So you can stay above the clouds and rugged mountains during Midnight Sun. Hiking tour at Senja with me and @maxrivephotography this August: DanielKordan.com #senja #norway #segla #nikon
Overlooking Senja fjords from the Keipen mountain in Northern Norway. It may sound wild, but I took this photo exactly at midnight. The sun was just rolling over horizon for many hours in August. #midnightsun #senja #lofoten #norway #nikon #gitzoinspires
Colorful Patagonia in the middle of April. There's still a chance to join me this April to experience yourself all this wild beauty: DanielKordan.com #patagonia #argentina #fitzroy #chalten
"Where volcanoes sleep on cloud pillows" - that's about beautiful Kamchatka in Russia. It should be high on the bucketlist! Kamchatka photo tour, August'18: DanielKordan.com #kamchatka #russia #tolbachik
In September South Greenland becomes a carpet with thousand colors! From golden to deep red - all tundra explodes with fireworks of colors. That's just one of the stunning locations we visit this September during my expedition to Tasermiut fjord and Prince Christian Sound on our newly built yacht "Aurora" DanielKordan.com #greenland #southgreenland #tasermiut
When the Greenland is truly green! September is the best month to witness Northern Lights in Greenland. It's not yet cold, all fjords are open, and the weather is usually quite stable in September. That's one of my photos from Prince Christian Sound during annual South Greenland expedition. Check Danielkordan.com to join
Prince Christian Sound. That's one of the most stunning places I've ever seen in my life. We were lucky to sail there in the night to witness crazy Aurora dance ober jagged peaks in September. This place are very unique and hard to reach. If you want to discover it with me this year in September, you are welcome to join my 10-day photo tour in Prince Christian and Tasermiut fjord on our comfortable brand-new yacht "Aurora": check Danielkordan.com for the info.
Wonderful starry sky of Kamchatka. In August I organize Kamchatka photo tour with @agarkov_foto If you wish to experience the magical wilderness, and Martian landscapes of Kamchatka - welcome! DanielKordan.com #kamchatka #russia #nikon
Almost a full rainbow over the "Dangerous" canyon at Kamchatka! Journey to the land of waterfalls, tall gracefull volcanoes and "Martian" land: DanielKordan.com #kamchatka #russia #nikon #rainbow
Patagonia forest seems to be alive in the night. Wind high above creates creepy sounds and you start feeling that trees talk to each other. I light up the tree from inside hiding a headlamp there + another headlamp for the right side painting + painting on the background forest. 30 s, f/2.8, iso 3200 DanielKordan.com #patagonia #argentina #fitzroy #chalten #nikon #gitzoinspires
Patagonia forest is something out of LOTR series! These trees look like ancient Ents. Especially it's magical in the night when your senses and imagination draw a fantasy picture in your mind. Danielkordan.com #patagonia #chile #torresdelpaine #nikon
Midnight sun of Senja island. One of the most stunning places for landscape photography. I'm going to Senja this August and to Mongolia in October. Want to join? Check Danielkordan.com #norway #senja #nikon
Incredible winter light of Lofoten islands! In January sun just rolling over horizon for a few hours giving magical light! This is a panorama of 3 vertical shots, 30 s each photo on ND 6 stop #lucroit filter. DanielKordan.com #lofoten #lofotenislands #norway #haukland #nikon #gitzoinspires
Another photography workshop I'll guide this summer together with @iuriebelegurschi will take place in Provance in France. It's a land of wonderful landscape and cozy little villages. Come and join at Danielkordan.com #france #provance
Missing summer! Usually I go to Lofoten islands in winter, but summer is such a great time to hike here. That's Vaeroy island. From the top it looks like a spine of a dragon. Vaeroy is located to the south from Lofoten, but that's absolutely must see if you go there in summer - you can reach it by heli or by ferry. #lofoten #vaeroy #norway
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