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My ode to shima in Tokyo. One of my favorite spots anywhere. For those that don't know. This is not a steak sandwich spot...it specializes in o'shima-san's family beef. Get the full experience. It's different than what you might think of a Japanese restaurant but that's what makes it so great and the super warm service. Chef is so gracious and generous. If he offers you tongue make sure to order it!  Sometimes they do make a steak sandwich with beef scraps. Order salad and definitely get the crab. And ask for a duo cut of whatever he has available. Make sure to order a extra steak so he can make the bento box (this is not a cheap meal by any means. But shima is probably one of the best values in Tokyo!) Pro tip: make steak dinner reservation on night before trip back to America. Eat sandwich on airplane. Try not to eat bento for at least 8 hours.  Enjoy. #tbt #hungryboyz #foodporn #oshimarules
Banchan or if you're Italian...antipasti
Never gets old - aged ribeye ssam bar. @c_mdi prepares one of the best around
This was fun @ko_ep. Thanks to @briankoppelman and the @sho_billions. Brian has been one of the earliest and biggest supporters of momofuku since 2004. He is one of the patron saints of NYC dining!! If you watch billions you know the writers are true gourmands.
I ❤️ blue crabs & old bay (certainly inspired by the epic fried blue crabs from crawfish & noodles in Houston)
Pork butt. Almost looks like Elkano turbot #meatporn
I've been spending a lot of time recently trying familiarize to myself on Muslim foods and spices. Somehow I keep coming out this r&d rabbit hole and make food my late grandfather loved.  This dish is literally the furthest thing from what I intended to work on. My grandfather spent time living/studying in China and his favorite dish to eat was Shanghai style braised pork. Growing up my grandmother made a version of this with sliced pork belly stuffed with lots of ginger and cooked down with rock sugar and soy. I loved eating it.  I always thought that people in America would never eat a dish of straight pork belly.  Somehow forgetful that momofuku wouldn't be around without those damn steamed pork belly buns.  This version is somewhere in the middle of my grandmas and the shanghai version. I bastardized it with addition of egg.  As my grandma used to say In Korean this dish is clean..No fat. #uglydelicious
Kalbi jim (braised short ribs) coming soon at momofuku noodle bar #uglydelicious
Preorder this cookbook by Jeremy Fox. It really is one of the most informative and  beautiful books out there. So dense with sick ideas/techniques. Required reading for cooks! @chefjeremyfox congrats.
Not sure what my ancestors thought when they dove for this..."hey this looks delicious!" Sea cucumbers. I respect the culinary tradition but I just can't love it
One of my favorite spots from recent China trip: collage of photos and videos of hand pulled and knife shaved noodles from small Muslim Chinese noodle spot in Shanghai. They also had these great beef roujimao sandwiches. This noodle shop specializes in beef not lamb.  The knife cut noodles were put into the "big plate chicken dish" spicy chicken, potatoes and noodles. What an amazing spot. Muslim Chinese food sorely underrated. Maybe china will be banned next. Cameo by @davidchoe2 #hungryboyz
Peking duck in Beijing is in my obnoxious tier 1 group of foods in cities you would fly a long fucking way for to eat (Tokyo owns the list and has five food groups on the list: sushi, yakitori, steak, pizza & ramen.  Austin and it's abundant bbq. Shanghai for dumplings). Cities that have many options for eateries that serve some of the worlds best version of food.  Everyone in Beijing has their own favorite spot for Peking duck, but Da Dong is great.  Always up there when i think about best Peking duck  I meet chef Dong a few years back at a dinner for Alain Ducasse. Super nice guy. He is probably the biggest chef in a China. I'm interested to see how Da Dong will operate in NYC. A guarantee that most American have never had Chinese food quite like this before. So delicious. Very exciting. #tier1
Not your average donut and one of my favorite donuts in the world. Mochi Deliciousness = The Pon de Ring: almost like a very soft bagel donut 🍩 @fuku inspiration #hungryboyz
One of my favorites: the marinara 🍕 at the original savoy
The HungryBoyz: Live at Buddakan!
Half sirloin / half filet - 💯 Shima-san. I still think it's the best beef I've ever had
fried Anago (sea eel). Tastes just like an anago roll in sushi or the best oyster po boy. Not a surprise with chefs training.
Deli-fucking-cious this fish sandwich will change your life
So tasty...masakichi is second to none
Ridiculous (& not all Buddhist nuns are exact, nor cook the same): @nbcolympics #pyeongchang2018
Street Deok Bokki - #uglydelicious Korean style @nbcolympics #pyeongchang2018