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All my favorite singers couldn't sing - david berman

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I was so lucky I had chance to dine one last time at Noma in its current address. Just the beginning for @reneredzepinoma and the whole Noma team. Some of my very favorite moments have happened here. Thank you for everything you guys do for the industry. #whalefuckers #trailblazer #nordiccousins
One of my favorite dishes anywhere: the @ko_ep lacquered duck is now available for a lazy Sunday lunch. Check ko website for reservations. πŸ“Έ: @ellenost
Jeju juk - rice porridge with touch of soy, sesame oil, abalone & scallions
Tangsuyuk νƒ•μˆ˜μœ‘
Korean convi stores just stepped up their game big time. Prepacked Kim bab...amazing
Maybe the king of #uglydelicious foods...curry πŸ› in this instance home cooked Japanese beef curry
Meatloaf Sunday family at ssam bar. Looks and tastes great
Bulgogi Jumbo #uglydelicious
Cooking at home for my immigrant mom. She is thinking that it's all too salty.
Copenhagen has seriously upped its ramen game. Great bowl of shio ramen dusted w yuzu
Kouign baked with fermented beef jus
@reneredzepinoma is a great chef but better rickshaw driver
New Orleans has better fire codes than NYC.
πŸ¦€ ❀️
Kamjatang (spicy pork neck potato soup with perilla seeds & leaf) - gnarly, ugly and delicious #immigrantfood
We tried to make the biggest bowl of ramen possible
Wonton in Sichuan oil - one of the best versions I've ever tried
Best & ugliest dish in all of Las Vegas: combo pan roast w andouille sausage spice level 8.5. Sorry @davidchoe
Bo ssäm #uglydelicious
Just when I think I'm done with pork belly it pulls me back in. A variation on a Chinese braised pork belly dish that my grandfather would eat (he didn't love Korean food, much preferred Japanese then Chinese). When he immigrated to America he would have my grandma make this all the time. My mom rarely makes this dish anymore but she would always proclaim her version had no fat!!! #immigrantfood