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Perfect sound forever

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This is probably my favorite dish ever (I miss golden century and the kwong family). Planning a @momofukuseiobo trip to see Paul, Kylie and seiobo team. I can't get this dish out of my mind: XO with pippies with crispy noodles. Sublime. Pippies are local clams tossed in a pungent spicy xo sauce and the crisp noodle like cake is the perfect partner to soak up the sauce. I love that I can only get this dish in Sydney. Legendary dish and legendary restaurant. #uglydelicious #chinese #cantonese
Whole hog heaven
Ohio Against The World: Under the cap is one of the best chefs around @chefjeremyfox prepping for his dinner at ssam bar tonight in support of his fantastic book 'On vegetables'. Mr Fox is cooking a second dinner tomorrow @ko_ep  Buy this cookbook
This is all Rick Bishop needs to sell this time of year
Big Thank You to all the chefs and teams who participated in the Edible Schoolyard Spring Benefit! This wouldn't be possible with out you guys! What a great night!  @ESYNYC #ediblebenefit @katebrashares  @ando @cookingissues @quinob @GregBaxtrom @jonathanbenno @fredrikberselius @dannybowienchinesefood @frankcastronovo @frankfalcinelli @nickcurt82 @chefjfraser @samtartinemanufactory @ryanLhardy @chefjj @ekaimeh @ignaciomattos @nicholasmorgenstern @imakedinner @garrisonprice @alexraij @jessieshad @clare.deboer @ronbubbysilver @chefJSmillie @ritasodi @chefjodywilliams @mikesolomonov @fabianvhv @jeremiahlawrence
@ando launches downtown NYC today. My new favorite cutlet supreme
Spicy cured blue crab (yangnyeom gejang): wash dc think you are ready for this Korean deliciousness? Not boiled, steamed or fried. But cleaned and quartered blue 🦀 (I prefer crabs w roe) that have been cured for a couple days in a salty spicy chili mixture. Don't pick the crab meat but eat it like a crawfish body or shrimp head. This dish is best friends with a bowl of rice. If you don't like this dish we can't be friends. Next level #uglydelicious #bluecrabs #koreanfood
Nikky Tran inspired crawfish at @momofukudc #uglydelicious
Aged Ribeye #meatporn #meatsweats
Perfect Food Forever: hard shell Blue Crabs & Old Bay. Steamed or deep fried never boiled!
I dreamed of @adamperrylang short ribs this morning...I want some now #foodporn #meatsweats #bbq
Pork shank jigae #uglydelicious
I wish I could've stayed and eaten a full dinner at the @nomacph pop up in tuluum. Blown away at the scope and level of detail by @reneredzepinoma and team (@thomasfrebel @sanchezrosio & Ali!) I think this might be their best pop up yet. From what I got to taste I think diners are in for an epic experience. The space is gorgeous. Super jealous of the variety of ingredients and the sick wood burning ovens. Be ready for some spice: Goodbye dill...hello chilis.  Pro tip: Noma will offer a walk-in only bar menu separate from the sold out reservation only tasting menu. So if you are in tuluum and sans reservations, queue up for the bar. I think the oyster pork taco will be best thing I will taste all year.
No secret I think eggs are delicious. Excited for this new book from @rrrrrrrachelkhong and @luckypeach. Should be required reading. #allabouteggs @all_about_eggs
Morning breakfast egg porn: rice juk w scallion, tiny dried shrimp and nori #uglydelicious
One of the most talented writers around @rrrrrrrachelkhong with her new book All About EGGS @all_about_eggs.  And don't forget about Rachel Kong's debut novel Goodbye, Vitamin. Go get both!
Sichuan crawfish meets @crawfishandnoodles influenced viet-cajun. R&D at ssam bar. #uglydelicious
Tortellini alla Panna & antipasti just like my Korean nonna used to make. If you are ever in Modena make sure to stop by. Thank you Beppe
Deliciously Epic. Thank you @massimobottura #osteriafrancescana @championtaka #modena #vecchio
BOB NOTO 1956-2017: ONE OF US / thanks for all the support bob. He loved ssam bar
My ode to shima in Tokyo.  Don't go without a reservation at end of lunch or dinner service. Repeat don't just stroll in to shima and ask can I get a sandwich. Sit down and eat a whole meal (spend a ton of money and be a good customer). Make reservation at end of lunch or dinner service. Like 2pm or 9pm.  For those that don't know. This is not a steak sandwich spot...it specializes in o'shima-san's family beef. Get the full experience and ask for a reservation after 9pm so you are last table. Increases odds of getting a steak bento. Shima doesn't like to make sandwiches during service. If he does make it which is no guarantee, he might make it after you finish dinner and you are last group in restaurant. Don't ask for it any other time.  Sometimes they do make a steak sandwich with beef scraps. Order salad and definitely get the crab. And ask for a duo cut of whatever he has available. Make sure to order a extra steak so he can make the bento box (this is not a cheap meal by any means. But shima is probably one of the best values in Tokyo!) Pro tip: make steak dinner reservation on night before trip back to America. Eat sandwich on airplane. Try not to eat bento for at least 8 hours. make reservation after 9pm.  Enjoy. #tbt #hungryboyz #foodporn #oshimarules