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Perfect sound forever

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Austrian Surf & Turf (scroll through) - This is a world class dish: Austrian char cooked in Bees wax served with trout roe rolled in 🐝 pollen, jellied yellow carrot. Not only brilliant in execution but incredibly delicious. Genius. Restaurant Steirereck blew me away in all areas...without question exceptional cuisine worth a special journey. Excited to get cooking with some very talented women & men  @the_gelinaz in Vienna #summerbock
The turbot diet: xixario, ganbara, elkano #uglydelicious
Epic dinner @mugaritz. Thank you to Andoni and the whole team for the amazing hospitality.  After 20 years the delicious invention never stops. 😊
Was great to catch up with Baltimore's @kpatricio and visit his awesome @basquelandbrew. They brew super tasty beers.  I drank 13 bottles of their kolsch #oldbay
Uni with chickpea hozon at @ko_ep looks simple, but actually isn't. It's been on the menu since Ko moved, but I still don't think a lot of people understand how deceivingly complex it is. So when @AmericanExpress and @TBrandStudio wanted to film the story behind it, we knew we didn't want to make your typical cooking video. What we made is this new 360* #amexplatinum experience that takes you through our process. It's a little weird and unexpected, but I'm excited to share this story in a new way. See what we made at nytimes.com/amexplatinum
Best end of sandwich
I cannot stop thinking about this A5 MP ribcap. I'm super jealous of πŸ“· @restaurantgroupie. Thank you for the support.  @maxxiko putting his fingerprints on ssam
My buddy @cookingissues came up with the most awesome culinary centrifuge of all time.  It's great for professional kitchens and home use. Limited quantities available for pre-order if you want the Spinzall in your hands by the end of August. Link in bio.
I like this. The Ssäm team working with Miyazaki A5 rib cap. πŸ“·: @timo.thee  @maxxiko
That was fun: @regalisfoods
Never gets old
Delicious home cooking  by @graceseo -  Daegi Bulgogi -  Kimchi mul guksu -  Banchan: anchovy with pumpkin seeds, kimchi garlic shoots, stirfried watercress & my favorite...깻잎 κΉ€μΉ˜).
Neng Myun making lessons: this version is potato starch & buckwheat. When it's summer time it's all I want to eat. Chewy noodles served in a cold pickled broth. Scroll through  1) two styles: mul nengmyun and Hamhung (eastern city) Hoe-Neng Myun, a regional version of bibim Neng myun that uses raw skate. 2) custom made noodle extruder and cooker (so sick). A lá minute!  3) must immediately put into ice bath  #uglydelicious
Hangover remedy #uglydelicious
Second to none. Best in class #pattymelt #uglydelicious
I cooked breakfast #uglydelicious
Fried chicken & Caviar v 2.0 - Whole fried birds presented table side: served with smoked Trout roe, momofuku reserve Idaho sturgeon, chive crepes, creme fraiche, shallots, white sauce. Wrap it all up like Peking duck. All of my favorite things. I'm upset we never did this earlier, we have been working on it for a long time but never put all the pieces together. Inspired by a trip last January to Beijing and all of its many amazing Peking duck spots. Think it's the first time fried chicken has ever been served this way. Scroll through #first #comingsoon #groupdining
fried chicken & caviar v. 1.0 - how we used to do it. thanks to @regalisfoods @ianpurkayastha for caviar and to @briankoppelman for being our guinea pig.
This is delicious: chef jj basil, Andy  Taylor and the whole @ando team dropping some new items today. Really outstanding. Tortoise wins the race. #theandodrop
Simple, good new sandwiches dropping tomorrow from @ando. They are super tasty. 7.11.17  #theandodrop
Dom Dreams of Pizza:  NYC's very own shokunin