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Perfect sound forever

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Scallion oil noodles with dried shrimp: one of the easiest most underrated Shanghai noodles dishes, from one of the most underrated spots in nyc. I've never understood how this dish no matter where I've eaten it, in all of its renditions...it never tastes bitter or burnt. You absolutely hammer the scallions.  #uglydelicious
Order up. I’ve buried pairs of the SB Dunk ‘Momofuku’ on the Fuku menu. Go Behind the Design with me in the latest version of the Nike SNKRS App for iOS to unlock the SNKRS camera to grab your pair. ** Update: The @nikesb dunk high pro 'momofuku' shoes are now sold out on the SNKRS app. thanks to everyone who came out to secure a pair yesterday and today. Check out the 'behind the design' in the SNKRS app to find the hidden SNKRS camera to learn more about the shoe.
@nikesb x momofuku dunk is here!
Cheers to the two superstars down under in Sydney: @momofukuseiobo dynamic duo of Paul Carmichael & @kyliejavierashton. Congrats on the stellar pete wells write up in the @nytfood last week. Miss you guys
치맥 = Korean slang for "Chimek" = 🍗 & 🍺 / you now know more Korean than my brothers  @fuku 110 Wall Street almost ready  Fingers crossed 🤞 we open for tomorrow dinner service
Happy Father's Day dad: think this is the only photo of my brothers and dad when I was a kid. Every Father's Day I'm sure my dad still thinks about me playing golf in the final round of the US Open. It's taken me a lot of time to appreciate his tiger dad ways...but thank you for teaching me grit and to push myself. Love you pops.  Ps. I can't remember the name of the non chang looking guy but I remember he was the head of the Virginia state golf association.  Also this is the closest you will ever see my dad smile in a photo, it's physically impossible for him. This was taken in Blacksburg, Va circa 1985-1986 at the junior state championship. The trophy wasn't for "best bowl cut"...i won my age group
Fried chicken & caviar: I have always messed with this ever since Wylie taught me about the perverse combo of fried chicken & caviar when he served it as an appetizer at WD-50. I think it was the perfect juxtaposition of textures, temperatures, high & low / surf & turf.  It's not that crazy if you think about how its really the same ingredients as a traditional caviar service of blini, egg whites & yolks, etc.  Tonight we were messing around with serving chicken and caviar like Peking duck. I liked it a lot. Nothing beats fried chicken skin and caviar. #wd50forever
"It was all a dream I used to read Word Up! magazine...." @nike x momofuku = @nikesb dunk -  On June 22 a limited number of Nike SB Dunk High Pro “Momofuku” will be available at Fuku (163 First Avenue, New York, NY 10003) starting at 10 a.m., and, from June 23, the shoe will be available at select Nike retailers.  163 = 13th anniversary for noodle bar / ko / fuku  207 = 11th anniversary for ssam
July 3 Den X @ko_ep  @zaiyuhasegawa @seanalexgray @puchi.jr
Shanghainese eggplant: in the #uglydelicious hall of fame
Egg porn #uglydelicious
@ando r&d
Perfect sausage weather:  @frankfalcinelli @frankcastronovo @davidchoe @lisalingstagram
@fuku coming soon to 110 Wall Street.
"eat a peach" on repeat this week. Not a coincidence that Momofuku means 🍀 🍑
Backyard Korean BBQ: mama chang x Texas
@aliwong = boss
Finally got my letterman jacket. Everyone @fuku is so honored to be part of the Axe Capital family.
Egg & avocado arepa by chef Paula Navarrete is bringing some delicious Colombian flavor to momofuku daisho
Spicy cured 🦀 = pretty #uglydelicious inspired by @stevenkwlim & the worth it korean crew
Mother's Day momofuku appetizing...toronto brunch special: chef Paula Navarrete! rolling out some Montreal influenced bagels.