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Is your business needing a rebrand?  Check out our latest article to see if its time to look at rebranding today. Link in bio.
We all have competitors, so rather than be one of several brands that do xyz, have a unique voice, offer something a little different or position yourself so you appear to be something bigger and better.
Branding should be part of everything you do. Weave it into all components of your business so that your audience can clearly see who you are and what you stand for.
Its super important to build your email list so that you have a database of people you can talk to, connect with and involve in your business.
Create a memorable slogan that expresses your mission and purpose. Keep it simple but impactful.
Create a brand that people want to support and connect with so that your social media and your customers work for you. Some of the best brands in the business have customers who feel empowered to share your story and support you through thick and thin.
Be memorable. Your brand doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should be memorable. When creating your brand image, make it something that stands out to everyone that sees it!
Happy Australia Day!  Hope everyone has a beautiful day in the sun with family and friends.
Thankyou to everyone for an amazing 2017. We cant wait to share 2018 with you all. Happy New Year!
Brand needs to create a hman connection in order to be truly successful.
When customers experience a product or service, they gauge the overall brand quality as a result. If these experiences are positive, you get brand loyalty. Understanding what they want will take you a long way to building a brand customers rely on.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2018. From everyone at Design City, a big thank you for all your continued support and business during 2017. Here’s to an amazing and successful 2018. On behalf of our valued clients and business colleagues, we have donated to @Mission_Aust for their Christmas in the Park event this festive season.  OFFICE HOLIDAY HOURS The Design City office will be closed from Thursday 21st December 2017 and will be open for business on Monday 15th January 2018. For any ‘design/web emergencies’ please contact your designer directly on their mobiles.
Many businesses focus too much on their own goals. Instead of focusing on your customers. Pay attention to their needs and that will in turn lead to achieving your goals.
The impact that a brand has on how a consumer purchases is known as brand equity. So how do you measure up?
If you concern yourself more with making a better world for your consumer, offering content that helps them, and connecting them with your product, you are creating meaning for them and changing their world. That’s how you get brand loyalty.
Your mission is to capture the hearts and minds of your consumer. Be creative with how you talk to and engage with them. Become part of their world.
Brand differentiation is a lynchpin for brand loyalty and confidence in a brand as well as the potential for brand switching. Brand differentiation is strongest with customers who have had an actual experience, but is not immune to the influence of advertising and social media.
You don’t have to stick to the rules when it comes to online content. How long your article is, or how many Facebook or Instagram posts you do should depend more on the content being relevant than sticking to the “rules” given to you. Your customer will thank you more for giving them content they can use and is relevant than you posting 4 times a day or making an article 500 words because that’s what your supposed to do!
A call to action is a useful tool to motivate your audience to take action and click that button, buy that product or share that image. Whatever your goal is, convince them to take a step forward by pairing enticing type with an even more emotive design.
Your brand isn’t for everybody. You have a target market, an ideal customer in mind. Consider this when putting your brand plan into place to ensure you appeal to the right market.
Design sets you apart from the crowd. Have you ever bought a product simply because it “looked” nicer? So don't simply look the same, stand out and get noticed.