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Spoiled rotten Frenchie born on the 25.07.2015🐾Eats like a pig🐽Unicorn Wanna Be🦄🔮Mommy's boy🙄 King of farts💨big hugs🤗 & long naps💤

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Do not leave me mommy😔
For all those who never believed in me... MEET DEXICORN🦄
May I come in?👀
Found my safe haven☘️
Join us at Zaarour Club for the the best cakes in town😋😋🎂🎂@cakesandcookieslb
I won't sleep. Not until you play another episode.
Always be true to who you are🦄☝🏻
But I have everything I could wish for🙄✨
Surrounded by the best❤️
So lucky👀
Get back here and apologize. Now👊🏻
Happy Daddy's Day. Hope you know how much we love you💓
What is taking so long? I am starving🍴
What do you want from me??😳
Why is it so hard for you to believe that it wasnt ME? I didnt do it😔💩
I hate it when you leave me home alone😔
I woke up like this🤗
Mommy you know that I am antisocial. Why do you keep on forcing it?
Don't you look at me like that. I came home early yesterday night...🤥
Now tell me, who's the sexiest of them all?
Roooooaaaaaaad triiiiiiiiip😋