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16 bar loops starting to get played out for me. I need that real transitional music.
Im good of bamboozling ppl im straight forward I sometimes let ppl get the best of me kuhs my heart cares to much but i will never let a person over indulge in my kindness especially if it begins to bring my name down.
Learning bizness the Halal way. No riba, so all these place that collect interest over time yeah thats not correct bizness its actually a SIN. #sacramento #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck #justtobreatheimblessed #whttw #ahadith
I left a good chunk of names out but the real ones know the rest of the names. I know i had some catching up to do from 99-05 with the early stuff alot of these artists put out but im thankful i was born on the #westsidethebestside during the time i was living. As a DJ i couldnt ask for a better discography of music to choose from. #mobmusic #fromthebaytosactoakronandseattle
Been sleeping on @chippassdeserteagle for abit but after hearing him live on Saturday i definitely wont be anymore. You had the place turned up man thanks for coming out to #sacramento and doin your thang. #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck #whttw #justtobreatheimblessed #mgm #goaskyabitch
Its a supa cutthoat game now a days ppl taking the Mark Zukerberg route just kuhs itll get them richer. What happened to being original or just vibing ideas with other ppl. In the music industry even if a person puts an "and" "lalalala" in the song they own the whole rights of the song kuhs they contributed something. 1) its koo kuhs everyone involved gets a piece of the pie. 2) it can be bad kuhs an artist can say yeah i write my lyrics but all they really did was put a period on the end of the verse. I wanna push with my brothers doing this music thing but my mind set is slowly starting to change now that im seeing whats really real and whats just a popularity game. I might just be a DJ fixing to become a lawyer of the game kuhs its the Lawyers that rule the music industry, find where the big hitters actually play and thats how you will become better.
#repost @nbcsauthentic (@get_repost) • • • #thisiswhyweplay 🙌 YOU CAN TELL THAT KIDS A TRUE FAN NOT BY HIS REACTION NOT BY HOW KD GAVE HIM HIS SHOES BUT THIS KID HAD A SHARPIE READY!!!!!! EVERYTIME I GO TO AN EVENT IM SHARPIED OUT FOR THE CHANCE I CAN GET MY ALBUMS SIGNED BY THE ARTIST I WENT TO SEE. IF YOU THINK THESE PLAYERS OR ARTISTS ARE PREPARED AND HAVE SHARPIES ON DECK YOU ARE NOT A FAN YOU ARE AN OCCASIONAL WATCHER. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE #truefanalert #kingsalldaythough #sacramento #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck
Bangers only from @djfreshdjfreshdjfresh and @shady28nate from 2014 i guess i just like to live in the past to much. #leftrightslide #sacramento #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck #whttw #musicismysin #fashionismysin #aroundthegenreworld
#repost @cak73 (@get_repost) • • • cak73 Digital EP「PLAY LIST」 🔜2017.12.12🔛iTunes . 🎥MusicVideo 10日21時公開🎥 . "ZERO"  prod by @kaztofresh  @djba  director by @sw50sp  #cak73  #配信限定  #ミニアルバム #itunes #playlist #musicvideo  #zero GONNA HAVE TO START GOING INTERNATIONAL WITH MY MUSIC FINDINGS CANT LIMIT MYSELF TO JUST AMERICA KUHS ID BE CHEATING MYSELF OUT OF DOPE FINDINGS IN DIFFERENT AREAS OF THE WORLD YEEEE!!!! #sacramento #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck #whttw #musicismysin #fashionismysin #bedifferentinthegameoflife #international #switchituponem
Im good on the sucka attitudes now a days you call criticism hate when we are just trying to make you better you call asking window shopping we just wanna make sure we know we have whats needed for the work but also for ourselves to live thru the week. We will work by ourselves and with those we know are worth it and with the drive.
"You say that yall the dopest then why do we exist?" What happened to being real what happened to truly keeping it 100 with ppl why scheme why decieve why make truth when you know its False. Cant ever claim to be apart of the fuckery kuhs we just aint the same im gonna be 24 in 2 weeks time to be a man but that doesnt mean im gonna knock up some broad im not slow to my boundaries i understand my means so why put myself through an unnecessary struggle.
Find me @clothes4brosshopsmart today from 10-6. Outside of that to the ppl that put on the show and was supposed to manage the "Cant Kill Hyphy show" was BS damn near none of the artists showed DJ was playing "NO" HYPHY music it was horribly put together and it showed on the presentation. Im tired of Sacramento being known for BS like this to happen if no ones gonna put on for my city my ahkis and I will put on for #sacramento fuck what anybody else has to say im over it all. #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #sacramentonative #southsac #hoganboy #47 #thisismycity #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck
For the community by the community we dont do it for the money we do it for the next generation give outlets for ppl to better themselves not make themselves worse. #sacramento #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck #justtobreatheimblessed #sacramentolove #whttw
First ever promo event for @clothes4brosshopsmart big things coming we just play our part kuhs we in our own lane. #sacramento #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck #whttw #promoevents #forthecitybythecity #sacramentolove #justtobreatheimblessed
#repost @officialkeakdasneak (@get_repost) • • • Tomorrow come celebrate LIFE!!!! WHOS COMING? #keakdasneak #sacramento #blackexcellence #cantkillhyphy IT GOES DOWN TONIGHT IF YOU AINT THERE THEN YA UNCLE AND YA DADDY THE SAME MAN. #feelinmyself #godumbgostupid #hopinthehyphymachin #goinbackintime #wegoinggoingbackbacktothehyphyera
Some up coming concerts for the new year. I think im just gonna drown myself in shows come 2018. #sacramento @aceofspadessac #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck #musicismysin #fashionismysin #whttw #sacbudz #cos #justtobreatheimblessed
It was a trip hearing @thelumineers say 4 years ago they were performing at Harlows now they are selling out arenas. If that doesnt motivate you i dont know what will. I thank Allah for allowing me to go thru these experiences i know that what im doing is what im supposed to be doing Insha'allah.
If you missed out on this show last night then you missed a life changing experience i still cant believe that i have gotten to see two of my favorite bands live in the same month. #birthdaymonth #musicismysin #sacramento #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck
I wasnt able to get my cds signed but when my ahkis and i were on our way to our seats this girl was like we got three tickets but we are leaving do you guys want them so we said sure and man o man the seats were prime just check the videos out. #electricchristmas #sacramento #fromthecitythatllleaveyoublackandpurple #youcanhavetheknowledgeifyoureadlikeus #youngbutimoldschoollikeapulloutdeck #musicismysin