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9-month-old Tennessee black and tan beagle mischief maker in London, On. Walks 👍🏻, car rides👎🏻, adorable always.

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Things to do on a cold Friday night: gnaw bone, listen to music, snuggle in bed with sis #beaglepup #growingupfunk
When it’s -19, it’s best to just hide inside and get belly rubs from my sis. Love that kid! #bellyrubs #beaglepuppy #relaxed #hidinginside #toocoldformypaws
Happy new year
My 2017 best nine! It was a busy year, what with being born, getting adopted, learning to walk on a leash, to sit, shake a paw, meeting cats, and moving to a new home with my family! Mom says a New Year is coming and that we’re going to have lots fun. Happy New Year everyone!
Who the h is that handsome guy, and what is he doing in the bedroom?!? #selfies #puppysadventureinthemirror
My first Christmas got me like...💤 #puppysfirstchristmas
Want to chew my elk antler, but really only want to chew it on Mom’s foot, even if she says it stabs her and it hurts and would I please find somewhere else to chew it?! Foot +antler= the best chew
When it’s cold and snowy, there’s nothing better than a cuddle with your hooman, even if she is wearing mismatched pattern-on-pattern pjs.
On this episode of dogs annoying cats with their friendship...
Christmas trees make the perfect napping spots
Dad doesn’t want me to eat his chips or to be in the picture.
Don’t tell Santa, but I’ve been a naughty boy. #badbeagle #nonstopdestruction #beaglepuppy #hurricanemurphy
Can anyone help my friend Rusty? His family moved to the house next door, but don’t let him in and Rusty never figured out that they moved. He likes being a street cat, but the nights are turning cold now, and he’s old. He asks to come in to our house, but beats up the other kitties who live here. Plus, Mom says were at quota for animals. He’s an old guy, street-tough, but sweet, and would love a warm place to sleep at night and a family to call his own. Can you help? Do you know a rescue organization that would take him? #streetcat #needsahome #catrescue #londonont #rehoming
These little legs of mine, I use them all the time, to reach the things I couldn’t and a lot of things I shouldn’t...#beaglepuppy
After a rousing game of hide and seek with my sister, a mad sprint to the park with my brother, and a few run-ins with the cats, I’m so tired I can’t even lift my head up on the chair.
Random scraps of useless cardboard are my new favourite thing. In fact, whenever I get some I try to bury it. Haven’t got it quite worked out yet... #preciouscardboard
Have you ever been accidentally wedged in between your crate and the wall?? Yes, that stuff in my crate is bed stuffing. My mom said that she’s sick of cleaning, and I can just sleep on the loose stuffing #beagleproblems
I found a great new toy this morning!
This decor makes me sleepy.
Watching Dad play video games. He said we could go for a walk right after he loses this game.#Fortnite
This #coneofshame moment brought to you by a puppy who would not stop licking his stitches #nutfreezone