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Banjo Dad


why isn't there a banjo emoji Snapchat: dragkun

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Butterflies and beauties
We also went to Castle Farms, which was beautiful. I got my senior pictures done there
Today was a lot of fun with my hoes @t.a.n.a.a.a and @s.w.e.e.t_c.r.e.a.t.u.r.e  look at all of the cute buggies and amphibians
That's some good sheit
Kmart bathroom selfie
hello, I don't post much anymore but it's bc I'm depressed af and have a lot going on.
yo what's up
I beat my high score in Tetris I think I deserve a trophy
Im such a burden and I rely on other people too much I wish I could just be a fish bc fish are so chill and don't worry about shit
Someone buy me a banjo/ukulele
Fat boujee bitch
Chillin with my boi before I leave for therapy #leopardgecko
I don't post much anymore bc I'm depressed asf and my meds are kinda shit rn so that's chill. I'm stressed about a lot because I'm very unsatisfied about who/where I am. There's so much to explain, but that's for another day.
He does this every time I wake up from a nap. (Also his lil squeak is so cute omg)
you'd think we were twins, eh.
Something is possessing my sister
My body hair grows at such an alarming speed so I'm done with shaving lmao #savethetrees
Slug sex is oddly beautiful