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Banjo Dad


Hey it's your alcoholic uncle that got kicked from the Christmas party. 🌈

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yo wussup
honestly I've had some weird dreams in my life but this is probably the weirdest one
my boooi 💖
Tfw your boyfriend drops his whole muffler and exhaust in your driveway
My main bitch Belle traded onesies with me and now I'm a sexy unicorn
Hey so im really poor and i want these books super fricking bad i would luv u forever if i got one plssss
I really hate smiling with my teeth cause i got one weird fricked up tooth that goes back yo. But idk i guess i should start to be more positive about stuff i hate about myself
all I did during Geodisign today was draw on pictures of Bill Cosby
Boys be wastin my time fuck off yo
Hi im ugly
lil baby me
yo can i just make friends without being a clingy piece of trash and ruining everything
My cute lil bby ❤❤❤
Today was such an amazing game. It was filled with laughs, tears, smelly kids, and walking tacos. I'm so incredibly happy to have been involved with such an amazing and energetic group of individuals. I've made so many amazing and caring friends this year through band and I love you all. I'm so incredibly happy to have had Mr. Shephard as a teacher. I had always dreamed of being a musician and never had the opportunity, but he made that dream come true. I may not be the loudest or best player, but I play an instrument and that's what's important. I'm so grateful to have such an amazing person to allow me to join, even though I had never played an instrument in my entire life. Thank you so much to everyone for everything. I love you all ❤
yo wussup im tired of being alive cause everything goes wrong and im a shitty human and i just wanna be happy but it's so hard
Time for SPOOPY
PSA: im queerio cheerio
gimmie dat CRONCH
hello I'm 18 now who wanna phucc