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It's way bigger than basketball... snap chat: MrDwyaneWade Twitter:DwyaneWade

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The impact you make on the world will be made by your ACTIONS and not your words. @wadesworldfdn and I was so thrilled to bring our lil buddy @slickn8tions to china with us. He has a dream and the passion of becoming a shoe designer. So we thought bringing him across the world to CHINA to observe and be apart of my designing sessions would not only inspire him as a designer but it will also inspire him as a young man to want more for himself. Thanks to everyone for allowing this to happen. I had such great time watching him ask question and be in awe of what he seen. #spotlighton
It's people all around~ waiting to see you fail~That's why I don't look backwards~ #wayofwade #makeyourownway
My #wcw(on china time) #beingmaryjane
When I made the move to China it was never jus about me. Giving the other athletes in my brand a platform was jus as important. @ud40 @3tross1 @glennrob3 is also touring china and building their own personal brands. #wadechinatour #lining
"I bully myself,because I make me DO what I put my mind 2"~RapGod #wadechinatour #lining #wayofwade
"My world is different/Like Dwayne Wayne"#wadechinatour
Who said your path will be like others?!?! #wadechinatour
My smile is real because my life is mine. #wadechinatour
6️⃣ #wow6
It was that kinda night!!! @jimmybutler @carmeloanthony #winelovers
#wowsix #wow6
There's only a few things that gets me excited that's green. Grapes,Golfing Greens,Guap(Grip of money) my Green Wow 6s. #yallseewhatitriedtodohere #wow6
Me: Wait Melo--say that again??? Jus got what? Melo: I said !!!4 year extension for 228 James: Yea--what he said!!! Congrts @jharden13 on the 💰💰💰💰!!!!
Fashion Flashback with @jayfielden in Paris during Men’s Fashion Week. #fbf
Happy July 4th!!! #usa
When most people get Lemons they make a sour face, we make Lemonade. When people see thunderstorms they hide... we danced in the rain. Life is what you make it... We chose to create the #victoryslide ...You've been served #vacationcrewchallenge.. Full Video Link in Bio
What's our group name??? #vactioncrew minus 2...
When y'all both decide that short shorts is the vacation thing to do. #vactioncrew #ifyoudonthavethebodyyouareout #idoitmayway
I guess I should cut back on the pasta...#LivingLife #wadeworldtour #europeanvacay #chestoutthighsout
Leave your thoughts below ⬇️ while we're up in the ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ #thewades #wadeworldtour #livinglife #ourlifeourway
I'm in the back with that proud dad face 😂😂😂. @gabunion and I are so thankful to have great friends that have become family. The looks and smiles we have on our faces are genuine. Here's to our first European vacation together 🥂🍾🍷🥃🍻#wadeworldtour #yallseethatbirdatthetop #theydontwannaseeyouwinning