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Nell Nelson


I love food and I love Edinburgh.I run unique food walking tours to independent Scottish suppliers off the beaten tourist track. #edinburghfoodsafari

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Ice cream @alandasgelato in North Berwick after clifftop walk in North Berwick in October!
Smoked salmon and prawns @ Ikea after kitchen shopping restored, v good and only £3.75 #ikeafoodedinburgh #edinburghfood
Afternoon tea @Dandelion Cafe #glasgow Newlands Psrk @dandelioncafeG43 Lovely outdoor charming setting for tea and a scone
Pride before a fall: my fantastic if I say so myself; lemon curd cake with meringue then we had a demo of chocolate​ eclairs, easy I thought after my earlier triumph, but not so: chocolate and Chantilly cream all over the shop
Tiny but delicious Caesar Salad and huge Victoria sponge with kumquat compote all lovingly stirred and monitored today, lots of arm work - in the preparation, not the eating!
On Sunday afternoon we practiced in our cottages, boning a chicken, then cooking it with rosemary and tarragon and eating al fresco with fellow students. The next few days I thought I might just check on that almost too subtle tarragon flavour;  toad flax chicken may never make it beyond Shenagarry but you can see how much the two plants look alike! Obv not poisonous as we are all still cooking and eating!
First the foraging for horseradish.. so a good clue as to what or was going to be cooked: roast rib of beef, delicious, just a shame the gorgeous red wine from the wine tasting came along six hours too late..
Dill mayo beaten by my fair hand with dill picked this morning from the herb garden and eggs from the happy hens in the school. Prawns are Dublin Bay, straight off the boat, have to confess I ate all the prawns, as not sure how to display them for lunch, once I had eaten one.....
Getting better at ID ing plants, this morning felt like going to a party and not knowing anybody! But recognised Tansy, app says so and Lovage so two friends! Made omelette Arnold Bennett,mushroom soup, masses of chopping and dates stuffed with marzipan paste. Cockerel strutting his stuff on way home for glass of wine in sun #ballymaloecookeryschool
Today, made the most delicious choc fudge pudding in the boned kitchen - sorry re typo, went to a talk by Irish snail breeder and correctly identified a tansy leaf for tomorrows omelette, great app called plant app which identifies plants, so I don't chew on that tasty looking hemlock...#ballymaloecookeryschool
Today learnt to bone a kitchen and segment a grapefruit, fingers all intact and made this chicken with rosemary oil, tats boiled in sea water very good with lashings of Kerrygold
Feeling v pleased with self: with a lot of help made creme caramel with caramel shards, actually delicious in coffee, sunny today, so sat in the garden at lunchtime, then back in for Irish goat cheese, cashel blue and Durrus. Cooking the national dish tomorrow: potatoes, went down to the beach this evening to get seawater to cook them as authentically as possible!
Went on an alll day foraging course, took loads of pics of edible plants, but of course can't remember all their names, bit like going to an all day party... anyway the foragers soup was fab and had caragreen moss pud, very good made from Irish seaweed which acts as a gelling agent
Up at 5.30 am to see sourdough doing its thing and baking loaves, then made this chocolate hazelnut tart
Morning walk to school; wild garlic and cockerel - the two not definitely destined to be together..wine tasting before lunch, then a 'light' lunch featuring a huge turkey, off to work out timings for chorizo chocolate hazelnut tart for tomorrow's practical ...
Today I made lime biscuits, bread and potato soup with chorizo, then we sat down for lunch and all enjoyed a three-course lunch, then we had a demo of all the foods we are going to make for Friday. I can officially chop an onion with my new knife and rustle up a loaf in a couple of minutes!
Day 2, helped milked a cow as is my wont, a lot easier than Canada, as cows come to milking parlour which is raised. Highlight was 'milk or cream in your coffee?' See machine separating milk from cream, me first day at school and Darina making wild garlic pesto with 2 kinds of wild garlic
Day 1cookery school, given breakfast! Fantastic, Irish stoneground oats with Jersey cream and brown sugar, apricot and almond compote muesli, granola, sourdough and soda breads, jam and butter, then tour of garden and farm: 2 kinds of wild garlic, one in picture, my knives; lesson tomorrow, lunch and then I cycled to the sea. Day full on, time flew by, we start cooking tomorrow
Day 5 Lismore Castle, fully loaded bike from behind, not for much longer, first sighting of destination, my room in shared cottage of 8 and there are 8 cottages! Just 55 km today. Had fantastic pizza with wild garlic mayo, homemade fennel sausage and rhubarb ice cream. All students introduced selves 64! ,there are 15 nationalities here, all ages, looking forward to introductory day tomorrow
Day 4 fantastic breakfast of oatmeal and cream, soda bread and homemade jams and egg and bacon, south to the Celtic Sea, taking in a castle and on a ferry, the custard tart and coffee in Waterford, 42 km cycle on newly opened cycle track on old railway and now staying on a stud farm and seen quite a few award-winning stallions and mares waiting their turn...
Day 3: Avoca, oldest mill in Ireland, splendid view of County Wexford, when you have cycled 115 kms, a km drive to your four-poster air bnb bed is almost too much....