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Rawan (Ra1)


Environmental awareness for the unintentional polluter. Providing digestible summaries of interesting facts and studies.

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FYI! Happy October - air month will continueee #envira1
So easy to spend to build something as a "solution" to the problem instead of spending nothing, just behavioral change, to completely remove the source of the problem. Story of this generations life - profit over sustainability. #envira1
PART 2 of the difference between the two types of ozone! #envira1
Did you know there are two types of ozone? Most people are familiar with stratospheric ozone, aka the ozone layer, protecting the earth from harmful UV rays. We also have ground-level ozone, a large contributor to smog. Ground-level ozone is a harmful secondary pollutant, formed when strong sunlight catalyzes reactions from its harmful precursor pollutants (oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and volatile organic compounds). Ground-level ozone health effects include a wide variety of lung diseases. #envira1
Some insight into my favorite pollutant to study! I could go on forever about this #envira1 #environmentalist #naaqs #nature #air #cleanair #cleanlungs #greenliving #pollution #climate #climatechange #sustainability #ecoconscious #protectearth #mothernature #minimalism
Ozone and particulate pollution are 2 of the most complex criteria pollution. Particulates can be primary and secondary in nature (released directly from the source or formed via atmospheric reactions) and ozone is created from reactions of its pre-cursor pollutants - Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Because of the complex reactions, modeling particulates and ozone is difficult - there's still much to be understood. This is a figure of why ground-level ozone and particulates are so harmful  #envira1 #environmentalist #naaqs #nature #air #cleanair #cleanlungs #greenliving #pollution #climate #climatechange #sustainability #ecoconscious #protectearth #mothernature #minimalism
I know there's a lot there, but just try to read one fact. Then the one next to it. Then the one above it. Or just read them all 😇 air pollution stinks. Literally and figuratively.
I have been busier than expected this month (hence my lack of blog posts), but I have soooooooooo much to say about AIR that I have decided to extend air month into October! That's right! 2 months of air knowledge! . We will focus on the 6 pollutants shown in this figure - called "criteria pollutants" and why they are so harmful. The figure also shows the common man-made sources of these pollutants. . Happy reading!
I FINALLY BOUGHT MY ADIDAS x PARLEY running shoes!!! Made from recycled oceans plastic - I'm going to be ecstatic on pretty much every run!!! @adidasoriginals @adidasrunnersdubai @parley.tv they are unbelievably comfortable as well #3stripesstyle
Clean air for clean souls? deeeeeeep.
@natgeo is one of my favorite sources because of images and articles like these. In addition to destruction of land and homes, wildfires are a large source of air pollution. Since the 1970s, wildfires have been doubling each year (cause: man induced climate impacts). The smoke and ash emitted from the fires affect the health of people globally, as winds transport the pollution across vast distances. #envira1
Outdoor air pollution is one of the top 10 killers on earth. IMO one of the most interesting things about air pollution is wind transport - what gets released in one location makes its way to another far away location. For example, almost 1/3 of the air pollution in San Francisco is from China 😱. We are all interconnected - our severe actions impact both ourselves and the rest of the world. #airpollution #climate #naaqs #ambient #atmosphere
Being sustainable and being a yogi feed into each other. It's all about balance, nurture, and external and internal environments. It truly adds to my journey of conservation - if you're not already doing it, I truly recommend it #envira1 #yoga #stretching #sustainability #conservation #balance #nature #greenliving #switzerland #trees #yogi
A favorite air fact: Sometimes trees help with air pollution, and sometimes they CONTRIBUTE to air pollution!!! Trees emit a bunch of  Volatile Organic Compounds, and depending on the amount of Nitrous Oxide (sources can be cars, power plants, human sources etc) in the air as well, the trees can contribute to ozone formation - a super harmful air pollutant. I'll be discussing this in more detail in the future, but for now absorb this super cool fact and enjoy this picture of some beautiful trees!!
It's pouring here in Gstaad, and we are so close to the clouds 😍 Rain and Snow clean your air (the air pollution turns aqueous and absorbs into rain droplets) so you will find the cleanest air right after a rain storm - the atmosphere resets itself! Best time for a run, don't you think? #cleanlungs #cleanair #rain #envira1 #gstaad #switzerland #nature #beauty #sustainability #environmentalist #greenliving #ecoconscious #mothernature