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New flavours to try! Only found one I haven't liked so far. (Mint chocolate chip 😣)
Dessert! Natural PB. 😍
Had a higher carb lunch today so for supper its lean meat and salad!! Its all about #balance and prepping for your day.
Yess!! 🙌🙌🙌 Enjoy every minute. Stolen from @kreestalee
Another good one from @cartergood.
#addicted to @one1brands bars!
So good. @one1brands
Choose what you want. Know your calorie count and pick what is going to benefit you the most in the moment. Is it overall health? Is it satisfaction? There are no right and wrong options. Know your facts, make choices and move on!! 80-20!
Just because its promoted as "health food" or "fit good" doesn't mean its your best option!! Read your labels! @cartergood
Eat what you want, when you want. Don't let your friends, the media or anyone tell you what you can and cannot eat. . If you eat in moderation you will be healthy and you will see results. If you over eat you will gain weight. . It's simple. . Don't over complicate it. If you want it eat it, just eat less of it. When you eliminate or restrict you are setting yourself up for a short term result with long term damage. . Are you going to continue the rest of your life without ever eating your favorite food again? EVER? If the answer is no, eat the pizza. .  Make the right choices, get educated and live your life.
Make smarter choices. Don't restrict or eliminate. Think long term and lifestyle. 🍷
#mealprepsunday -crustless quiche: moose sausage, cheese peppers, eggs -watermelon -turkey meatballs with tomatoes & peppers -baked chicken breast -green beans
Just over one year post baby. With commitment & hard work and you will see results! 👍💪
JOIN ME FOR A FREE 12 WEEK WORKOUT PROGRAM! (Gym required)  Head over to my last blog post to find out more or DM me!
On the blog.  CLEAN EATING WEDNESDAY chocolate chip banana bread!  Link in bio
Having a baby is hard.. But getting your body back after baby is even harder!  In just under four months I have transformed my body & my mind. Am I where I want to be? Not yet! But I am on the right path.  I am making easy LONG TERM changes to my diet that are showing me BIG results.  Start today. Stop waiting for someone to do it for you!
#snacktime check out these GUILT FREE BROWNIES on tomorrow's Clean Eating Wednesday blog post.  #cleaneatingwednesday
I LOVE cookbooks. Health specific, clean eating, vegan and super delicious not healthy ones. I love them all. (Unless they don't have pictures.) Annnd even though I SUCK at following recipes I love to partially follow them!  Good Friday inspo.. Lets find a good fish recipe for today!
On the blog.. LINK IN BIO