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Franz Josef Allmayer


I pledge allegiance to the earth and all the beings who inhabit it, one world under love, indivisible, with peace and liberty for all!

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Pollination of the lime blossom.
As I trailed in the jungle I looked up and spotted these beauties. 😍😍. . . . The bearded screech owl (Megascops barbarus) and its owlet on the left. - "The bearded screech owl (Megascops barbarus) is a species of small owl in the family Strigidae. It is found in highlands of central and western Guatemala and central Chiapas, Mexico. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is thought to be resident, with no migratory movements. It is threatened by habitat loss. -  This species has been uplisted to Vulnerable because its range (extent of occurrence - EOO); the bird is now known to have a small (9,780 km2) range, within which its pine-oak montane forest habitat is rapidly disappearing (Cayuela et al. 2006). As a consequence, its EOO, area of occupancy (AOO) and quality of habitat are inferred to be declining, and its habitat is now highly fragmented (K. Eisermann in litt. 2011). It is thus considered Vulnerable. -  The population is suspected to be in decline owing to ongoing habitat destruction. Montane forests in Chiapas and Guatemala have been reduced to less than 25% of their original area with an annual deforestation rate of at least 2.7% over the last 30 years (Cayuela et al. 2006)."
After torrential rains comes The sunrise. πŸŒ…
Spring in the land of #eternalspring, Guatemala.
Zebra Heliconia (Heliconius Charithonia) #butterflies
Enjoying natural thermal pools deep in the cloud forest, even more so at night, under the rain with fireflies lighting up the night sky. Pure magic. Photo creds @sunnythenomad
Into the natural mystic.
Giant millipede.
In many levels, a heavenly sundown at lake Atitlan.
In my defense the moon was full and I was left unsupervised. 😬
Where terraced fields and waterfalls meet.
If you would understand the power of your smile, you would never stop smiling.
Once upon a time, man had a love affair with fire.
The "observer effect" in real life, observing a system changes its outcome.
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."