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Franz Josef Allmayer


I pledge allegiance to the earth and all the beings who inhabit it, one world under love, indivisible, with peace and liberty for all!

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No idea how this strange effect came to be, but I'll cap this: Spirit of the Forest. 😲
Hanging jungle bouquet, feast for hummingbirds.
Through the dense foliage a golden volcano emerges, illuminated by the sunset's last light. 😍
The most colorful diurnal moth I have yet come across. Waiting to identify the species.
Beautiful people / gente bella
The #endangered Guatemalan Rubyspot (Hetaerina rudis) spotted at @lafinita_exoticfruits
Gladiatorial arena, fight club tradition, Chivaretto, Guatemala 🇬🇹
Gladiator, I salute you.
Chivarreto - Boxeo a puño limpio
Divine light. Love is my religion, the earth is my temple.
The legendary Cerro de Oro (the Hill of Gold).
The moon and a peacock.
Xelaju! El Pasaje Enríquez esperando la noche a caer.
I'm fed up to the ears with greedy old  men dreaming up wars for poor young men to die in. #peace