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Morning procrastination: admiring the work of @tsurufoto 👌🏻
Disregard the people that inherently show disdain towards you. 🙌🏻
@gemmablainartwork  For all those a little indifferent to the nonsense I post on here. Go ahead and follow my separate art account. Domain nearly ready! Private view 31/03/17 follow for more info ☺️
PV: 31/03/17 🍷 @coachwerksgallery @gemmablainartwork
Taken out of my comfort zone🙈  @whatkatiediduk 🌹
Second year piece from @oliviadurley - selected for exhbition next month at @coachwerksgallery
A few pieces of my most recent work since the Degree Show 2016 will be showing alongside @oliviadurley's selected paintings at the Coachwerks Gallery. + Special guests @chentimusic  Private view 31/03/17  7pm
Need to have another go at Encaustic.
📖🍄☁️ @whatkatiediduk
My degree show paintings are showing at DMH Stallard in West Sussex until April.  This is a throwback to preparation for @bfap_  degree show featuring @maisie_brown23  Upcoming exhbition with @oliviadurley PV March 31st @coachwerksgallery
So this morning, V day to me was just another commodity. A foolish, ridiculous, put your money elsewhere shamble! But by the end of the day, after witnessing daughters buying for their mother's visa versa and the plethora of boyfriends and husbands (the business men especially who looked like lost sheep) purchasing the small tokens of appreciation for their partners became rather sweet. So within 12 hours I've changed my mind on V day. Although I still sniggered at the men dashing past with oversized heart balloons. Some 'tokens of appreciation' just aren't necessary.  I'll be working and mentoring tomorrow, but any roses floating around from 12-7pm I'll be at The Martletts, 26. RH10. K thanks. 🌹🌹❤️❤️ @lush
Allowed to be silly on my one day off 🌲☺️
After my mentoring session on Monday, I visited this bozo! ☺️😘💃🏼 Will always find time to dance. Although now off to work, then mentoring English Lit tonight, then hitting the gym. I think I'd prefer to dance all night long👌🏻
Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward - my idea of a casual breakfast. 🍳 When you realise how appreciative you are of the small things in life. 😁  Happy Monday! ❄️🌤
Come find me here @cliniquecrawley on Sundays.  Check out @cliniqueuk 's new collaboration with @crayola 🖍💄💋🍅🍋
It hit me today that I'm doing far more with my life now than I was at uni. But I miss the (sometimes painful) manual labour of making and producing work. Crits. Late night studio sessions. Being around fellow artists. The randomness of Brighton uni. Dear god I miss it.  When I'm not working, or completing homework for work, or planning my mentoring sessions or making work for an exhbition next month or attending my classes/hobbies, or retaining a social life, I'm reading 'Get Your Sh*t Together', 'Buddha's Brain happiness, love & wisdom' and 'A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful'. Really puts things into perspective!
Rather like this photo taken by @barryholder  Last minute fuss at the @bfap_ Degree Show 06/16.  All my degree show paintings are back from Kingshill, Kent and are now showing at DMH Stallard in West Sussex.  I'm in bed on a Saturday night trying to plan my next few weeks. Work, work, tutor, classes, homework from work, PAINT?  Hope you all have a s'wonderful, s'marvellous weekend. 💃🏼😊
When you feel like you have near enough 0 body confidence. And when you think you 'can't' do something... and you're at a point in life/ career where you can't figure which way is up. And constantly thinking about what other people 'think of you'. Over analysing everything. Do I do what's right, what's easy? Thinking about putting one foot in front of the other on the path leading to better places. You can change the way you think if you let yourself 🙂This year has kicked off to a good start- new hobbies 🦄💪🏻mentoring English📚, love my jobs🛁💄, meeting new people, planning exciting things👩🏻‍🎨🌍🍹 and a healthy , happy family even after lots of changes ❤️ Wannabe #bendywendy
Got wood?
・・・ 🌏❤🇬🇧❤🇬🇧🌏 @attndotcom