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As we get more withdrawn from nature, we get more abstracted and kind of timid, smaller in our lives. We romanticise the wild that's been lost. We have spent millions of years living in nature, evolving in nature and now as we move away from it, some part of us, a kind of wild part of us misses our original home, our original home which is ... nature. - David Gessner 'Call of the Wild' @natgeo  Thank you @chloe_laurence_ 🌿👌🏻
(Close up) last day of painting before me & @oliviadurley install at @coachwerksgallery Monday ready for PV Friday 31st. @gemmablainartwork
Take me back to this when my only cares in the world were what my days would entail with Nanna.
@sarora_knots macrame! 🌿💛
Curtis Gordon & Coldplay in one vid 🙈
fragmented reality  Here's to dropping my phone a hundred times, into resin, into oil paint, hiking a mountain, down the toilet, down a flight of stairs... but it decides to crack, sitting on a tour bus at Glen Coe. Seeing the multi faceted landscape via technology. A virtual reality
Lie ins on bleak mornings and quick sketches. ☁️
PV 27.04.17 @gemmablainartwork  @melanielewisprints & more
@gemmablainartwork  painting underway (close up)  PRIVATE VIEW: 31.03.17 @coachwerksgallery  #gemmablainartwork
Close up (work in progress) just beginning to colour map light & dark after stages of ground colour, priming, sizing, stretching.  @gemmablainartwork
Finally got my invert 😅  #cawfitness
@gemmablainartwork  #gemmablainartwork @youngspacedotcom #contemporaryart
Close up (work in progress) PV 31.03.17 @coachwerksgallery @gemmablainartwork #gemmablainartwork
(Close up) working progress  @gemmablainartwork #gemmablainartwork