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"It is tempting to go: 'We just need to love our bodies no matter what.' I love hearing women talk about themselves that way. But then I feel like I've double-failed because I know I should love myself and not care, yet I don't love myself and I do care. I sometimes feel like a terrible feminist." 'Animal', Sara Pascoe.
Started my new job Monday. Took a scenic detour after and lost my wing mirror and ripped my skirt running back for part of it, finally arrived at my destination to find these for me.  I am lucky in some ways, the best ways😊 Spent my day off this week walking through a village to find the nearest garage for a replacement mirror, sewing and gardening Domestic goddess for hire, contact me on ...
There could be worse detours.
@hillbilly_charlie_thompson  Marcel Bontempi  @sonny_rocket93 at @smilerlangley & @markstollarhotmailcom Rock'n'Roll Circus
There are many good ways to start the day, but this is one of them.  Morning pamper after saying goodbye to my man ☺️ Now off to work my last shift at Lush. 😩 Nails by Karen at @jkone_beauty_salon  @t2tea  Beauty Queen:  green tea, jasmine, ginger, cardamom, liquorice root, moringa, spearmint, peppermint, rose petals, nettle leaves & burdock root.
Only happens with @enchantressity πŸ’š  Thanks for capturing this @barryholder ☺️
Not even a filter on this. The sunset Tuesday evening was unreal πŸŒ…
Another wicked cover up from @thomsontattoos at @brightontattoocon πŸ—»
ATRIUM GALLERY  Until May 17th
Thank you @piplotex for making this beaut custom set β˜ΊοΈπŸƒπŸ’œ
Last night's sky. Just stumbled upon a word in a book I'm reading just now. 'Confabulate'... I've learnt a new word today.⭐️ Sarah Pascoe 'Animal' The Autobiography of a Female Body. Pg. 80 Such a good read!
. Always caught mid conversationπŸ™ˆhm Some incredible art by various artists showing until May 17th Atrium Gallery Redhill
I might have possibly gained 10lbs this weekend but it was so worth it.
just plain sailing ... πŸŒΌπŸ–€
Sometimes you just gotta stop caring?