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Sophie Goode


I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil. UGA '20 I am clay in the Potter's hands Soundcloud.com/sophieshannon

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Pisa, pizza, piercings, prosecco, and pasta
People saying they loved my guac was honestly the best compliment anyone has ever given me
A month and a half into this project, and I've stuck with it longer than I've ever kept a planner or "long-term" project in my life. I think it's good to periodically look back on things like this, to appreciate the bigger picture as well as the day-to-day.  As you can see, I've had a day or two colored in black. Those days sucked. I cried a lot. And that's okay. I also have a day or two colored in pink. Those were each a freaking amazing day and I felt like the world turned and the sun shone for me. And that was okay.  But mostly, as you can see, my days have been light blue or light green. They are average, fine, even good, but no mountain top or valley. And that, my friends, is okay too.  In moments like these, I'm teaching myself that even the least memorable days are gifts, that I can find something beautiful in each of them. I'm also discovering that unfortunately, more often than not I don't appreciate them at all. That's what's not okay.  Sometimes, as I try to decide what overarching feeling summed up my day, I wish I had more colors to express the complex emotions I feel. Sometimes I wish I could combine two colors into one day.  But I think that looking critically back on each day I have is something special in itself, something I need to remember.  All in all, I have made it to the end of another day. And that right there? That's so much more than okay.
Unintentionally Dramatic Photos: A Series
To be perfectly honest, I've been looking for a cute or witty caption that could justify me posting this picture all day. Anything i thought of felt very contrived, and I was frustrated that I couldn't find anything that felt like it fit. • You know what DOES feel like it fits, though? Honesty and a check with reality. So here I am, posting it in the most real way I know how. • I did not take this picture today. I'm not wearing full makeup or a cute dress. Today, I have greasy hair and no makeup and blotchy skin and clay all over my jeans and t-shirt. • I'm posting this picture today because it makes me feel pretty and confident. • I'm posting it because today, I did not feel pretty OR confident. Today I was homesick; today I laid in bed for an hour and a half because I couldn't bring myself to do anything and cried my eyes out. • I'm posting it on a day like today because yeah, people liking your photos makes you feel good, as much as you might like to deny it. • As strange and rambling as this caption is, I'd much rather post this selfie with something that's authentically me tied to it, than try and fake perfection. Today wasn't perfect and that's ok, but maybe I can remember days like this one and remind myself to smile in the sunshine a little more.
Four bare trees, one sunset, nine sunflowers, fifteen valentine's notes, and endless smiles today. All of them beautiful, and all of them such a blessing. #happyvalentinesday
With all my love
This is probably super dumb and cheesy but this is the view literally 100 feet from my bedroom window for the next three months. How did I get so lucky?? I'm in awe.
The art of the artichoke
This is the church that inspired Leonardo Dicaprio to paint the Sistine Chapel!! #yesisaiddicaprioonpurpose
Yeah the Sistine Chapel is cool and all but @mia_james21 and I were the ONLY people in the hall of statues that houses Augustus of Prima Porta...
I Vatican't • • • (the first picture is my favorite sculpture of all time, I quite literally stumbled upon it while lost in the museum and shed real tears. #blessed)
Rome highlights pt. 1
Instagram vs. Instagram "reality" vs. ACTUAL reality
This is the face of a girl who has consumed two cappuccinos, one espresso, and two plates of pasta in the past 12 hours. Oh, and I also walked 11 miles.
Still processing the fact that this is real life
Who woulda thought two years ago that I'd be majoring in ceramics, have short hair, and be leaving for Italy in under two weeks?! Not me!! #godisgood #lifeisgood #iamgoode
The face I make when I can officially say I've beaten teen pregnancy #yourewelcomemom #happybirthdaytome
Hey stranger, There's danger down the line, You'll find heartache and trouble and all your good time
Some grow weak in anger, Few grow weak in pain.  Whose eyes are holy, tell me, Whose mind is sane?