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well kid, the c-list art bonch life is a quiet one, i’ll tell you that much

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je smonque tu smonques il smonque nous smonquons vous smonquez elles smonquent
the sun, mercury, venus, and saturn are all transiting my 12th house right now pray for me
talked about where i’m at post-memes, how sometimes listening is more important than creating, and the ethics of content generation in a medium defined by mimicry and reproduction for the 56th issue of @sleekmag 🤠 y’all know where the link is
thank u to the feminist club at marianopolis college for letting me put on my ProfShakira©™® hat and having conversations with me about everything from memes to generational diasporic trauma to dating cishet men ethically to whether or not to wax ur mustache. grateful to have been able to share my experiences of unlearning with u 👩🏻‍🏫 want me to speak at ur high school/college/university? hit my DMs
that one tía who immediately phones your mom when she sees you at the movies with a boy
vicky cristina barcelona but all the characters are giorgio tsoukalos
perpetual mooderino
what it feels like to be 26 in the club
a reminder that if u have a girlfriend there’s a 69,420% chance she’s cooler than u
omw 2 snack on ur man’s soul then proceed to recycle the utensil #thotoween
back on my venus in pisces touchy feely bullshit!!! next saturday (nov. 4) at blizzart’s i’ll be hosting TENDER LOVE CLUB, a ~~LIBRAQUARIAN~~ ritual of divine anointing by the velvety sounds of ♒️ goddess DJ young baby (aka @saragraorac) and double-♎️ cosmic duo @obsoletecollective. find a crush and (consensually) smooch them to all the most romantique r&b, hip-hop, trap, reggaetón, dancehall, and afro. or just dance cheek-to-cheek with ur own damn self bc u deserve it. gender-neutral bathrooms and safe space surveillance provided. (visuals for this all-air affair by ♒️ angel @bareback_contessa)
shcorpio sheason shmoodboard
if i were a tarot card i’d be the 69 of butterflies
if you, like me, know that #bill62 is an act of gender-based xenophobia, islamophobia, and racism, copy/paste the text at the link in my bio (thanks @mind_bath) and email it to legislators at ministre@justice.gouv.qc.ca (thanks @kushlayer) along with your MP which can be found with a quick google and your postal code ~ can anyone come thru with a french translation of the text that we can use as well? ~ EDIT: link to updated doc with both french and english is in bio ~ thanks to elizabeth mu tan yu on fb for the original english and @sydneyeezy and @malitsss for the french translation 🌹