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☕️Coffee Lover☕️ 🔥Tag 📸 or use #GrindBrewEnjoy to be Featured!🔥

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You've already made it through 1/2 the week! Just keep swimming... Courtesy of @roastar Thanks coffee. We always knew you had our back ☕️ • • • #grindbrewenjoy #coffeeislove
Where do you brew? Courtesy of @vikingcoffeeco Coffee and camp. What’s your favorite coffee to take with you? #grindbrewenjoy #coffeeinnature
How do you brew your coffee? Courtesy of @mavicafe_ Kumda kahvemiz ile Beylerbeyinde tekiz! Kahvemiz ve diğer vitamin, enerji deposu aromalı çaylarımızı denemek, deniz manzarasına karşı bu soğuk havalarda hem içiniz ısınsın hem de ağzınız tatlansın isterseniz sizleri de bekleriz! Mavili günler dileriz 😊 #grindbrewenjoy #türkkahvesi
Looks like a nice afternoon coffee break. Courtesy of @kopi.tamu Bismillah. #grindbrewenjoy #coffeeislove
Do you share your dessert or tell your friend to get their own? Courtesy of @coffee_denim おはようございます☀ 服屋さん併設のカフェで☕️🍰 #grindbrewenjoy #coffeetime
Are you a year-round iced coffee drinker regardless the temperature or are you longing for warmer weather so you can drink more iced coffee?? Courtesy of @ebbandflowcoffeeco Have you heard about our swag discount?!?! Come in with your Ebb + Flow swag (stickers, tumblers, t-shirts, etc) and get 25 cents off! You can also score the discount if you bring in your own cup/mug... the trees will thank you and so will we ☺️ #grindbrewenjoy #icedcoffeeyearround
This is me in the mornings...*inhale* Ahhhhh.... Courtesy of @qnccmugs #grindbrewenjoy #coffeeislove
Good morning coffee lovers! Courtesy of @officialdapperagent A new year, a new me. Oh wait, I'm still a coffee addict. - - #grindbrewenjoy #caffeinedaily
Delish! Courtesy of @boonedockscoffee Have you ever tried cold bre coffee? We highly recommend it! . . . . .  #grindbrewenjoy #coffeetimes
Time for some afternoon caffeine? Courtesy of @my.iced.coffee Segeeeer ... . . #repost from @machachaytea - Tiada PROSES yang mengkhianati hasil 👌🏿 Good morning and happy holiday fellaass! . . . .  #grindbrewenjoy #caffeinate
Happy Monday! Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Courtesy of @mlk_nosugar Brew it like you mean it, it's Sunday at @sanspereofficial with @origincoffeeroasters on the hopper! . . . . . . . #grindbrewenjoy #espressoyourself
Love this mug - and what's not to love about espresso? Courtesy of @evanvar #grindbrewenjoy #coffeecupsoftheworld
Bright, sun-shiny days. Courtesy via @sorsi_e_caffeina . 🇬🇧 . We love good coffee and would like to share our passion with you. . 🇫🇷 . Nous adorons le bon café et souhaitons partager cette passion avec vous. . More infos coming soon ☕️ . . . *Photo not owned by me, found it on Pinterest and found it wonderful! #grindbrewenjoy #lattearts
So satisfying.... Courtesy of @as_if_records Ya Mann! Unleash the IcedLatte Beast! Beste Vorsommerzeit mit nem doppelten Espresso auf Vanille, Eis und Milch -Rdy or not? #grindbrewenjoy #icedlattes
In this time of the season when the weather is up, down, and sideways, most people can’t help but have days of feeling under the weather. Do you like a soothing tea when you’re under the weather? Courtesy of @tjwithro ・・・ Not feeling too well, but nothing a little lemon ginger tea from @commongroundslw with my boy @david_shil_ing can’t fix. (This photo took 10 minutes and much of my pride to compose) #lakeworth #commongrounds #downtownlakeworth #grindbrewenjoy #drinktea #tè #teadrinker #tealeaves #drinkingtea #teatasting #freshtea #teadrinkers #teamoment #teaofinstagram #tealicious #teaphotography #teadrinking #teapeople #teastyle #teadrink #thewayoftea #teameditation #brewtea #teastories #drinkteadogood #teaphoto #teabrew #teadrinkersunite #teabrewing #brewingtea
I’m gonna try! Courtesy of @bybernardus ・・・ I love my life #grindbrewenjoy #lattelove
Hope your day was filled with happiness and love! 🌞❤️ Courtesy of @doyoulikemycoffeewhat would a Monday be without coffee? #grindbrewenjoy #latteeart
Get 'em started while they're young. Courtesy of @nordicapproach Maria approves of our Costa Rican pre-shipment samples 👍 #grindbrewenjoy #coffeetasting
I've done coffee tastings, but never a tea tasting. You?  Courtesy of @a_caste Tea is much prettier looking than coffee...and building a tea menu a slightly more..err..relaxing experience... #grindbrewenjoy #drinktea
Your thoughts? Courtesy of @ninetypluscoffee "When a glass of the best wine in the world costs >$10,000, why are people so sensitive to coffee cup pricing? The average package of coffee bought in supermarkets or specialty shops yields between 50 and 100 cups (depending on size preference), meaning that our average spend per cup is LESS THAN $0.05. Coffee, for decades, has been expected to be cheap, reinforcing a colonial model for coffee production established centuries ago, one in which poverty wages are paid to workers and forests are decimated for efficient production of the world's second most traded commodity after oil. Over 5 billion kilograms of coffee are expected to flow annually like water from farm to market, at virtually zero price to coffee production communities, as a caffeine delivery system to drive our global economy. Amazingly enough, PAYING A VERY SMALL PREMIUM PER CUP (i.e. $0.20 PER CUP or $10-$20 per supermarket package), if invested at the farm, CAN LITERALLY CHANGE MUCH OF THE WORLD, reversing decimation and REFORESTING tropical rainforests which buffer the planet from climate change and paying coffee farm worker communities multiples of current wages, engaging them in the passionate practice of COFFEE PRODUCTION MODEL TRANFORMATION. Please ask if your cup premium is being delivered to coffee farmers, and if they are investing it in reforestation, coffee farming workforce community development, and, of course, TASTE. We are all, as global consumers, accustomed to the acquired taste of poorly produced coffee (sugar and/or milk to make palatable). The taste of high quality coffee practices is transformative in the cup..Voting with our consumption habits has never promised more impact..." @josephsbrodsky #grindbrewenjoy #coffeecommunity
Oh, the things you can do with coffee. Courtesy via @ghowellcoffee Come and get them! Our new fall bevies: The Harvest Moon and The Alchemist! Available at our Downtown Crossing Cafe. Harvest Moon: an indulgent sweet potato-milk latte accented by white miso and a toasted marshmallow. The Alchemist: a chilled, eloquently spiced tea and espresso libation featuring our Alchemy espresso. 📷: @jdavidskinner #grindbrewenjoy #georgehowellcoffee