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☕️Coffee Lover☕️ 🔥Tag 📸 or use #GrindBrewEnjoy to be Featured!🔥

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I’m gonna try! Courtesy of @bybernardus ・・・ I love my life #grindbrewenjoy #lattelove
Hope your day was filled with happiness and love! 🌞❤️ Courtesy of @doyoulikemycoffeewhat would a Monday be without coffee? #grindbrewenjoy #latteeart
Get 'em started while they're young. Courtesy of @nordicapproach Maria approves of our Costa Rican pre-shipment samples 👍 #grindbrewenjoy #coffeetasting
I've done coffee tastings, but never a tea tasting. You?  Courtesy of @a_caste Tea is much prettier looking than coffee...and building a tea menu a slightly more..err..relaxing experience... #grindbrewenjoy #drinktea
Your thoughts? Courtesy of @ninetypluscoffee "When a glass of the best wine in the world costs >$10,000, why are people so sensitive to coffee cup pricing? The average package of coffee bought in supermarkets or specialty shops yields between 50 and 100 cups (depending on size preference), meaning that our average spend per cup is LESS THAN $0.05. Coffee, for decades, has been expected to be cheap, reinforcing a colonial model for coffee production established centuries ago, one in which poverty wages are paid to workers and forests are decimated for efficient production of the world's second most traded commodity after oil. Over 5 billion kilograms of coffee are expected to flow annually like water from farm to market, at virtually zero price to coffee production communities, as a caffeine delivery system to drive our global economy. Amazingly enough, PAYING A VERY SMALL PREMIUM PER CUP (i.e. $0.20 PER CUP or $10-$20 per supermarket package), if invested at the farm, CAN LITERALLY CHANGE MUCH OF THE WORLD, reversing decimation and REFORESTING tropical rainforests which buffer the planet from climate change and paying coffee farm worker communities multiples of current wages, engaging them in the passionate practice of COFFEE PRODUCTION MODEL TRANFORMATION. Please ask if your cup premium is being delivered to coffee farmers, and if they are investing it in reforestation, coffee farming workforce community development, and, of course, TASTE. We are all, as global consumers, accustomed to the acquired taste of poorly produced coffee (sugar and/or milk to make palatable). The taste of high quality coffee practices is transformative in the cup..Voting with our consumption habits has never promised more impact..." @josephsbrodsky #grindbrewenjoy #coffeecommunity
Oh, the things you can do with coffee. Courtesy via @ghowellcoffee Come and get them! Our new fall bevies: The Harvest Moon and The Alchemist! Available at our Downtown Crossing Cafe. Harvest Moon: an indulgent sweet potato-milk latte accented by white miso and a toasted marshmallow. The Alchemist: a chilled, eloquently spiced tea and espresso libation featuring our Alchemy espresso. 📷: @jdavidskinner #grindbrewenjoy #georgehowellcoffee
I want one of these. Can I have one? Courtesy of @lamarzocco Hello gent! Drop by the "Street Food Tuk" for special coffee & pastries brightened up by the Linea Mini! #grindbrewenjoy #lamarzocco
Coffee go down the holllleeeeeeee.... Courtesy of @gracenotecoffee Ethiopia Deri Kochoha going in! #grindbrewenjoy #greencoffe
I'm just trying to grind through Tuesday. Three hours of sleep doesn't help. Courtesy of @nolabelcoffee Grind through that Friday, just around the corner is everyone's favourite day! Satur-yah! #grindbrewenjoy #coffeegrinder
I never thought about using my Aeropress to brew tea! Great idea @teaintention #grindbrewenjoy #steeptea
Making pure gold! Courtesy via @compakgrinders We keep on the grind 💯🔥💯! Pass by @theroasthouse and enjoy their amazing & beautiful location and great coffee ☕️! #grindbrewenjoy #espressoyourself
What a fantastic shirt! Courtesy of @baratza What a cool t-shirt! Thanks to our Romanian importer @wanderlustcoffeeco for designing a shirt featuring our grinders! 👍👍 #grindbrewenjoy #coffeefreak
Always time for coffee ~ and look at that view! Courtesy of @darrin_stevens More mornings like these beside a glassy lake, less mornings waking up and going to a 9-5 job everyday. Balancing what you love can be difficult in life, but never stray from what makes you're heart sing. #grindbrewenjoy #pourovercoffee
Where do you brew? 🏄  Courtesy of @frankfelixf Coffee is ready! #grindbrewenjoy #mokapot
I love these mugs. I need to get me some of them. Courtesy of @brewpassnashville Looking for a last minute holiday gift or the perfect stocking stuffer? 🎁 Give the gift of great local independent coffee with BrewPass! ☕️Subscriptions start at just 5 cups all the way to unlimited! #grindbrewenjoy #coffeecuplovers
Do we have any chai tea fans? 🙋 🙋‍♂️ These beauties courtesy of @americantearoom Come in for a delicious & unique take on a traditional chai tea with our Bengali Chai. Only at American Tea Room #grindbrewenjoy #chaitealove
Coffee time! Courtesy of @koffie.spot During those rainy days we can use some warm and energizing happiness☕️🌟 For our vegan friends we also have the option for oat milk from @oatly 👌 The foam is actually pretty good, it's very delicious and even more important. Oatly has the best quality of oat milk with a minimal environmental impact🌿 What more can you ask for? Who is also a big fan of oat milk? Let us know or tag someone who is!👈 #grindbrewenjoy #oatmilk
A beautiful view while preparing your evening tea! (Check out Jesse's page for some amazing photos.) Courtesy of @jesse.kallio Lifestyle! #grindbrewenjoy #teamoment
I'm a 'Dead of the Night' kinda person. Which are you? Courtesy of @the.coffee.lab How Do You Like Your Coffee? #grindbrewenjoy #coffeelicious
I need this mug and a campfire! Courtesy of @blackriflecoffee #grindbrewenjoy #coffeemugaddict
Where do you Aeropress? Courtesy via @everydayaeropress Outdoor coffee Goals - AeroPress Starter Bundles Online! Shop Aero👉 @alternativebrewing Link in Bio 📦 1-4 Day Shipping | 📷by @elizasarge #grindbrewenjoy #aeropresscoffee